The Friday Scramble Round 2

FridayScrambleThis is more like it, a real scramble with 8 games still remaining this week we have plenty of scrambling to do to get our sides set before final lockout tonight.  Yes that’s right, unless you are a Supercoacher there are no more rolling lockouts and all decisions need to be made today!  So… let’s have a look at a few of the things that we need to think about this week.

Free Hit Hangover

What’s this?  Was there a free hit in AFL Fantasy last week?  Ahh bugger, I must have missed it because my team was terrible!  Well never fear, we can recast our entire team this week to be ready to go.  So, don’t forget to change your team.  Look at it carefully as you don’t want to wake up on Saturday morning (or afternoon depending on how big tonight is) and see that you have left a guy in your squad who isn’t playing, and probably never will play but you used last week to bring an E onto your field.

So how much do we take from what happened last week when we are considering our squads for the remainder of the season?  Well this is something I discussed with TBetta in his award winning (well if it isn’t it should be) podcast this week.  Go back and have a listen!  However, the long and the short of it are the following:

  • Don’t be fooled by a one hit wonder.  Learn from the mistakes of yesteryear when a heap of people jumped on Ty Vickery after he scored a ton in round 1.  I think he scored 100 again, but that was his tally for the entire rest of the season combined!  If you weren’t looking at them preseason because you thought they were no good, don’t let this one game change your entire opinion!
  • Some guys I wasn’t looking at did great… but why?  What I am referring to here is to just have a look at the teams they are in and who didn’t play.  For example St Kilda were without Lenny Hayes and Leigh Montagna so this meant that Clinton Jones and Luke Dunstan got a heap of it and had big scores.  Will those scores continue when those guys come back?  We don’t know the answer to that, but it is certianly something to consider.
  • Jack Macrae has been talked about a lot.  I will be very interested to see how he goes on Sunday with Ryan Griffen back this week.
  • Is he no longer a premium?  I am sure that many people will be jumping off of Sam Mitchell this week given his low score of 68 against the Lions.  Was this a one off or is it likely to be a continuing trend?  In the case of Sam I think it is a one off but these are things you need to think about.  He was tagged by Rocky but he has been tagged before and still had 100+.  I would put this one down to a one off and will be keeping him.  This is easy to do in AFL Fantasy because we have those two trades per week.  However in RDT and SC, it is even more important to keep him as you have a limited number of trades and you don’t want to have to use one to sideways a premium in week 2!

Team Structure

This is an interesting one, many have asked how many rookies are too many, or how many midpricers are too many.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  My team make up has changed so many times over the preseason I am not sure where I am at!  However, I do know that I didn’t focus so much on their price but on their ability to score and their job security.  Ok, obviously value for money and salary cap came into it, but they weren’t the very first thing I looked at.  Many people may have a set plan of no midpricers or a maximum number of premo’s.  All of these are valid strategies.  The right strategy for you is the one you feel comfortable with.  When Tbetta and I were chatting both on and off air the other night for his podcast we realised that we had both gone in with completely different strategies in both RDT and AFL Fantasy.  Interestingly our RDT sides didn’t score all that differently.  How this will have us placed at the end of the season we don’t know yet.
Obvioulsy you are basically committed to your plan in RDT but in AFL Fantasy you have the scope to change your entire strategy right up until lockout tonight.  My advice… go with your first instincts and a strategy you are comfortable with.




Now Damon you aren’t the only one with this dilemma.  I am not a fan of this tagging role he had on the weekend and I, like many others thought he had shaken this role.  We can only hope he doesn’t do it too often.  Now obviously he is suspended this week, but it is only one week.  So that shouldn’t be the reason to dump him.  I personally would give him another game to see what is happening with his role.  I think one week (and it was against the reigning premiers) isn’t enough to use a trade on.



Wow, thanks for the heaps easy question there Ben (NOT).  What I think it will do is force him to spend more time up forward than his quick bursts on the field.  Overall this could affect him, it may mean he doesn’t run as much, but it could equally mean he kicks more goals.  I think we just don’t know enough about the interchange cap yet, but as you may have heard in TBetta’s podcast this week I am really concerned about Swanny and whether he is going to have trouble getting a huge average score this year with the way Buck’s likes to put him up forward.

Captain Choices

Unless you picked a VC in last nights game then no Captains Loopholes for you this week (and I don’t think any of the scores last night would be worth keeping).  It is just straight up picks!  Not sure I like the usual suspects like Ablett and Swan mostly due to Ablett up against Crowley and Swan up against Sydney who he didn’t do too well against last year.  My picks for this week would be Scooter v the Dee’s or Barlow v Gold Coast.  However, why would you listen to a Landlubber like me, go and get the advice straight from the Captain… Calvin!  Check out Calvin’s Captains on the AFL Fantasy site.

