Roos v Blues – NAB Challenge (15th February) UPDATED AFTER A KIP


North Melbourne Kangaroos v Carlton Blues.
North Ballarat. Saturday 15th February, 2013.
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I was hung and tired after beers with the Pig when I originally wrote this, so I woke up early and watched the second half again and realised it wasn’t that bad haha.

What I Liked:

Luke McDonald– Believe the hype. McDonald may come at an inflated rookie price of $243,900, but his DPP with back-line eligibility makes him an extremely tempting prospect. He looked right at home on ‘the big stage’ or as close as we can get to a big stage at this time of the year. He did enough justify being considered in the best 22 for North. McDonald finished the game with 22 possessions, 5 marks and a handy 73.

Jack Ziebell– Unfortunately Ziebell is only classed as a midfielder because we would all be selecting him in any other position. He always looking on the verge of breaking out and started the pre Season in that fashion collecting 29 touches, 6 marks and a spectacular 12 tackles for 147. He is awkwardly priced at $513,100, but could certainly be a unique selection that pays off.

Ryan Bastinac– Can find the ball, as we witnessed in round 23 vs the Pies last year with 34 touches and a thumping score of 132. He had a good start to the pre season with 31 touches and 10 marks for 126. interestingly priced at $463,200

Joel Tippett– Will struggle to find a spot in a full strength side, but did his job in the back line with 6 marks and 57 points.

Daniel Currie– The fact he played.

Andrejs Everitt– Making his debut for the Blues, Everitt was a solid contributor with 3 goals and 84 points, while picking up 17 touches in a variety of positions over the ground. He is a $325,500 defender and is a walk-up into the Blues best 22.

Brent Harvey– Evergreen Harvey played well for 87 in what appeared to be limited minutes. Continues to defy the 30+ rule.

Nick Dal Santo– Did enough to grab our attention with 28 touches and 91 points on debut.


What I didn’t like:

Dale Thomas– Not getting to see how his surgically repaired ankle is coming along.

Sam Docherty– Injury has forced my to put a line through him on my watch list.

Daniel Currie– The way he played, although to his credit, he did present well up forward. Unfortunately, with our 4th ruck position in mind, I am not sure his return of 1 goal and 9 hit outs for 33 points were enough to convince the North coaching staff to select 2 rucks in the best 22. I am holding out hope in the fact that the Roos are keen on playing 2 rucks this year, so he still has a chance to grasp the opportunity.

Shaun Atley– Has a chance this pre Season to sneak into our back lines, but his return of just 34 from 12 touches won’t get it done.

Robin Nahas– With Mitch Clark injured, I was hoping Nahas would dominate pre season and force his way into the Roos team and be an easy forward line replacement. He was not influential for 12 touches and 48.

Marc Murphy– Did not start the way I would have liked for a guy who is walking into many of our teams as we seek a return to the 110 average days. Has some work to do after collecting just 17 touches for 62.

Patrick Cripps– Quiet on debut with 12 touches and 38.

Dylan Buckley– Looked good out there but I think he will struggle to find his way into the best 22 at the star of the year. There are better cheap MID options.

In Summary, Ziebell earned an unexpected spot on the watch list (even as a mid) while fingers crossed McDonald keeps up the good work.

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  • Dylan Buckley looked pretty good, long shot to get a game though.

  • I was hot on murphy before today too. but this kind of reminded me what I already knew. carlton don’t play a fantasy friendly style. mick has them playing field position, pressure, score off turnover football. it doesn’t result in lots of possessions. doesn’t mean murphy isn’t playing well, he’s as classy ball handler as there is but I think his 110 average days are long gone as long as mick remains.

  • Agree with going cold on Murphy, After him and Daisy being sure locks in my sides, both are now out…. I cant trust Murphy and while he may be under-priced, he is still not exactly cheap. Ive downgraded Lobbe to Grundy, Daisy to Michie and upgraded Murphy to Swan… so while I started with neither GAJ and Swan, I now have both…. It was great seeing all those “underpriced” players on paper, but one by one where being reminded that many of them are quite risky, which makeds their prices quite awkward. I also think that if you want that $450k underpriced mid, there may be better options…. I’d rather Bernie Vince then Murphy for that price, however putting Vince in leaves me with 200k in the bank, so I just went Swan

  • Brent Harvey 87 points in 2 and a half quaters

    • yes set to dominate again.. this years all out for him.. all or nothing.. still a major ball getter.. with goals to boot..

  • Jack Z looked very enticing. Young McDonald also looks promising. I currently have Atley in my teams, very mediocre effort from him, but being only the first Nab match, he gets another chance.

    • would look else where.. I am north member as much as id luv him to rack up the 90 + he Is just to unrealiable for fantasy. he will get plenty midfield gametime due to swallow absence. but he should hit his peak later in season.. guthries looking ok for $50 k cheaper.

  • tom bell looks like a good cheap mid option big strong body and knows how to find the ball

  • I went to the game so if anyone cares, here’s my assessment:

    Disclaimer: Love the Blues so watched them more.

