Calvin’s Captains 2014 – Rd 6


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PLEASE NOTE: There is a partial lockout in AFL Fantasy Classic this round. It will start at 2:40pm AEST for Collingwood v Essendon, continue through St Kilda v Brisbane Lions game (those players locked at 5:45pm AEST) before full lockout at 8:40pm AEST for the Fremantle v North Melbourne game where all players will be locked. This means you can choose a VC from either Collingwood, Essendon, St Kilda or Brisbane to try the loophole with. Remember, you must have a non-playing player AFTER those matches to be able to use this; so don’t go picking Patrick Ambrose as your C as that will be locked in (see this article from a couple of years ago if you’re not sure how it works). There is NO LOOPHOLE this week in Real Dream Team as there is no partial lockout.

Calvin's Captains - Round 6

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  • I was thinking about going loophole on Dayne Beams.

    • I was going to and about 10 minutes before the game i switched to swan after looking at calvin’s top 5. So annoyed swan is playing crap and beams is on fire.

  • Not sure where to post this… But does anyone know of an equivalent of FootyNerd which works on this year’s AFL Fantasy so we can start planning for the bye rounds?

    Would be so helpful for those like me without fantasy coach

    • There isn’t one this year, but Chad over at might have something for us very soon. Stay tuned!

  • You can enter your team into drawing board to get your bye layout. Its not much but its the best option so far.

  • I’ll throw the VC on Pendlebury and keep anything over 110-120. Any less than that, I’ll leave the C on Ablett.

  • Going Beams for the loophole, although I’ve changed the VC from Pendles to Beams and back again all week :P don’t know who i’ll end up on!

    What’s this about Patrick Ambrose? the injury list still has him as 2-3 weeks away?

    • Apparently trained with the main group today

      • Actually I now realise that its referring to the fact that Ambrose will be locked out early due to the bombers playing before the second lockout. If you put the C on him, you wont be able to change it to anyone else if you don’t like your VC score, because all bombers players will be locked.

  • Just a question how much time will that give us between the end of saints and Brisbane and full lock out that night

  • I think having Swan at #3 is a bit of bias on Calvin’s part. Beams and Pendlebury are both in better form and more reliable. Swanny might pump out a 140+, but the other two are a lot less likely to burn you with an 80.
    I guess it’s the old ‘ceiling vs consistency’ debate.

    • I agree that Pendles and Beams are a lot more consistent, but against Essendon on Anzac Day, Swan has the superior record by miles.

  • Is Currie a good option as the “dummy” captain, given that he is an emergency and shouldn’t get on the park?

  • Would you therefore VC Swan over Montagna?

  • Swan or Riewoldt for the VC ?

  • I had the vc on swan i took his 122 but forgot to press save changes!!!!!

  • Can someone please explain how the VC works for fantasy? I have no idea and when I try do it, it uses both my trades.