DTLIVE.com.au Live AFL Fantasy scores

dtlive.com.au in association with dreamteamtalk is proud to release livescores for the AFL season. Clean, simple and innovative are the main goals, and responsiveness ensures a great experience even on phones/tablet.



live scores main features:

  • “Players of Interest”. You can add different types of players of interest by clicking on the players name and adding them in the player tab. “My Players” are players in your team (orange), “Watchlist” are players on your radar (purple), and “Opponent” is players your opponent has (light blue). This gives you instant recognition in the live scores about the players you care about the most.
  • “Players Tab”. clicking a players name opens the players tab which includes relevant info. It shows the price and positions for all formats, the players score over time and a new “tracker” feature that shows how and when their recent scores were. This is also where you can add players to “My Players”, “Watchlist” or “Opponent”


  • Private chat group(s). You can create your own “chat group” for you andย your mates/leagues and have a chat just for you. This is perfect for active leagues that can chat in game, or for larger groups to have only their members in a chat room.


  • Countdown timer. Something simple, but wondering about timezones is a thing of the past.


  • countdown“Players Of Interest” page. Finally there is an easy way to see all the players on your watchlist. You can track players recent game scores and all the prices and positions for all formats in one easy spot.



So there it is, the initial release. I would like to point out that this is just the beginning, and if you have any ideas or suggestions send them through. We will keep working on it all season long and things will only get better :)

To view live scores from tonight’s game, click here.