The Traders AFL Fantasy pre-season guide

Roy, Calvin and Warnie celebrate the opening of AFL Fantasy for 2014 and take you through the best options line by line. For more fantasy news, head to


  • It’s a bit sad for dt talk with the traders coming of age. The articles on afl. com are sterile. Dt talk no longer the same. Almost as sad as when they put dermott on ‘the teams’ on fox and lost BT to Seven

    • Sorry to hear you think they’re sterile – even if they are simple player review articles justifying selection in our team that we’re picking. I’m hoping as the season progresses that you’ll see us in the same light that you always have.

      In saying that, I don’t think this video is any different to any other pre-season video we’ve posted on our site in the past.

  • I agree with Warnie. You still pick silly uniques n Calvins still a complete goose with no idea!! lol
    Keep up the good work boys ;)

  • Not having a dig at all warnie. They are still good articles, just different in the way they used to be delivered. Still a fan! Keep up the good work

  • I’m much more annoyed that all the numptys in my work league now have access to your gold advice…… You used to be my secret weapon and they used to listen to dr dreamteam :(