Round 5 Lockout Chat

lockouteasterDiscuss the round as it progresses in the comments. Post your scores at the completion of games but be sure to indicate how many players have played, including your captain. Follow the live scores all weekend via Chad’s DT Live website.

luxbetpuntAFL Fantasy Punt is back!

Very much like Match Day, but with prizes based on a competition pool – ie. betting like on lotto. – you can pick a side, enter it with a $10 entry fee and if you’re in the top few, you take home cash prizes.

The round team is already locked out, but for the single match day games it just needs to be fore they start. This week we have Pies v Roos (FREE ENTRY!!), Swans v Dockers and Cats v Hawks.

Sign up to a Luxbet account by clicking here and then head over to the AFL Fantasy Punt website to log in and pick your sides.

18+ and gamble responsibly.


  • Hello the administrators of AFL Fantasy… Long time Dreamteam player and quite disenchanted by the proceedings of this year!

    Won’t retrace all the obvious problems, but to not have them ironed out by now is a disgrace…paid my $20 for fantasy coach and get minimal value…disgraceful to be told “This feature is coming soon”…so is Christmas…LITERALLY! The value predictor for a players price movements is crucial in decision making, especially so at this early time of year!
    I’m starting to assume that that there is no formula for price movements at all and they are just winging it…

    The above is just the tip of the ice berg, the Fantasy Elite part of the site is an out and out joke..unable to view AT ALL any games or sides in progress over the w/end.. are you aware they 99% of the enjoyment in logging in ad hoc over a w/end just to have a squiz.

    Fair dinkum, this site smells of AFL distain in the way in which it has administered this site this year and has quite quickly changed my passion for all things Aussie Rules given the loyalty I have shown over a lifetime. If people are making money from running a site like his they should feel ashamed..essentially frauded me out of $20.

    Lift your games all those associated with this fantasy site…how could it go oh so wrong???

    • well said lemmewinks. although beer and cho-hi prevents me from mounting a more robust argument at this stage i wholeheartedly agree.

      Lemmiwinks journeyed
      a distance far and fast
      to find his way out of
      a gay man’s ass

      we can only hope things get better. i’ve gone from a proud league player to one who can only look upon my overall ranking. ranking is fine and all but… do i need to go on? i hope not…. too drunk to go on…. unless goaded…

  • Any ideas on someone same price or less for langdon in back line? Then csn trade tyson for swan

  • Apologies for my crap typing and mistakes… but ya get that when telling it how it is!

    • that time of night bud haha, footy and beer go hand in hand, you seem like a reasonable soul though

  • We all know AFL fantasy is a lil rough around the edges this year, it has made me at times wanna smash my phone over the app they provide and in general its def a step backwards for us all from last year. Let’s hope next year they have it all ironed out. (The big one is it should be 3 games to a price rise). But in saying that its still good fun and we all have to put up with it and deal with. It had wanna improve next year otherwise there will be a huge nosedive in numbers. But fairs fair and the 1st year problems can be ironed out for next year.

    • yo pete, although the rules are different we’re all in the same boat and hence a level playing field. it’s not ideal but i agree and hope next year they get it right. especially the pricing as you say. seems there is inconsistency in some users play though (eg. i know from “shags” i think it is and his screenshots that some users are having more issues than others) but mostly seems to work. i never joined RDT myself so i’m stuck with Fantasy but yeah…

      PS, Shags, I’ve seen some of your issues and believe them to be real, but have not had the same issues myself. seems some have more issues than others, msybe depending when we signed up. either way it sucks! and i feel ya pain buddy. if i win the car i’ll share it with ya.

      PPS. so frinking drunk rightnow i can;t believe i could keppt it ogetgeohte rihgt now,,,,,

    • Don’t play then you little sook

  • Lemmiewinks I’ve never used the assistant coach before and never intend to. So got no idea what its like. I just use footy nouse and study the break evens. Simples ya…..

  • Henry Tom cutler will give u a lil cash as downgrade option.

  • Yo broomstick, Yer mate that’s what I was getting at. We all gotta put up with it. Just hope its ironed out next year. I’ll still play afl fantasy every year. I just know a lot of people who are going to give it up if not rectified by next year. And reading the forums etc….. Its a very common belief. So hope its rectified.

  • IS IT A BIRD , IS IT A PLANE , NO ITS ABLETT GOING 180 + vs GWS THIS WEEK. Easiest captain choice of everyone’s life. If u don’t have him this week you are going to be burned playing against 2 of him….ouch

  • 2184 with suckling left hoping for a big one to cap of a good week.

