Giants v Swans – NAB Challenge (20th February)


GWS Giants v Sydney Swans.
Canberra. Thursday 20th February, 2013.
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Yes that’s right… Tom Mitchell (FWD/MID) went bloody bananas tonight posting a huge 138pts in 72% game time. He had 34 touches, 6 c and 2 sausage rolls (with sauce). MASSIVE!! Oh and did I mention he scored 91pts in the last half. Yes he did. Pig nomination? Ha ha c’mon… not yet. In other news from the night, Luke Parker who is also named as a FWD/MID like Mitchell this year… 2nd topped scored for the Swans with 98pts causing many coaches across the country to shuffle their teams tonight trying to squeeze the boys in.

In other news for the Swans, Tom Derickx provided us with a handy 65pts with 23 hitouts. He was pretty much the #1 ruck tonight and was on for 80% of the time against former ruck buddy (Mumford). Naismith took on some of the duties but Derickx certainly showed us he’s not a bad option at this early stage of the year coming in at just $135,500 (Fantasy).

Gary Rohan finally got going after a slow start to finish on 58pts after scoring 23pts in the final term. Although he wasn’t brilliant, he scored this in 71% game time and I believe the potential is there and he will still sit in my extended squad for now.


Former #1 draft pick Lachie Whitfield showed he was in great touch. In just 67% of game time he had 25d and 3 goals for his 106pts whilst Toby Green racked up a casual 30 touches for his score of 101 (72% TOG). Shane Mumford clocked up 30 hit outs (82ts) against his old club and carried the majority of duties himself with Giles popping in from time to time.

Jed Lamb is on the radar for many coaches at the moment and was solid enough for now. He had 56pts from just 12 touches in just over half the time on the field. It’s not pretty good and you’d be silly to cross him off completely just yet… But is he in the best 22?

Heath Shaw only scored 52pts from his 82% game time. A spud effort really and nearly spent the most amount of time on the field than anyone. Get of Heath or score some points!

Other than that, there isn’t too much else to really mention. Coniglio (92pts) and Treloar (94pts) were all quiet impressive and knocked up solid numbers. These guys could both breakout this year. My money is on Treloar though. The kid is a magnet!

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  • Still deciding whether to take Franklin or squeeze what ever I can to Parker. Franklin under priced but Parker will be running through the midfield mostly. Def on my watch list.

    • Im spewing about Parkers score tonight, he was one of my first players picked when i saw him in the forwards, i was happy to see hardly anyone had him but after this game he will be in heaps of teams.

  • My thoughts where the same about Treloar all pre-season.

  • Was anyone concerned about McVeigh? Calvin?

    57 is a little less than I expected, ever for a Nab Challenge match.

  • Tom Mitchell! you pig! If he does that against West Coast next game im all in for Mitchell. wow

  • tom mitchell should be a lock for everyone. Fairly priced duel position midfielder who will rack up perfect numbers in a forward line position

  • Parker has been in my team from the start

    • +1 me too and Mitchell wish they both put up average numbers tonight now everyone will be on board

  • I know you’re careful about your pigs Calv, but I can bet my house that Mitchell will be our lock in captain in a few years time. Followed him for 6 years and the ball follows him everywhere. He won’t be consistent for a couple of years but when he becomes a permanent mid, watch out

  • Rhyce Shaw’s score anything to get excited about ?

  • Great to see the younger guns (Mitchell, Parker, Jack etc) running through the middle. Sydney will be strong with them there, it frees up JPK, O’Keefe, McVeigh etc

    Could it be their flag this year…

    (Geelong supporter)

  • Very exciting scores from titchell and parker but will they be playing out of the centre square come round one?? Doubt it. Longmire admitted against the giants it would be a perfect test for them but with the likes of jack kennedy hannebry mcveigh rok will more than likely get a higher % of game time in the square. Im not reading too much into this game, will monitor the next two nab games for sydney. heres the article btw

    • None of the Swans midfielders play solely out of the centre square, there will be a lot of rotating through the forward line. Both Mitchell and Parker will get a lot more midfield time this year.

      • My point exactly mate, mitchell and parker spent a very high % of game time in the middle, a % that you wont see in the normal season..

  • Was a good read… could have done with a spell/grammar check first though!

    Haha thanks mate

  • so Titchell does well (or better than expected)
    Coniglio and Greene (as my M5 option) look to be doing well
    and has Derickx knocked Nankervis out of Sydney’s 2nd ruckman?

    little concerned about Heater and McVeigh, would like to see increased scores from the pair

  • What about Laidler? How did he play for his 37? Still on the radar?

  • @CalvinDT – I am fairly sure Shaw got 83.

  • I am thinking I may leave out Buddy and put in Tom Mitchell instead.

  • Thoughts on Monfries? or are there better options at his price Gunston, Pavlich, Parker, etc…

  • Rhyce Shaw did not too bad