The Friday Scramble: Round 6

FridayScrambleThis is it, we are starting to get to the real scrambling part of our season.  Who to upgrade, who to downgrade and of course those ever present pain’s in the backside, the byes!  OH, and don’t forget to throw in there some partial lockouts as well as the ever difficult quest of who to play on the field and who to start on the bench!  Welcome to the wonderful world of an AFL Dreamteam coach!

Ups and Downs!

It is about now that we start to see some of our Cash Cows fattening up to the point where we need to cash them in and make the cash that will let us upgrade to the full premium team that we are all striving to achieve.

Detailed information on who to cash in and who to cash in to has already been covered in Jeppa’s Juniors on Wednesday so I won’t go into too much detail and I would strongly advise you to revisit that and have a read.  But I will just highlight the ones that I think should be a priority.

Dom Tyson is definitely one to trade out. His BE has skyrocketed in all forms of the game after his vesting last week and subsequent poor score mean that he is ripe for the culling and should be downgraded to a rookie on the bubble (or at least one that has had only one price rise)

Xavier Ellis was always a risk for us with his history of soft tissue injuries.  His price rises and scoring have been a bonus, but his 2 on the weekend caused through an early injury mean that it is time to move him on also.  The money you have made on him has been valuable, but he won’t earn you much more in a hurry.  Also, with this injury we may not see him for a few weeks as I am sure they wont’ rush him back given his history.

I agree with Jeppa’s analysis of Luke Dunstan.  I think that whilst he won’t make a heap of cash quickly at the moment, he is still a good option for you and if you can get an average score of over 70 out of him still I think that is worth keeping him for at least until his bye round then look to upgrade him to someone that has already had their week off.

There are a few injuries up at the Lions at the moment and that has meant that two of their youngsters are keen to put their hands up for your team.  Nick Robertson has been good and has a BE of -52 in RDT and has to be worth a look.  He is the perfect option to bring in for Tyson.  Tom Cutler brings us an option down back and if you want to look at downgrading either McDonald or Langford or Langdon then he would be the one to look at.

Something else to be on the lookout for over the coming weeks is fallen premiums.  There are a few that have some high break evens and if they don’t have supreme games in the next week or so should drop in price nicely.  Joel Selwood is certainly one of those.  He has a high BE and should drop nicely to pickup just after his Round 8 bye.  Our mate the pig Swanny is one that has just dropped a little early for his bye, but if you want to get him in (or back in as the case may be) then this may be the cheapest time to do so.  However, if you are trading out a R9 or R10 player to do it it may hurt you during round 8.

Side by Side

No this isn’t a Collingwood section.  What I am referring to here is Sideways Trading.  I have two theories here.

Firstly, in the limited versions of the game, I advocate highly against this practice as it can be seen as wasting a valuable trade and you may be trading out someone that is about to go BANG!  Just take Patrick Dangerfield for example.  However, there are other times when your patience has worn completely thin and you have to unload a guy.  I.E. Scooter Selwood who both Calvin and I are unloading this week!

Secondly in AFL Fantasy where we have the two trades per week then this practice isn’t so bad as you can get rid of a guy one week and then pick him back up once his price has dropped and his BE says he is both back in form and his price is about to go up again.  However, be careful, if you want to get someone back in you may have bigger fish to fry that week and can’t get your player back in for a week or two later than you had hoped.

In summary, I am not a fan of sideways trading, but there is a time and a place for everything and if you simply feel that you have no other option then go for it.  After all, you have no one to answer to but yourself when it comes to using your trades.

Lockout Madness!

We have some rolling lockouts again this week with Anzac Day games meaning we won’t know full squads before some of the games start.

AFL Fantasy has a rolling lockout across the first two games (Coll v Ess and StK v Bris) where all players for those teams will be locked at the start of those games.  All other games will have lockout from the start of the Fremantle v North Melbourne game.
Real Dream Team has a FULL LOCKOUT from the start of the Collingwood v Essendon game.
Supercoach has its’ regular rolling lockout across all games.

Make sure you know when your lockouts are and remember that with the rolling lockouts in AFL Fantasy and Supercoach there is no option to roll back trades once the first game has started.

Bye Bye Bye

Was this a pop song once?  Not sure who sang it but it rings a bell.  Anyway, the way I look at it at the moment is R8, R9 and R10.  If you haven’t been doing it yet, you need to start now and that is to check your team for the bye structure you are running with.  What you need to be doing is making sure that your bye’s are backended.  By this I mean that you are carrying more players who have their bye in R10 than you do in R9 and also more R9 than R8.  Or at least something like that.  What I would recommend you do is that you map out your trades that you plan to make for the next 4 rounds now and see how your team will be sitting in each of those weeks.