    Had a list of players from both teams that I wanted to check out. Didn’t plan on checking out Everitt, Buckley nor Bell but all had very good games.

    Buckley: If you watched early and noticed how good Buckley was (Blues fans are gonna have to come up with a creative nickname – “Bucks” just leaves a horrible taste in my mouth… maybe SoJ?) then that makes two of us. He didn’t get much ball in the second half as he had to tag first Harvey then Thomas (probably not a bad place to learn small forward play) but still did a beautiful one-handed pick up after getting some space on a pack of chasers that cleared the ball away. He read the play very well and was very quick and clean.

    Bell: Blues fans were calling him Kouta. He doesn’t wear 43 in case that’s your first assumption. He’s a big midfielder who gets to the ball and wins it in the air and on the ground. Good option for draft leagues (speaking of we need some players for our UF draft league, send me a message and I’ll give you the details).

    Everitt: Bell might look like Kouta, with the Blues jumper on Everitt looks like Lawrence Angwin. Hope he has more of a clue. Will be handy for the Blues and was dominant front and back all day. His kick to Ellard that set up the last goal of the game was perfect. Good outside player so not sure how he’d score in a match against Freo or the Swans.

    Tippett: Looked like he will be a very good defender for the Roos. His shut down job was good, even better when I read this arvo that Waite had only two marks and four or so touches. Still, I’d be surprised if he averaged more than 8 kicks a game this year though he can clearly move well so if he gains confidence and the confidence of the coach, when North are doing well in a game he might get a few +6s linking up from the back half. What his game did do though is it allowed Thompson to get more into the middle where he imposed himself on a couple of 50/50 contests that led to North going forward. (Maybe more SC points for him after he was very good last year). My thinking is JTip is starting at a good low price and will make another $100K or so (not quickly but maybe an 80 point game will cycle through at the right time) so he at the moment is D8 for my Punts.

    McDonald: Saw #21 do something pretty special in Q1 so looked at the phone to see who it was. He went straight into my team at D5/6 and the rest of his game kept him there. I still haven’t worked out the dollars so will find the cash if another possible cheaper keeper doesn’t bob up.

    Nahas: meh

    Nicky D: Had Zach Tuohy as his minder and found it hard at first but got into the game soon after and I wasn’t surprised to see how much ball he’d had when I checked today. Too expensive to find a spot for but a good addition for North. Maybe not as good as Goddard was last year for Essendon but will be very very good.

    Nicky G: Subbed on late in Q2 and was all over the place getting touches. Thought he might have scored better so will wait for a full game from him.

    Another bloke who I am gonna keep to myself: Ran almost the length of the ground setting up the sealing goal. Topped off an excellent game. Injuries to frontline mids would see this bloke become one of the cash making machines we need.

    Boomer Harvey: Can’t see him being anything other than the man we know. Fewer F/M options this year mean most will have the same first four forwards. If he doesn’t start in a lot of teams only injury will mean he doesn’t finish in a lot.

    Menzel: This is the last time I will say this as these words taste worse on my tongue than those above. He reminds me of Monfries. I suspect he’ll score like that too, late 2000s, not 2013 at Port. Menzel will have games where he kicks 3, 4 or maybe even 5 goals and will push 90 but an average in the low 70s is as good as I can see, probably less. Possibly a handy bench option in SC, certainly one for draft leagues with rolling lockout, as Blues play a lot of Friday night games.

    Murphy: What Roy said but one meaningless game isn’t an indicator of his worth. If yesterday was the be all and end all then Bastinac is better value. Good luck to those who make that call and I hope you are in my draft league. I’d have to see what others in line for M4/5 do before making any call on Murph.

    Cripps: nup

    Sam Wright: Sam Wrong (thanks Ash’s kids for that one)

    • Forgot Currie: Good start but didn’t win when in the ruck. Looked like North were trying him mostly as a forward but ball kept going to Petrie. Another game needed before assessing him. As we all know though, there aren’t a whole lot of options yet.

  • DAMMM.. KEL.. MUST BE ROO BLIND!!! You went to game? all I heard on radio was ryan bastanac owning his own ball and the tackling machine ziebell run a muk all arvo… best ball getters by far KEL.. Your only worthy comment was on luke McDonald..Tippett did own waite all day.. and the out of form murphy.. gibbs was to worried about his looks as norm, not his contribute to his club..

    • if you saw gibbs new haircut I think it’s clear his looks are the last thing on his mind.

  • was talking about his new facial lol.. did he get his hair permed again… carlton hair curlers..

  • I thought the only curling going on atm is in sochi… lol.

  • Joel Tippett – with Curran potentially on the LTI for the Kangas, can he see early gametime? Has competition with Grima and Delaney, but impressed big time.

    • will give him much chance as possible as he is an aged 26 recruit.. bro to kurt..safl defender off year.. held down all key backs all year..progressing real good.. brads wrapt with him..grima straight into side but delany will be waiting cant see him getting a game first half season if all. mullet to come back also..but tippet can be the third key denfenceive tall..