Jared Polec – Deck of Dream Team 2014

jan04_jaredpolecName: Jared Polec
Club: Port Adelaide
Position: Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: $135,500
AFL Dream Team: $169,300
Bye Round: 9
2013 Average: 31
2013 Games Played: 1
Predicted Average: 55

Why should I pick him?

With the new pricing structure for the rookies this year, it is harder and harder to find guys that are going to get games that come at a bargain basement price.  Polec certainly fills the bargain basement price criteria.  He only played the one game last season where he got 4 kicks and 5 handballs against the Suns.  He has had issues with injury and a lack of opportunity with the Lions.  He was pick number 5 at the 2010 draft and has only played 16 games, there is certainly plenty of potential in this kid.

He is cheap.  He was picked at number 5 in the draft.  He has talent.  From reports I am hearing Ken Hinkley really likes him and is happy with what he is doing.  He has good outside speed and can break away from a stoppage.  This fits in with Ken’s game plans and is part of the reason that Port were very keen to get their hands on this kid.

Why Shouldn’t I Pick Him?

The biggest issue that I see with his scoring is game time.  I just can’t see whose spot he is going to take in the Port Adelaide midfield.  The current midfield boasts Boak, Ebert, Hartlett, Wines, Wingard, Broadbent, Cornes (as tagger) Kane Mitchell (if he is upgraded during the year) and Moore.  Can he slot in there?  I am just not sure to be honest. In terms of players he is really competing with it would be guys like Tom Logan, Sam Colquhoun and Aaron Young.  At the moment he is probably on a par with these guys or slightly behind, but if he can complete the preseason and get going he may just edge ahead of them.  His advantage over Logan is that he is younger, and his advantage over the other two is a couple more years in the system.

I think that  it is going to be a case of wait and see how (and more importantly how much) he gets used in the preseason.  I predict that he will be the recipient of a number of vests throughout the year and I suspect they will be green, particularly at the start of the season.

The early signs of preseason weren’t great.  He finished rear pack on the first time trial that he had with his new team mates and it didn’t impress them or his new coach (whilst it was revealed he had been sick, it still wasn’t a good effort).  He is in the perfect environment to get through this pre season with Darren Burgess he has a great knack of being able to get these guys to the level they need to be at.  Just look at the way Power players finished games off last year, if he can do this to Polec too then he should be right up there.

Deck of DT Rating

Jack –  I think that he is a really risky proposition, however it is his price and obvious talent that will get him selected on a large number of teams.  Overall I think he will be a risk worth taking, but I don’t know that I would be taking the risk of needing him to play on your field.  Certainly as a bench cover-cash cow he should get the job done for you.  However, he is a guy that you will really need to watch very closely in the pre-season as I really want to see how he gets used (if at all)

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  • Great stuff Dunny.
    Polec will be suiting up for me in 2014

  • Stay away from Polec. Lazy player. Won’t get picked ‘that’ often.

  • There’s some points there that have changed my mind. He was on the bench but with that realization of the facts I’m search for another investment. Thanks Dunny

  • guys in the dt live drawing board thing it says i have to make an account to have access but i have made multiple accounts and when i try to login it says “this username doesn’t exist in our database” anyone know why this might be happening?

  • been following a bit of this guy in the adelaide advertiser (A PR campaign for all things crows and port) and he initially came to adelaide unfit and had a hard time initially…i still get the feeling he is not best 22 and could be treated similarly to the way kane mitchell was last year….you never know though, cornes is getting old, but is still a dt gun…

  • He is a spud and DT talk shouldn’t have to waste their precious time on writing an article on him but… the new rookie pricing has meant he has cash cow potential. Regardless – whether or not people will put him in their team will be determined by if he is named in round 1 (or 2) depending on the which DT they are in.