The ‘Real’ AFL Dream Team 2014


Today we saw the launch of “The Real” AFL Dream Team for 2014. Virtual Sports have been running DT for the official AFL website for 12 years and this year they’ll be doing it on their own (AFL Fantasy will continue on the official AFL site with a new provider).

They’ve changed the game up from how AFL Fantasy Dream Team evolved over the last couple of years. Back to limited trades (30), keeping the same salary cap as the actual AFL and adding a few more bells and whistles.

Currently you can register and play with the team picker to start creating your 2014 squad. There will be more to come and a ‘real’ launch of the game as you can’t create leagues, etc. at the moment.


  • I wonder if this will be replacing the Sportal comp???

    If not I think I might have to go part time on the work side of things with
    AFL Fantasy
    as well as

    Fair to say every AFL fan will be single and jobless by the end of 2014

    • wait a second back up dyu mean to tell me there is a sportal,espen and dt shiva ,making that 6 games (not counting draft leagues)…if so im gonna need a new brain and some stronger coffee and blood pressure tablets…or just stick to the 3 main ones yep I better stick to the 3 main ones

  • does it have weekly and overall prizes?

  • Needs a scroll bar for picking players not a new page!

  • Yeah the lack of scroll function when choosing players was a little odd, but just had a great time choosing my team and seeing some rooks a little cheaper. So excited for the season now.

  • Just saw Warnie’s tweet that the focus will still be on AFL Fantasy rather than the ‘real’ dream team. Interesting. I wonder what the long standing DT fans will want the focus on???

  • I am a bit confused. Is this the game DT Talk is focusing on this year, Virtual Sports The ‘Real’ AFL Dream Team 2014?

    • oops, just read Anthonys’ comment. His second sentence is indeed pertinent. Is AFL Fantasy standing alone with two trades each week?

  • Love it…
    Depending on the prize and how seriously my mates take it will confirm weather I spend more time on it…

    Love the limited trades :)

  • Prices are different :/

    • not overly

      yes, rooks are cheaper (most expensive being Martin at 216k)
      but a team comparison is VERY similar

      my prelim team: 1900 spare with normal DT, and over by 350k with this version (bearing in mind the 370k less salary cap)

  • Is there going to be live scoring in this one?

    I’m keen, but I know I won’t be able to convince some of the more casual DT workmates to fill up an 18 team league without live scoring…

  • DT Talk will most likely continue to cover all forms of AFL Fantasy (eg. the official AFL games, ‘DT’, Ultimate Footy, Footytips, SuperCoach, etc), but Roy, Calvin and myself will be focusing on the Official AFL Fantasy games. It’ll be a very exciting year for us and the site!

    • If AFL Fantasy remains alone with 2 trades a week, some articles will need be slanted both ways. Regardless, hope it works out, this is a great site with terrific info. Got be hooked 4 years back!

    • if the scoring system is the same (and it looks like it should be) then most articles will be relevant

      some will need minor tweaking:
      Juniors – did the player get tagged in the previous game, or has he really hit the wall?
      BEs (not that it’s posted here, but some like to leak values) – a 2-round average will obviously give different values than a 3-round average

    • so dreamteams alright with me dreamteams alright ohhh snap!!! its fantasy now…but that’s cool if that’s what were focusing on that’s it time will tell I spoz…have always focused more on dt than sc ,like this site..but ill have to see how this plays out ,will be governed by what everyone else ends up playing I spoz..but dt were the original and best so will def suck it and see

  • Good one. Looking forward or it when it get started. Don’t like the new rules/rookie price inflation and unlimited trades

  • Looking seriously at this – there has been too much ‘tinkering’ with Fantasy and its lost its Mojo.

  • A scroll down/up button, a thousand times!!!!!!

  • I’m gunna have to give up my day job!

  • Is the Real DT going “live” (with progress scores) or not?

  • i will more than likely enter a team in this comp, the official afl fantasy comp and supercoach. i am a DT addict after all, currently doing fantasy comps in BBL, EPL, and NBL to keep me occupied in the AFL off-season.

  • are the positions different?

  • So afl dream team is being replaced by some new game not run by virtual sports? And this “real” dream team is the original dream team but no longer the official afl fantasy game? What a ridiculous idea. Now there are 2 dream teams. Watch the participation dwindle further and supercoach entrench itself as the number one game.

  • Supercoach will NEVER become the number one game because the scoring in it is make believe. How can players scores change (up to 20 points) 10 minutes after the match has finished?
    I agree that the AFL have totally stuffed up again – Demetriou must be in charge of DT too! Having a wonderfully popular game/concept the almighty $ has again proven to be it’s downfall.
    All the changes made this year as with last year’s were solely about getting more hits on the website hence more dollars to the promoters. The fact that the changes were good or bad for the game were totally irrelevant.
    I will again play DT (I refuse to call it fantasy) as I am addicted to it, however I will now only play the new Virtual sports version.
    Having unlimited trades between rounds 1 and 2 is absolutely ludicrous. Why don’t they just give every entrant the same squad of 30 players for the start of round 2 and see who can improve their list the most. That’s almost how it will be with every rookie who scores 80+ in round 1 will be in the starting round 2 squads. Conversely every premium who has a poor round 1 will be axed before round 2. With 1000 trades for the season we can bring them all back later.
    It really is a shame that such a wonderful competition has been bastardised so badly.

    • I agree with a lot of that ..but more people play supercoach now so its already the #1 game ..but I hear ya ,its not for us ,I like some of the little changes so ill play along with the fantasy game..but its dreamteam that is king and the true die hards will play that always…its a joke that the blokes who invented look like they’ve been muscled out though,,good on them for keeping it going and it will probably pay off for them this time ,as after a while everyone makes them the one we main game again….afterall they got the product everyone got hooked on,were not fantasy addicts and we get to vote with our computers

  • Supercoach is already the number one game. It’s scoring system rightfully ranks ablett as superior to swan but DT’s is more simple and easily understood, so there are pros and cons to both scoring systems. but I agree with everything else you’ve said. Our beloved DT is getting shafted more every year.

  • Whether I play this new “breakaway” comp is purely dependent on what VS are prepared to offer up as the main prize. If it is a car or 50 grand then sure I’m in. But if its a supporters pack or a beach blanket then I will be going where the best prize is. “Show me the money”!!

    • ye but ya chances of winning it are next to none..and we all know that and play for the fun mainly…so it will be intersesting to see what happens it might take a while but dreamteam could easily end up bk on top

  • I’ll probably only play the virtual sports version. I(and my 8 year league members) want to support the game that a lot of people use to play and love. Holding trades is what DT was about. Remember that? How many trades have you got left? It was really hard and really fun.

    I have read Warnie’s points on commercialisation and engagement. But ruining a game isn’t going to improve the uptake. It’s a niche game. NFL fantasy doesn’t change the rules every year.

    I hope #realdreamteam does well this year and look forward to playing it.

  • registered my teams but cant select emergencies,whats up with that?