Alex Fasolo – Deck of Dream Team 2014

jan18_alexfasoloName: Alex Fasolo
Club: Collingwood
Position: Forward
2014 AFL Fantasy Price: $208,400
2014 Dream Team Price: $239,300
Bye Round:  Round 8 (shared with Adel, Geel, North, GCS, Rich)
2013 Average: 48.6
2013 Games Played: 3
Predicted 2014 Average: 65* (unvested average)


Why should I pick him?

An interrupted pre-season curtailed Fasolo’s season before it even really began, playing just the 3 games at AFL level undeniably underdone. Once sent back to the VFL, he struggled with form, fitness and discipline, eventually surrendering to a serious navicular injury and wasn’t sighted for the rest of the season. Disappointing from a 2013 standpoint, the silver lining is that we can pick him up on the cheap in fantasy this year, priced at an average of 38.5 in AFL Fantasy (thanks to a 21% discount) and 43.8 points in Dream Team (10% discount).

That’s miles below his best. In 2012, he played 21 games at an average of 72.5 points – nothing mind-shattering, but considering his price tag in 2014, very encouraging. His scoring was what you’d expect from a small forward specialist; mostly 60’s and 70’s, with a couple of big games, like his 100 against Gold Coast and 118 versus the Bombers, littered across the season. Unexpected however, was his consistency for a goal-centric player; he dipped below 60 just twice the entire season, one of those scores being a red vest.

Collingwood had a huge turnover as a club this off-season, clearing out older stock like Daisy Thomas, Heath Shaw, Alan Didak and Andrew Krakouer. Aside from Shaw, that’s three half-forward threats off the depth chart. Fasolo played that hybrid role perfectly in his first two seasons, and in a perfect world, he’d be lining up close to the big sticks for the Pies in Round 1.


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world. Like your crazy ex-missus, Fasolo has a ton of baggage.

Fitness is the root of all my concern with Fasolo as a fantasy option this year. In a recent injury update,  the key news was that Collingwood are apparently “in no hurry to rush Alex Fasolo back into the full training” and, according to Eade, “We’re just going to take our time with it, but he’s ticked every box so far, so we’re pleased with his progress.”

Reading between the lines, that’s not great news, despite all the positive platitudes. Just like the Eagles were ‘pleased’ with Nic Naitanui’s progress in the pre-season last year, this should be setting off serious alarm bells where his Round 1 chances are concerned.

Not surprisingly, this has been reflected in most punters’ Round 1 expectations. In both the AFL website’s preview and the Herald Sun’s preview, although dated, Alex has been left out due to injury concerns. I’m not sure that there’s any doubt that Fasolo is a best 22 lock when fully fit, but that ‘when’ is a significant factor – and all signs point to later rather than sooner. Plus, let’s not forget the high chance that he’ll be reintroduced via the substitute vests when he finally does regain enough fitness to play at the top level.

Also, it might not be relevant to you, but his arrogance is kind of overpowering.


Deck of DT Rating.

JACK – Like the 35.9% of coaches who currently own him in the Drawing Board feature, I’m well aware of Fasolo’s value and potential. However, the risk associated with his fitness issues (that therefore impact his job security and vest likelihood) are too great, and he’s currently not much more than an afterthought for my initial squad. A solid NAB Cup display will be the minimum requirement to propel him back on the radar, and even then, it’ll only be in AFL Fantasy, where he’s cheaper and the rookies are harder on the hip pocket.

The Deck is as much about who not to pick as who to pick – consider this your first  ‘Move On’ notice where Fasolo is concerned.


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  • Great read Tbetta! And spot on. One of the articles of the year imo!

    If fit and named, then Fasolo almost becomes must have. Rather big if though.

    Loved your work on the Real DT site the other day as well mate! Looking forward to reading more from yourself. Well done.

    • Cheers Rids!

      Yeah, as I implied above, if he’s in the team Round 1, he’ll be hard to ignore. Unfortunately, the way things are going, don’t see that happening.