Things To Remember

  • Back your research – As mentioned above we have all been tempted by a one hit wonder, if you pick one of these guys, make sure you have done the research to back that selection up.
  • Full Lockouts Tonight – In both RealDT and AFL Fantasy we have full lockouts tonight, don’t forget!
  • Don’t forget to check final Sunday squads tonight – Remember that now we are back into regular programming Sunday squads will be finalised around 5pm tonight.  Check on them to make sure none of your rookies miss the cut.
  • Higgins got a knee to the head and isn’t missing games! – Celebrate.
  • Don’t leave setting your team til the last minute – Just in case we have website issues!

Finally an almost full weeeknd of footy (Only one game Sat avo).  Can’t wait to see the scores really ticking over rather than the crawl they represented over the past fortnight!  Good luck with setting your final squads.  Keep tuned to Twitter throughout today up until lockout to see if there is any late late news.  Give me a follow if you don’t already @pkd73 and I will relay anything I hear!  Catch you all next Friday as we prepare for our leagues to begin!!


  • Is hickey worth too much to have sitting on the bench as a back up to sandilands? I cant see many better options apart from derrickx

    • I think so mate. That is a lot of cash that isn’t being used. Currie and Derickx are probably your best options of someone that may play.

    • I have Hickey on the bench to cover for Sandilands if he gets injured, to save myself a trade and some cash as his price will go up, but if Currie/Thurlow/Derickx actually get a game then my plan might change, I still have 500k in the bank so spending a little extra for a back up ruck who scores well doesn’t bother me.

  • Another great read. Thanks for all your work.

  • Last minute Question!
    Dusntan Swan And Hickey
    Barlow Mumford and Cunningham

    • Without being able to predict the future, I’d say Barlow, Mumford, Cunningham. Hickey didn’t show anything during the NAB but looked good Round 1 against the Demons. However I seriously doubt he’ll punch out those numbers regularly. The Demons ruckman (whoever that is) punched out a 108 that game! Swan is a champ, but he looked sore during the game against Freo. I worry he’s carrying a niggling groin injury. Dunstan would be preferable to Cunnigham I think, but that wasn’t an option, so on balance Barlow, Mumford and Cunningham (or an equivalently priced rookie) would be my choice.

  • Thank u a great read! Just wondering who u would put on Ellis or Polec, form says Polec but Ellis against the dees and Polec against the crows makes it interesting. Btw my midfield: Ablett, Swan, Barlow, Beams, Shiels, Dunstan, Tyson, Polec (Ellis, M.Crouch). Rdt.

  • love your work mate! just wondering, would you be leaning more towards watson rather than swanny? 100 k less and gives upgrade options around the ground?

    • Yes. Although i got Swanny no Watson I’m playing RDT so can’t make those kind of rash decisions.

    • Yes watson is a great pick this year holding up the whole essonden team

  • The new AFL Fantasy is hopeless. I give up.

  • Nice synopsis Dunny as always :)

  • Anyone taking the punt on kolodashnij this week? Could be a cheaper option for a suckling/swallow type!

    • tossing up between him and georgiou. But if you’re gonna pay the premium for him, you’d want to start him on field and I don’t think i’ll take that big a risk.

  • can we still change team, it says we have unlimited trades but can only trade 1 at a time ??

    • i believe (not 100%) that you can make as many as you want but can’t reverse after partial lockout?

  • What do you think about chappy? Is he worth the risk? He looked good last week

    • Personally no, only because he is expected to play about 16 games this year. But I think when he does play he will score well, especially compared to his starting price

  • Enright, hibberd, birchall, suckling, swallow, Langdon, Langford, Griffiths
    ablett, pendles, Watson, cotchin, beams, shiels, Tyson, dunstan, polec, Cunningham
    hickey, sandi, derrick, currie
    martin, tichell, lecras, gunston, dahlhaus, caddy, rohan, JKH

    thoughts on team

    • I think it’s pretty good.

      Personally I would question Hickey’s reliability and also JKH’s job security. There’s Ambrose or Frost as alternatives for JKH.

      But I don’t really know so stick with them if you like them! Can’t go too far wrong with that team.

  • Hmm was going to take a punt on Macrae but he is on the interchange list at the moment. Swapped to Shiels. Any advise on Wright or Dahlhaus, McVeigh or Hibberd and a possible alternative for Dunstan around the same price? Dunny’s article made me concerned with the return of Hayes and Monty!

    • I like Pav over Wright and Dahlhaus…. But I can’t trust Wright after being burnt last year so of the two I would go for D-haus.

      I think Hibberd will increase in value and McVeigh will stay around his current price so maybe go Hibberd and pick up McVeigh later?