Remember that the rules are the same as last year in that the best 18 of your team on the field will be the ones that count.  Remember, they must be on your field!  For an in depth (and funny) conversation on it, make sure you catch up with the podcast from the boys on the AFL site from earlier in the week.

Things to Remember

  • Check your team after you reverse trades – I stuffed it up a few weeks ago and Warnie did last week.  Don’t follow our lead!
  • Check your lockout times – In case you have the memory of a goldfish I mentioned it about 200 words ago up the page!
  • Eliminator starts this week in RDT – So jump on and check out your opponent.  It is a fun part of the comp that you can hopefully stay in for a while.
  • Loophole Captains are in play in AFL Fantasy – But you will have to have a VC from Collingwood, Essendon, St Kilda or Brisbane and it will have to be a quick decision with full lockout later that night.  Check out Calvin’s Captains for the lowdown.

Another huge weekend of Footy with our traditional Anzac Day Game to kick things off then a top of the table 1 v 2 game to finish it off on Sunday night with Port v Geelong.  Have a sensational weekend and hopefully your team does too.  Mine had certainly better lift after last weeks horrible performance.  It was so bad I went to Melbourne to have a harsh word with a few of my players.  Also for those of you heading along to Dawn Service I hope it isn’t too cold.  For those of you that haven’t been to one I would certainly put it on your list.  I went for the first time last year and found it a moving experience.  I will be at the Glenelg service again this year.

Lest We Forget



  • Great article as usual Dunny. in a bit of a conundrum, had 4 injuries last week (shiels, titchell, caddy, and mumford). sacked mummy and titch for sauce and lloyd. then i look at my bye structure again this week, oh shit it’s 13,6,11. i still have caddy and shiels, tyson is cooked, and ellis is injured; and i don’t have danger. What to do. i can upgrade caddy to danger, that leaves me with still 13 round 8 players. or do i hold off on danger and get robertson in for shiels and maybe honeychurch if he survives the cut for caddy, leaving tyson to bleed 10-20K.
    Thoughts appreciated, and GO THE POWER!!!
    And most importantly ‘Lest We Forget’

    • I know your asking Dunny but ill give my input. Shiels and Caddy are your highest priorities this week. Shiels to Robinson is a good trade. Caddy to Danger would be ideal, but as you say it doesn’t help your bye structure. I think Caddy to Honeychurch would be a good cash generator. Then upgrade Tyson to possibly Ebert next week as he suits your byes :)
      Hope this helped but its hard without your full team.

      • cheers lewza, i think i will go caddy to danger, two soft games pre bye; and shiels to robertson. then i will have 4 trades before round 8 to remove maybe 4 round 8 bye players for round 9 bye players.

    • That’s weird I must have almost exactly the same team as you. This week I am bringing in Danger and Crouch, as I can’t see a better mid option for Crouch’s price, and Danger is to good to pass up on. With my 4 trades before the byes, I will be bringing in 2 round 10 bye players in Hibberd and Riewoldt, plus a downgrade to round a 10 bye player in Cutler, and also a downgrade to Honeychurch (round 9 bye). This will mean that I can field around the bare minimum 18 in round 8 (a 1900+ in this round would be amazing), and then start bringing in premos that have had their break (Stevie J, Swan etc).

      Hope this helped.

  • Thanks dunny, great read. I have a question :)
    I have $360k for my trades this week and i’m thinking of a double downgrade of Shiels and Ellis/Tyson to Crouch and Robertson, or will this mean too much spare money?
    My midfield is: Gaz, Pendles, Beams, Watson, Macrae, Tyson, Dunstan, Polec (Shiels, Ellis)
    Am I too late on crouch? Should I upgrade to Rockliff instead?

    • potentially i could have 700K in the bank after this week, maybe lose out short term, but after round 8 byes you can just straight upgrade a couple of round 9 bye players to a premium who has just had their bye. i would definetely get robertson in though

    • Will you be starting Robertson at M8?

  • Why should our team bye team have more r10 than r9, and more r9 than r8 ?

    • If, for example your structure is 8 players/10 players/12 players (R8/R9/R10).

      In Round 8 you have 22 playing (hopefully) players, of which you only need 18 on field.

      In round 9, after two trades, you can be 10/10/10, you have 20 playing players.

      In round 10, after two trades, you can be _/_/8. Which will be 22 players NOT on the bye.

      This way you maximise the number of players playing each round.

    • Because through the bye rounds you can trade out your round 9/10 bye players, before their bye, and trade them to r8 bye players who have already had their byes. Therefore you have less players with the bye and it makes sense to have more rd 10 bye players, as you will have more time to trade them out before their byes.

      • 8,10,12 for round 8 turns into 10,8,12 for round 9 into ?,?,10, meaning maximum of 20 players for round 10, but 22 for each of rounds 8 and 9

  • Good read, putting in dunstan from Cotchin(Hawthorn, Geelong then byes), then schulz(dosent play) to Robertson. With 100k left in the bank.
    I still have Rohan, do u think he’s going to play.