  • nooooo chance..i would just about go as far as to say weve seen the best of him,,theres a massive ”ive played an afl game now and im happy with that’ attitude
    super lucky to get drafted in the first place ,hates hard work,dead set lazy and not the kid of bloke that ya want to be counting on when the going gets tuff….nothing like naitanui when it comes to doing the hard yards to beat an injury
    and the blokes that played for the pies last yr were all pretty good…I don’t question tbetta but I question if heez in their best 22 now..even more so with buckley not being the kind to tolerate the kind of footballer fasolo is…heard it from a little birdy that heez LAZY!!! and with other hungry young blokes around hell struggle to get bk in
    price is the only reason were talking about him,,but im not thinking about using him

    • Just how lazy can you be in the afl these days.
      Don’t see anything arrogant in the youtube vid either.
      Just hamming it up for the club videos as they all do.

      • he can be lazy enough to never get bk to the fitness level needed to break bk into a side where the young blokes that came in last yr all looked to be…the average amount of time for an afl player is 3yrs…he could be one of those blokes if he doesn’t fire up……plenty of cases of blokes talented enough but not the work ethic among other reasons(and the afl can be pretty anal with the demands put on young blokes nowdays)….wouldn’t be the first bloke to be happy that hed made it to the afl and played a game and be satisfied with that,,or not wanna live that lifestyle….is he one of those blokes ???

  • if he was offered to the eagles or freo theyd say no…and they both like getting west aussies back..and wc struggle to kick goals so that’s a good indication…and they busted their rs to get yeo!!

    • How the fk do you know?

    • Firstly excellent read Tbetta, he will be in my squad but I will think of a little back up just in case he doesn’t pull up round 1!
      Secondly, Scratch, West Coast only struggled to kick goals because of the midfield display, when the forward line got the ball fed to them they we’re put away often enough, so Fasolo would have scored lowly because of the midfield.

      • west coast have been in need of good small fwds since phill matera retired..le cras is the only one that has been any good my point was both w.a clubs like to get west ozzies bk when they can and they both don’t want fasolo,,even though wc need small matter what you think he might of scored…..tbetta said he already didn’t dominate at vfl level when there last yr ..tbetta is a sangroper I think…and he said hed move on when it came to fasolo and mentioned arrogance…but we could be wrong

        • and ofcourse htf do I know anyway ??

          • Scratch, I hope you’re not an adult because yor grammar is just orful and u make sum pritty ludacris calls. Don’t claim to know that Freo and WC would say no to Fasolo.

  • POK

    Got a mate who use to teach with Fasolos Dad and still keeps in touch with him. He even went out for Dinner last year with Alex and his father. Although he’s a massive Richmond supporter who hates Collingwood, my mate said that the Dinner with Fasolo was almost enough for him to like the Pies because Fas was such a filling bloke. After a recent talk my mate tells me he is going extremely well and should be right for rd 1

  • My cousin’s best friend’s mother-in-law goes to the same fish n chips shop as Fasolo’s next door neighbour’s uncle and he says Fasolo is a certainty for round 1, so he’s a must for my side.

    • I believe Henry likes to CHOP and change anyway…..

    • that’s a great source, my mum’s dog’s walker’s cousin seemed to think otherwise, but it’s nice to hear some positive reinforcements

    • Can we incorporate a “Like” option on DT Talk? because I really want to like these comments.

  • quite simple foslo will probably play no game time this year he is a oood player but no player for fantasy points and trust me anyone get him will lose money on him and probably lose in games

  • quite simple foslo will probably play no game time this year he is a oood player but no player for fantasy points and trust me anyone get him will lose money on him and probably lose in games my fwd line set anyway franling nick roo Dangerfield dustin martin mitch Clarke and Kerstin with honey church and lewis taylor I don’t have room for lazy crap footballers in foslo

  • and chappy

  • sorry got chappy in my midfield