  • Just heard joel selwood is sub for cats and Luke hodge is sub for hawthorn.

  • 2428 with jelwood and rioli to come.

  • 1962 with Mitchell, Gunston and Suckling to come. At least 2250.

  • 1893 with S.Mitchell, M.Suckling, C.Enright and H.McIntosh, somewhere in the 2200’s?

  • Griffen is building a good trade from Tyson to him is on the cards after he scores a ton or so.

  • I’ve been eager for a few weeks and this week has shown it with Dom Tyson getting 46, do you think we should start trading these players out? I like a Andrew Swallow or Richard Douglas (if his not reported) as replacements.


    • I’m personally thinking Dunstan and Tyson to Swan for myself and playing Polec as my M8:) Would leave me Templeton as my emergency for now but will look for a another cheap midfieler if there’s any available?

    • i agree i think now is the time to start moving on some of your cash cows. In the mids Ellis is your priority obviously but Tyson would be the next to be considered. I think Dunston, McDonald, Langdon will max out a week or two after which is perfect while Crouch and Polec continue to dominate

  • This has been a real crap fantasy week for me. Tomas Bugg (44) and Luke McDonald (62) who I only ask 70+ scores from. Jobe Watson (87, ask 100+ scores from), Adam Treloar (68, ask 90+ scores from), comDom Tyson (46, been really pissing me off lately, ask 80+ scores from), Tom Hickey [bench cover for Mumford] (60, ask 70+ scores from), and finally bloody Higgins (50, ask 70+ scores from and abit of bloody consistency).

    1894 with Suckling and Selwood to play. Who else has been pissed of this week by there scores?

  • Yeah I was happy with him getting 50’s, but things changed when I had to put him on the field for Mumford. Luckily this is just for one week, next week it’s Mumford to Jacobs

  • 1935 with enright, suckling & gunston

  • I’m 1615 with 4 to go. Even Stevie J, Bartel, Enright and Suckling are not going to get me to 2200.

  • 1863 with Gunston, suckling, enright and Bartel thinking 2200?

  • 1934 with Suckers, Enright, Birch & Jelwood to go – could possibly get over 2300 for the first time.

    This week looking to trade Tyson > StevieJ/Swan/Rocky or bank some extra dollars and trade in either Griffin/Murphy. And if Mummy not back get in Jacobs and happily put Currie back on the pine. Injuries been killing me the last few weeks.

  • Any word on Ellis’ injury? I imagine he will have to be traded this week? :-( Ellis to crouch sound good? Assuming Crouch’s injury doesn’t keep him out

  • Looks like a big scoring round this week. Shit time to cop mumford, sheils, titchell, hanley this week and had to play currie. On 1547 with Jselwood (Captain, Bartell, Suckling & Gunston to go but luck to get 2050. There goes my top 200 ranking. This game shits me:) I’m looking on the bright side I nearly played ellis on the feild but got in Bebert instead.

  • 1887 steviej, mitchell, gunston, suckling to come

  • So, both teams unchanged. Good for Sitch and Mackie owners. Sheringham and Hallahan the subs.

  • 2010 with steve johnson, suckling and enright to come

    • If you want a prediction i would say 2300. Stevie J could well be tagged but only by Langford who doesn’t have a massive impact in terms of reducing dreamteam scores and should get 110+ getting you about 2120 and Enright and Suckers should score about 170 combined.

      • yeah i reckon steve j is going to pump 150+, he was my first captain choice initially but i changed to ablett. i have a good feeling about enright, i think he is gonna get around 109 but i don’t think suckers would get anything above 80 for some reason. i guess we gotta wait and see what happens but my prediction is 2341. cheers for your input anyways

  • Anyone have a fairly accurate price on Fasolo and Merrett post lockout?

  • I don’t know whether roughead is injured or not but he is in my dreamteam and I’ve been keep a close eye on him and he is playing like a pussy. There has been so many times i have seen him near the contest and he hasn’t gone for the ball he has just backed off.

  • Mitchell, Bartel or Hibberd???

  • Im thinking Tyson to Cunningham purely as a bench option..crouch is a good option but don’t need another round 8 bye player..
    My Mids SJohnson,Ablett,Cotchin,Watson,Beams,Wines,Polec,Dunstan(XEllis,Tyson)…Thoughts,please help