Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 10

Here it is – it’s time for Calvin to steer you in the right direction for your AFL Fantasy captain for this week.

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Let us know who you will be putting the ‘C’ on in the comments below.

AFL Fantasy: Trade or Hold Zorko?

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  • I have welded Gazza in as captain. I plan to take the C from him roughly 3 years after he retires. Learnt my lesson last week after taking your advice, Calvin, and putting the C on Rocky. Also last week took the Traders’ advice and brought in Swan (though fortunately did’t make him vc). Just about caused a divorce between me and the Traders.

  • Over the course of the season, which one out of Stevie J and Jelwood is likely to score the highest? I’m pretty wary of both and wondering if I might get more value out of Pends and Goddard

  • Swanny will absolutely maul the Eagles, he always does.
    I’m too chickenshit to put the C on him though…

  • 1st trade Hickey to jacobs
    2nd trade robertsan to bews via barrel dpp leaving me with 123k
    rioli to walker leaving me with141k

    whichever trade i don’t do this week i will do next week


    • steve

      robertson to bews if named for me although carlton are shit as this year they surprisingly arent giving up many huge scores. geelong play the roos at home and i recon bews will be allowed to roam free and rack up easy stats. plus bews will generate more cash faster than tex. i like tex but just cant see him being a top ten forward by end of year.

  • I think Walker should be grabbed immediately (I am). He is grossly underpriced (priced at less than 60 points a game)and his prices actually went down $6k last weekend. I reckon he’s a monty to average comfortably over 60 points a game and so, at least, will be a glorified cash cow. So grab him before his price starts to climb.

    • Did the “traders” advise this or did you think of this all by yourself?

    • steve

      i have to disagree with ya mate dont think he will average big enough numbers to warrant bringing in and will not generate cash fast enough for a cash cow. also if he gets any slight soreness or swelling he will be subbed or wont even play at all as they will take a safety first attitude. i would rather a shenton, ambrose or even zac merret essendon have a reasonable run home too

      • i would take the 100% job security and scoring potential of tex over bews who has poor js and will most likely be in and out of the team depending on whose avaliable for geelong. gotta be playing to make any cash and tex is a sure thing to play unless injured, unlike bews

  • playing the numbers here:

    Gaj: plays WB who have given up 140 to the highest scoring mid, but only 2 other scores over 120 (average of 115 for the season)

    Beams+Pendles: plays a WC side who have given up a 160+ score, at an average of 127 to the highest mid (but which one scores more?)

    Jelwood: plays North, who have given up 2 140+s, average of 124, and you’d think he’d be the top mid without SJ, but was last week just a fluke?

    Murphy: Adelaide (as well as Geelong, Collingwood and Carlton) don’t give up big scores easily (high of 136 with Adelaide, and even a sub 100 to the best mid) – so mixed feelings here

    Dangerfield: Carlton are the most miserly side out, giving out small tons when they do – once again a risky choice here

    Swan: see Pendles+Beams (plus Swan doesn’t look as pig-like as the past few years)

    WB player: GC have given out at least 115 to the highest mid (at an average of 130) – but will it be Boyd/Griffen/Macrae/Libba who takes the top honour?

    • as for others: Hawks (surprisingly) give out big scores to top mids (including the last 2 both over 140) so maybe worth chucking it on Cornes/Boak/Ebert for a POD (but like I said, which one will it be?)

      • Very interesting mate, cheers. Food for thought!
        I am leaning towards putting the C on GAJ for the first time this year however I think the Pies might give WCE a nice touch up (not in the Milne sort of way) so Beams/Pendles could be a goer.

        • Are you joking DDay? How is this the first time you’ve put the C on Ablett. He’s an absolute jet and hasn’t gone below 119 in his last 6, what are you thinking?

          • Matt, doing what everyone else does means you can’t make up any ground. I go unique captain every week, and as you can see below it has payed off over the past 5 weeks.

            R5: Cotch (138) vs GAJ (119) +19
            R6: Beams (136) vs GAJ (122) +14
            R7 Rockliff (141) vs GAJ (119) +22
            R8: Rockliff (147) vs Stanton (107 +40
            R9: GAJ (127) vs Beams (107) +20

            This means that in the last 5 weeks I have made 115 points at an avg of 23 points per week.

          • he’s probably thinking that (as I posted) WB have only given out 3 scores over 120 this season (LeCras rd1, Rosa rd1 and Murphy rd5)
            and may want better than that

            especially as (okay not to be) WC had given out an average of 127 to the highest mid
            okay… Pendles with 119 (or Beams 113) isn’t that bad, considering WB’s history this season

  • Am I crazy for wanting to trading out Riewoldt?

    • Im thinking the same thing, bleeding too much cash, not sure whther to hold and leave till end of season hoping he regains form again ?

    • steve

      yes there is a reason he is a premo thats why you selected him in the first place. imagine how all those muppets that traded dangermouse out cos he had a few down games feel now that he is killing it.

    • I think he has just been carrying lots of niggling injuries/soreness the last few weeks (that and I traded him in, so he’s jinxed and guaranteed to spud/get hurt..) But after an extra week off he might just bounce back.

      He will be a top 6 forward. Trading him now means you’ll have to get him back later, and you lose all that money trading him out at his low price.

  • Henry sounds like the traders have led you astray. Maybe u need to see a doctor on these dream team matters. I know just the bloke hahahaha.