Magpies v Tigers – NAB Challenge (22nd February)


Collingwood Magpies v Richmond Tigers.
Wangaratta. Saturday 22nd February, 2013.
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It was pretty clear from early on that Richmond wanted to put last weeks performance against Melbourne behind them.
They attacked the contest with intensity and really showed up to play.

It was also clear from early on that Collingwood really went in and gave no amount of $%#@’s…

He’s the run down on the fantasy relevant, once again I’ll show you their points in relation to the Time On Ground percentage…


Trent Cotchin – ($511,300- MID) This guy just couldn’t be stopped, alternating between midfield and resting forward he played the role to perfection. Racking up possessions at will around the ground and then providing a capable target when forward. Finished the game with a MONSTER 154 from 79% TOG

Dustin Martin – ($526,00 – MID/FWD) Looking very sharp and working hard across the half back line again with stints though the midfield. Chris Newman said during the call that all Tigers players are looking to get the ball into Dusty’s hands to set up the play. Ended the game on 114 from 80% TOG

Brett Deledio – ($514,900 – MID) Impressive as always and really led the way early with intensity. Try finding the highlight from his smother/gather/goal on Armstrong early in the piece! 134 from 82% TOG

Anthony Miles – ($279,700 – MID) If this ex GWS kid scores that rookie elevation then he’ll be hard to ignore. He’s ticking all the boxes and impressing everyone at Richmond. Newman commented on his improved work ethic and willingness to learn. But when he’s on the field he has always been fantasy point magnet. Started the game as the sub and came on after half time. Went straight into the midfield and scored 53 points from 41% TOG

Matthew McDonough – ($166,200 – FWD) Here’s another kid who’s doing all he can to earn a spot. If he does then I’d have no hesitation in slotting him into my fwd bench! Worked so hard patrolling the half fwd line alongside fellow tiger cub Sam Lloyd ($135,500 – FWD 66 from 80% TOG) to finish on 75 from 72% TOG

Scott Pendlebury – ($611,200 – MID) Ran hard all day as one of the few Collingwood midfielders who seemed to have shown up. The upside here is it highlights Pendlebury’s work rate, you know he’ll always push hard to score for your team! Finished the day on 104 from 83% TOG

Dane Swan – ($636,600 – MID) First game of the season for Swanny and he went about it with his usual disregard for the NAB series. Don’t let his 80 points from 73% TOG put you off. Swan never gets out of 2nd gear for the preseason.


Brodie Grundy – ($335,300 – RUC) This kid played one of the most undisciplined games I’ve witnessed in awhile. Giving away free kicks and 50 metre penalties while chucking mini tantrums when things didn’t go his way. Hopefully he’ll watch this game back and adjust accordingly but in the meantime I won’t be going near him. 24 points from 55% TOG. Add on the points deducted for the 3 free’s against and his scored could look a little more respectable…

Steele Sidebottom – ($523,000 – MID) Another Collingwood midfielder who didn’t get out of 2nd gear and lacked intensity. The difference is that Sidebottom isn’t Swan. 71 points from 80% TOG

Alexander Fasolo – ($208,400 – MID) If you read up on TBetta‘s DECKofDT this year then this score wouldn’t surprise you. 41 points from 72% TOG. His price and potential JS will keep tempting you. These types of performances and scores should be snapping you out of those thoughts…

Tony Armstrong – ($248,000 – DEF) Between last week and this week we have two different players. I said after last weeks game it’s probably worth keeping Armstrong on your watch list just in case. Tried that this week but the only time I remember seeing him is the above mentioned Deledio highlight. 20 points from 62% TOG. Not the kind of performance that’ll get you a best 22 spot Tony.

Heritier Lumumba – ($475,400 – DEF/MID) Not sure if this was an intensity issue or just ‘wrong place wrong time’. I remember seeing him on the screen a lot but very rarely with a ball in his hands. 49 points from 82% TOG.


My honourable mentions are players who scored well and should be on your watchlist. Keep an eye on these guys in your Draft Leagues.

Nick Vlastuin $375,600 – DEF/MID (91 points 74% TOG)
Brent Macaffer $359,500 – MID (80 points 78% TOG)
Brandon Ellis $429,300 – MID (81 points 73% TOG)
Ben Griffiths $135,500 – DEF (68 points 88% TOG)

Actually Vlastuin is looking more tempting with his DPP Eligibility, and with Maric out injured Griffiths will be needed in the Ruck… I’m off to reshuffle my team on a totally unrelated matter…

So that’s all I have to say on this game. Anything to add feel free to comment below. Anything you disagree with feel free to blast me on twitter! @Anthonydsmith86


  • Thanks for the write up Anthony.

    Really disappointing result from Armstrong. Now gonna have to look at other mid/low priced defender options (which there aren’t a lot of).

    Deck of DT write up on Ellis was pretty positive to say the least. After two ‘ok performances’, do you still think that he is really worth keeping on the watchlist?

    • Haha! Yeah, I hold a fair bit of belief that Ellis will come good, He’s still sitting in my side at this point, holding out hope that he’ll go big in round 1 vs GC

  • Shiels or Ellis at M5?
    Ellis has almost been my first picked all season but with the value and potential of Shiels I’m having second thoughts for that M5 spot?

