Round 8 Lockout Chat

lockoutDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

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Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes.

The round game locks out before the first game of the round, but for the single match day games it just needs to be fore they start. This week we have Swans v Hawks (FREE ENTRY!!), Power v Freo and Saints v Blues.

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18+ and gamble responsibly.


  • Currently 69th in RDT heading into the MBR
    1410 with Ward, Ellis and Riewoldt to play
    Should reach 1600 (39 is currently the score to be dropped)

    Considering this will be my worst round, I’m happy

    Looking around my leagues (All top 30) I’m around par so I should be top 100 still, exciting times.

  • Josh Kennedy is dominating with 7 goals, but can anyone really say honestly that they have him in their team?

  • Griff sure loves a tweet about Giants doesnt he hahaha.

  • What is a good score in this bye round?
    Also, what might montagna make tomorrow?

  • 1472 with montagna as captain to come :/

    • If Montagna continues his form your looking at 1700+, I think thats a respectable score this round

  • What are folks with Merrett planning on doing with him? Trade, or keep as bench cover for the year?

  • On 1641 taking out Cunningham’s 31 and Robertsons 10.
    Got Kade Simpson to come. Anywhere between 1700-1750 it seems!

  • 1595 with Riewoldt and Simpson to go, Fletcher Robert’s 26 to come off. Hopefully 1750 plus.

  • Is there a way to go back and look at your trades? I want to see if I have made a profit off merrett or not

  • 1581 with riewoldt and simpson to come. Fairly happy because I only had 18 playing, which included merrett and ambrose

  • Being a West Coast supporter, I strongly believe that the Official AFL Website has made a huge mistake. It’s saying West Coast kicked 30.8, 30 goals and 8 points. I believe it’s meant to be 8.30, 8 goals and 30 points.

    Also a MASSIVE thank you to Ellis (29) and Lamb (43) for your massive scores that just throws salt in my wound. I know Ellis didn’t have much game time at all, but I’m talking more about Lamb. He came on in the first quarter so 43 is pretty damn shit and just unacceptable.

  • Peter it sounds like you’ve been on the VB mate.

  • I got so much carnage haha, 18 players playing,
    Gunston, suckling, ambrose, merret, Robertson, aylett all counting towards my score.
    Hope regard makes you guys feel better (:

    • I have all of them too but have 21 playing. Currently on 1323 with Simpson, Riewoldt, Dunstan & Billings to come. On track for 1650 maybe :(

      • How do you only score 1650 with 21 players? and more importantly how the hell do you have 21 players playing this wk?

  • I buggered up this week thinking the byes started next week so I loaded up my team with guys that didn’t score. Now I have 8 players playing for a total of 623. I think I win at life.

    • Oh well you should be able to make up ground having a stronger time next couple of weeks

  • Anyone know when (if) the next review of DPP players will be? is this something that gets looked at more than once / every X amount of rounds?

  • There is another review scheduled. Can’t remember the details but I think it’s around Round 16.

  • f*** afl fantasy is shit. I cancelled my free trial last week before it ran out but of course it didn’t actually canceled and am now going to be billed.

  • Carnage carnage. Roughhead, lecras and Chapman all rubbed out. Ouch bye rounds

    • Yep. Should we be trading chappy?

      • chappy i would hold for the two games if you can at least you know his hammys will be well rested , also should be easier to cover with hi DPP

        • Did a bit of a tank this week expected to lose my main league which I have done already, I’m just hanging to bring my bench players on tonight and get trading

    • Alleluia!!! After a year from hell with injury & suspension, I don’t have any of the suspended 3.

  • What is par looking like? 1600? or more?

    • about that , my self i have Billings and simpson to come only have 17 players in total this week , should get around 1550

  • Bout 1600 as par mate. I fielded 19 but extremely rookie heavy. I’ll get around 1550-1650 at a push. But got 9 premos waiting to slot back into next week. Bring on next round .

  • I’ve got 1657 from 17 with Simpson, Billings & Dunstan to go – thankfully none of these 3 has the vest. Hoping to drop Merrett’s 37 (he’s out as soon as lockout is over) & Gunstan’s 47. If tonight’s 3 each score their average I’ll get well over 1800.

  • Maybe a bit off topic but have to vent!! Why does the AFL put footy on a Monday night but can’t get it on its major free to air TV station live into Perth!! Fuckin bullshit AFL!!!!! Channel 7 has 3digital channels, surely it can be on 7mate!!! Not fuckin good enough!!

  • So in just over a quarter Simpson has outscore 8 of my other players

  • Monty over Rocky this week.

    I literally think about 10% of trading decisions have been decent this season.

    Crikey moses.

    • I went montagna over Rocky as we’ll for captain Rocky is on 106 as C for me which is pretty far from Rocky’s 294

  • Acres for Polec/Crouch next week.

  • Round 8 Score:1439
    had 17 players playing this week with Simpson.Dunstan,Riewoldt still playing.
    Every week this year I have been trading out a injured/suspended player yet to have a injury or suspension this week.
    Started the year top 3000 now ranked 30000 :/

  • Riewoldt has cost me so much cash these last few weeks. He must be on the top of a lot of peoples chopping blocks.

  • If I didn’t have more injuries & crap to deal with, yep Reiwoldt would be gone!! Pisses me off!!

  • Ffs Monty get a touch

  • Kade (c) no biggie

  • Thank you Simpson and Riewoldt for 85 points in the last quarter, it was much needed

    • Amen. Jumped 10000 places in the overall this week back into top 10000. Stoked. Brought in Libba and made him capt!

  • Terrifying Monty, just terrifying.

    Roo in after his bye for Wright

  • Traded Libba and JPK in with 10 mins til lockout and made Libba Captain. With 5 mins to go, traded JPK out and brought in Joey and made him captain…d’oh.

  • OMFG. Was not expecting a combined score of 233 from Simpson (145) and Longer (88).

    When I went to check the fantasy scores from the game I instantly scrolled down to the bottom to look for Longers score. Then when I couldn’t see him and was scrolling up I thought I must of been blind. Then when I seen his score at the top end of the fantasy scores I still thought I must of been blind.

  • So it’s already past midnight in Eastern states and still lockout? Wtf……Monday games lick nuts