  • Great article as always Dunny.

    I’m stuck with the Swan dilemma and need help. At this stage I have a 13/5/12 split for the byes. If I trade Ellis for Swan and Titchell for Pav it leaves me with 14/4/12. Should I miss out on Swanny and go for honeychurch which suits my byes better or risk it and hope Swanny keeps smashing it but leaving me a midfield of Ablett Beams Cotchin Swan and Crouch. Currently sitting in the 500’s and dont care about league wins

    • skip swanny and downgrade. if you are going for overall you can’t sacrifice one round during the byes. you are already struggling a bit so more rnd 8 players only makes it worse

  • Murphy or Macrae as an upgrade option for Tyson?

    Who would you go?

  • Thoughts on trades:
    Mitchell to Fasolo.
    Shieks to Crouch or field Lloyd for Mitchell and go Tyson to swan or Ellis to Robertson.

  • Who’s more chance to play this wk and who should i get out of hallahan or honeychurch?

    • I think Honeychurch is more likely to have JS if he plays reasonably. Hawthorn have injured players to come back in and Hallahan has to be among the first to go.

  • Top article! Which is better:
    1. Out Xellis & Caddy (at last!) In M Crouch & Fasolo. Kitty $311k. or
    2. Out Tyson & Caddy In Fasolo and a primo like Rockliff, Pendles, etc, with no kitty to speak of?

    • No. 2, but IMO i would go X Ellis & Caddy out but put Fasolo and a higher priced midfielder in, Crouch also has the hefty round 8 bye.

    • how do you get your picture back?

    • Definitely 2. Bring in a primo that fits your bye structure, or even consider a fallen premo (Griffen, Buddy).

    • Henry, without knowing the rest of your team, I would trade out XEllis and bring in Honeychurch who has a bonus of DPP. Caddy can then be traded out for the premo of your choice and you should still have some $$$’s left over. With Honey on your mid bench and depending on where you have Caddy, you may be able to bring in a Danger or Saint Nick, if you don’t already have them of course. I’d prefer Nick.

  • Def:Swallow,Hibberd,Bartel,Suckling,Birchall,KK(Langdon,Langford)
    I need trade tips.

  • I realised I have 5 round 8 defenders, so with 250K in the bank I’m looking to upgrade.
    Do I go griffiths/kkolo/Langdon
    to Mitchell/hibberd/hooker?
    I’m thinking griffiths to Mitchell at this stage. thoughts?

    • I would do Hibberd

    • Yes I like that. Griffiths first out of those and I think Mitchell is one to get.

    • Of those three, I would trade Langdon first, he is closest to start losing money. Griffiths still has a bit of cash rising in him after his 80 last week and as long as Vickery is out, I’d keep Griffiths. Hibberd a good choice, if you can afford him.

  • X.Ellis to Robertson
    Ellis to S.Lloyd via Taylor DPP?

  • As per the Barmy Army “Swan, Swan will tear you apart… again.”
    The only problem with the pig is as mentioned, too many round 8 bye players.

  • Does anyone know if Lachie Hunter is a chance if playing!?

  • Hey guys, need some help/feedback on trades – Fantasy

    Def: Swallow, Jaensch, Suckling, Hibberd, Griffiths, Mcveigh (Langford,Langdon)
    Mid: Ablett, Pendlebury, Stevie J, Beams, Macrae, Dunstan, Polec Tyson (Ellis, Shiels)
    Ruck: Sandi and Jacobs (Currie and Thurlow)
    Fwd: Higgins, Martin, Dangerfield, J Roughhead, J Merrett, S Loyd (Rohan, Ambrose)

    $214,000 in the bank

    Thinking Shiels to Rockliff and
    Ellis to Robertson?

    Concerned with no cover in the FWD too.

    Thought on team/trades? Other ideas?


  • Thoughts on trades:
    Mitchell to Fasolo.
    Shiels to Crouch
    or field Lloyd for Mitchell
    and go Tyson to swan
    or Ellis to Robertson.

  • Excellent article Dunny. Bye Bye Bye. You were correct, was a song released in 2000 by boy band N Sync.

  • When do we find out sunday teams? Honeychurch will be a goer for me if named.8

  • who should I put the loophole on beams, rockliff or swan

    • I think Rocky will be tagged by curren but would still get a good score so it is out of beams and swan and if I was you, I’d take a bet on swan

  • Should I loophole Rocky, Watson or beams?

  • Is Shiels any chance to play Rd 8?