      Dunstan alternative…obviously Dom Tyson, X Ellis and Polec who you’ve probalby got. Clinton Young? James Aish, Viv Michie, Luke McDonald….

    • I wouldnt be jumping to off load Dunstan before the first price rises. His round 1 score ensures a reasonable initial price increase. In Fantasy what is ultimately better, an extra $50,000 or 30 points at the beginning of the season.
      Secondly, in RDT and Supercoach, if he is already in your team what is better, $50,000 and save a trade, or 30 points.


  • What’s up with AFL Fantasy partial lockout this morning. Can’t edit any players at all. Not a good look……

  • Ellis or Dunstan on field?

  • Need some serious help…
    Do i risk it and start with Zac Merret on the field or go with Ambrose/Rohan who will most likely start?

  • One spot left to fill in my forward line. Patton or daniher? Its a hard choice.

  • hickey, caddy, S.mitchell
    Mumford, higgins/merret(essendon), birchall

  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on Mumford?? Hasn’t been much talk on him as a number 1 ruck choice?
    Tossing up between him or banking the money and goin hickey for a few weeks?

  • what’s Dylan Buckleys job security? was pretty impressive last night?

  • Should I go Wright or Higgins?

    • I think Higgins. that additional $60k is too luring for me personally.

      I also think they’d have similar roles in my team regardless of which on I picked. I’d be looking to offload each one around the bye period as I wouldn’t consider either long term keepers.

    • wright for sure…I think the Roos pressure will be significantly increased this week and I think Higgins might not get as much easy footy IMO

  • Pendlebury, S.Mitchell and R.Shaw


    Barlow, Hibberd and Suckling?

  • Ok, so with scores of 111 and 103 in the NAB Cup and 105 last week, why doesn’t anybody have Gaff from West Coast? At $378,000 he seems just as good value as Macrae or Shiels.

    Especially over the next 2 weeks against St Kilda and Melbourne. Somebody tell me otherwise??

  • parker or lecras

    dahlhaus or chappy


    • Parker is the more reliable selection IMO. Chappy in Fantasy, Dailhaus in RDT

      • whats the difference between fantasy and RDT?

        • Less trades available for the season in RDT. Dirk, like many DT’ers, is saying that Chappy’s more of a risk, so you’d be more likely to take a punt with him in Fantasy.

  • Have 160k remaining.

    Should i hold or look to upgrade one of Pav, Caddy, Wright, Macrae, Shiels?

  • Oh, or Patton who should probably be replaced by a a better f7?

  • Tossing up between Chappy and Howlett. Both of them aced it in the roos’ open, free-running game style. Howlett starts in the square, and will never get attention, whereas chappy is a proven jet, however won’t play 20+ games.
    Opinions please.

  • A ruck to pair with Sandilands up to 450,000? Currently have Ryder wh I’m happy with but wondering others thoughts on Mumford or Leunberger?

  • Ryder would be 3rd on my list out of those 3.
    Mummy, Luey then Ryder
    I just find that the guy has all the talent and athleticism in the world but will make you say FMDT more than have you cheering

  • THoughts on my team? Any suggestions?
    Backs- Enright, Mitchell, Hibberd, Suckling, Swallow, Langdon (Langford, griffiths)
    Mids- Ablett, J.Selwood,Watson, Cotchin,Beams,Macrae,Tyson,Polec (Ellis,Cunningham)
    Rucks- Jacobs,Sandilands (Derickx,Currie)
    Forwards- Dahlhaus, Martin,Wright,Caddy,Zorko, Lecras (Rohan,Ambrose)
    88k remaining
    Forward line is the most questionable part i believe but yeah any opinions appreciated

    • Very nice. Had Jacobs last year so I just can’t bear going there but he should be good this year. Forward line is iffy Dalhaus Wright Zorko even Caddy could all stuff up though looks like their good value as all playing more midfield time for their respective sides.

      • Yeah i’m hoping theres no carnage there haha, hoping a couple will rise in value fairly quick so i can upgrade to the likes of Nroo

  • I am in desperate need of a late withdraw subscription or message service. I work Fridays nights so will miss the boat for late withdraws.

    (Like the talk about Sitchel being a late withdraw).

    Does anyone know of such a service?

  • Gunston or Parker?

  • touch backline dilemma, will Mitchell play tonight? and if not, hodge, hibberd or Enright in?

  • Watson or Pendles captain?
    I know its a toss of a coin, but I only pay by card..

  • Mitchell Swan and Hickey
    Barlow Mumford Hodge

  • DT TALK Beams – LWVSY3A3

    Same structure as last year, 18 teams.

    • is it still unlimited trades in fantasy or is back to 2 trades after this round?