  • Anthony Miles came back to his old club and my current for a training session about a week before the draft. Very quiet but very skillful, isn’t a flashy player but a consistent and proven fantasy scorer, lack of opportunity will be the only worry

  • “These types of performances…” – you mean to say his first game in nearly 12 months and a NAB practice game at that, AND being tried out in a new position down back? Taking all that into consideration I’d say 41 from 72% tog is a great launching pad for a $208,000 Fasolo.

  • Don’t forget that the whole thing with Sidebottom was the fact that he plays well with Beams. I’m pretty sure that Beams didn’t play. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

  • With Cotchin it’s worth noting that Collingwood are a free running offensive side who usually don’t apply hard tags. Gun mids like Cotchin usually score well against Collingwood.

    I wouldn’t expect Cotchin to have this level of freedom during the season proper.

    • You’re completely right about that bud. It’s not really a massive fear though because Cotchin tends to still score really well with a tag. Check out his Deck of Dream Team write up from this year and even the one from last year. He has scored well against some really good taggers, consistently!

      • Do you think Cotch is a better option than Joel Selwood? Considering Selwood’s interrupted pre-season and slightly higher price? If you could only have one of them, which would you pick?

        • They both obviously have their own strengths and weaknesses. I’m on Cotchin though. It’s not a matter of if Cotchin becomes a super premo. It’s when. I want to be on that train before it’s fully left the station…

  • Nice write up Antony, thanks. Charlie is sure to be thrilled that you included time on ground stats.

  • Had Vlastuin pencilled into my backline for a while now. After last season and his price this year he should be good value. Problem is though possibly having him, Ellis, Cotchin and Martin all in the same DT?

    • You’re right that having all of them in the same team is a bit concerning, but at least they aren’t all one the same lines! (unless you have them all currently sitting in your midfield, if that’s the case, no one here can help you…)
      But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t be concerned about starting 4 from the same team. The concern comes when you have the plus too many from the same bye round. The your team might look thin, especially in those mids…

  • Nice read Anothony, do you think Ellis is gonna be a consistent scorer? And is he worth our starting team?

    • Do I think he’ll consistently score? Yes.
      The worry is what he’ll be scoring… ;)

      Honestly I still believe he’ll finish the season with a 90 point average but yeah

  • I believe there is a guy called Ben Reid who played yesterday that is worthy of a mention. 5 goals!

    • Hey man! Yeah Ben Ried was incredible up forward from a footy point of view. Fantasy wise though I don’t think he’s worth looking at. Just my opinion. We can definitely take a look at him though.
      73 points from 73% TOG.
      As you mentioned he also kicked 5 goals!
      Lets be honest and say that he won’t be kicking 5 goals every single game. Maybe he’ll average 2 goals, if we’re being generous? So those 5 goals today seriously inflated his score! Much like Jesse White last week…
      Another reason is that it’s obvious the Pies still don’t know whether they want to play him forward or back? That’s two massive differentials in scoring ability from the position he’ll start in.
      The positives are that he’s sitting to the low end of the mid range pricing at $387,700 and is a dip def/fwd.
      All up though mate I think he’s too risky and there are much better/safer options to consider.

  • Hey Anthony.

    Is Cotchin a better option than Jelwood or Watson?
    Cotchin can score huge. But can go missing too.

    • It’s a hard choice man. With Cotchin you are taking a gamble that he may not fully break out this season either. But that’s why you are getting him cheaper than the other two. I honestly believe he’s primed and ready to go but it’s up to you whether you take the risk.
      I’m on Cotchin this year though.

  • Yes! great write up. thank you Anthony keep up the good work.

  • I’ll try and ask a different question than all the others asking whether to pick Cotchin/other devalued premo…

    Assuming Cotchin gets the #1 tagger, do you think Deledio will get back to his best? I wasn’t able to watch the game so i’m not sure where he’s playing, HB, C, Wing, or HF. Since Dusty has gone Half Back i’m guessing Deledio won’t be playing there as well? With Cotchin going MID/FWD will Deledio play more in the midfield? Would greatly appreciate some advice on this. Cheers for the write-up as well, greatly needed! Thanks again.

    • Deledio looked amazing. Spent pretty much the entire game in the midfield and would certainly have been best on ground if it wasn’t for the work of his captain!
      In all honest here’s my opinion on the matter.
      Generally Cotchin will get the number one tag, but as the stats and history has shown, Cotchin handles tags really bloody well.
      Where as with Deledio (who will still go big) I think you’d still be scared anytime a team decides to send that tagger to him. Or when they play teams *cough Carlton cough* with more than one tagger.
      Could be an awesome POD but I think if your choice is Cotch vs Deledio then it’s Cotchin who has the most upside for me.

      • Alright thanks appreciate the insight. Who do you think is the priority to get into my team if there was only one spot? Cotchin or Rockliff? All the DTTalk lads go on about Rockwiz and he has proved it today… Do you think he will start copping the tag? Don’t think he was #1 on the list last year for tags, that might change… At the moment my midfield currently sits like –

        MID – Swan, Masten, Cotchin, Beams, Shiels, Carrazzo, X.Ellis, Polec (Wanganeen, Ellis-Yolmen)

        Someone told me Carrazzo is out for round one, might be a straight switch to Daisy. Also tempted by Toby Greene but need to see his second NAB game.

  • Martin’s new role still concerns me…yes it can be a DT friendly role but someone as damaging as Dusty isn’t going to be allowed to run around on his own in the real season. Will get a very tight forward tag every week imo…

    Might have a positive affect on someone like Houli’s scores however.