  • Hey Dunny, first of all great article as always!
    Just wanting peoples thoughts on which two people out of Dunstan, Crouch and Polec should I field? I always get my midfield rookies (if you can still call them that) wrong, so all help will be appreciated! :)

  • Thanks Dunny, these articles are very reassuring helping me make better decisions this week i am thinking of going Langdon – Robertson and Rohan – Lloyd leaving me with 200k for an upgrade next week i don’t really want to get rid of Langdon but he is nearly peaked and has that round 8 bye which I don’t like. These trades will leave my structure at 12-7-11 not ideal but there are not that many good round 9 players preferably i want to get someone like Boyd in.

  • 1. Kolodjashnij this week and Montagna next week


    2. Griffen this week and Enright/Birchall/Malceski next week

  • I’ve had so much carnage over the past few weeks that it has been totally pointless trying to plan for the bye rounds. So I’m saying “stuff it” and bringing in Swan for Tyson.. I’ll deal with the bye rounds as best I can when they come.
    I might just accept that round 8 will be a write off, and then be stronger for it in round 9 & 10 (and onwards), because I’ll still have all those gun round8 midfielders.

  • Def: Enright, mackie, hibberd, jaensch, Swallow,Simpson (Langdon,langford)
    Mid: Ablett, Jelwood, Watson, beams, Macrae, M.Thomas, Tyson, Polec (Ellis, Cunningham)
    Ruck: Jacobs, Sandilands (Currie, derickx)
    For: Martin, Dangerfield, Zorko, Wright, Merrett, Lloyd (Ambrose, Rohan)
    $291,000 remaining

    With mackie and Thomas out this week was thinking mackie>Hooker and Thomas>Premo
    but would it be better if i traded Thomas and Tyson to say Masten and Crouch, or Thomas>Masten and Tyson>mid worth $540k?

    This would result in playing langford or langdon on field :s
    Help/tips greatly appreciated!!!

  • Any thoughts of bringing in Joel Tippet for a defender. Current defence is Jaensch, Swallow, McVeigh, McDonald, Suckling, Mitchell with Laidler, Langdon on bench. Thinking of downgrading Langdon and pocketing 100,000. Wondering what Tippets job security is like?

    Other option is downgrading Ellis to Robertson.

    Looking to make cash in the short-medium term.

  • Trade 1 – LeCras OUT Dangerfield/Riewoldt IN?
    Trade 2 – Tyson/Ellis OUT Swan/Macrae/Crouch IN?

    My forward bench has Ambrose/Rohan while midfield has Ellis/Cunningham. Money isn’t an issue, 550k in the bank. Any help on who I should trade in?

  • Or maybe Z.Merrett instead of Lloyd in RDT if he is not sub as he has shown great potential scoring 75 points in 2 quarters.

  • Thomas>Masten and Mackie>Hooker which leaves Tyson on field

    or Thomas>Masten and Tyson>Swan but play langdon or langford on field?

    Masten coming in because of bye structure haha and good value

    • 1st option I’m backing in Tyson one last time because he has potential to score big.

  • langdon sub for pies this week?

  • macrae, boyd, ebert, or sam mitchell in the mid and next week trade on langdon and put mitchell in and get a mid rookie maybe honeychurch if hes named again, advice please

  • Getting rid of Mumford, go to Jacobs or Cox?

    Already have 13 round 8 bye players… so not too keen on Jacobs, Cox has a round 9 bye and could provide a bit of difference


    • Yeh good idea I’ve got Cox and although he has been a bit inconsistent but you can feel confident in having him average 90+ and the bye is an added bonus. Sauce on the other hand looks the real deal this year i personally can’t do it as I got burnt bad last year after having him at the start.

      All in all at similar prices they will both provide 90+ averages it probably comes down to the bye round and Cox has that in his favour. So big Cox for me.

  • Any Dogs fans out there that can tell me what the Honeychurch situation is? I was convinced he would play this week but now it isn’t looking so likely and that second ruck-man named too

  • My ranking is coming along nicely (670ish) but my mids is completely stuffed for round 8 – Pendles, Beams, Selwood, Cotchin and Ablett. My forwards are in a similar situation, but fewer keepers.

    I am considering a sideways this week of Selwood to Rockliff to ease the pressure over the byes, and selected Selwood based on his BE mostly but I would want him back in later (probably after he has played Freo and Brisbane’s taggers, there’s every chance he will be a bit cheaper then too).
    Or I could just bite the bullet and take a dive in round 8.

    Is this a crazy trade? The cost is the additional downgrade (which would leave me with 470k to play with or an upgrade) …

  • Who to field? Robertson or Langdon?

  • Thoughts on trades:
    Mitchell to Fasolo.
    Shieks to Crouch or field Lloyd for Mitchell and go Tyson to swan or Ellis to Robertson. Cheers

  • pretty lucky to have 2 luxury trades this week so have gone rohan to merrett and wondering if billings is a goof option for xellis, shoukd score well agaist Brisbane?

  • Downgrade Ellis to Hallahan or O’rourke??