“Drawing Board” – AFL Fantasy 2014 Team Picker


The 2014 AFL Fantasy prices and positions have been revealed and while they’ve been leaked out over the last 18 days, Chad from dtlive.com.au has been busy putting together his alternative to the non-existent ‘Team Picker’… the Drawing Board.

drawingboard_teamChad’s Drawing Board allows you to pick a squad based on the official prices, positions and $10M salary cap. See what ‘score/average’ each player is priced at to see if you’re getting value. You can also put in your predicted average for each of your players so you can get an idea of what your team will be scoring.

The Drawing Board will be an ever evolving resource so feel free to add suggestions in the comments.

HOW TO USE: It’s pretty simple to play with. Sign up to a free dtlive.com.au account (if you’ve been using the site for NBL scores, then you’ll already have one). Once in, you can start adding players to your team. Your login might be handy for the future too, stay tuned!

Once you’ve selected a team, you can simple copy and paste your squad to put in the ‘My Team’ post to discuss with other DT Talk readers.

Click here to start using the Drawing Board.


  • Thanks Warnie,
    Lovin the drawing board. Finding it simpler to use than Monty’s fanplanner. And like the predicted avgs feature.

  • For some reason it is not allowing me to log in. “That username doesn’t exist in our database”. Anyone else having this issue ??

  • Awesome stuff, Love it!

  • Think there still might be some Glitch’s in the system Warnie?
    Logged into DT Talk but can’t log into Drawing Board – doesn’t recognize username like boys above

    Can’t wait to use it though

  • You need to register on DT Live. It runs on a different server/site. ie, it’s not a DT Talk product.

  • For some reason it already has a team selected and when I click ‘trade’ on any player it just takes me to a blank screen stating ‘select TeamID’. But there’s nothing to pick??? Some bugs to fix maybe

  • Has anyone noticed that there was no Matthew Fuller from the dogs there…

  • I think if you don’t have a space in your username it works.

    Great work Chad – I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in, especially after getting let down by AFL Fantasy!

  • Super effort mate!
    Only issue is not being able to choose who I have on my bench and who is on field… it just messes with the predicted score and cash distribution a bit. Not really major issues though

    • Agreed super effort, just need the flexibility to move players up and down the lines and it would be perfect.

    • Hey, I have added a Sub feature so you can sub players on/off within the same position

  • Super website! Recommended to all of my mates!

  • Can you add %Owned and Proj columns to the picker?

    Love the site

  • Great site. But why do some players (e.g. Rischitelli & Hampson)not have a site projected average?

    • The “site projected average” is based on what you (everyone) think they will average. We need to have a sample set (at this stage, at least 4 people’s thoughts) before an average is added and those players don’t have enough samples just yet. does that make sense?

  • Sorry Boys, the drawing board is good but im staying loyal to Monty & his fan planner.. We need to support our mate who’s helped us for so long.

    • this blokes things been going for a day and even with a few glitches its still easier to log in than fanplanner every yr fanplanner doesn’t reconise my username etc and I have tons of trouble getting in if at all,dunno if its just me but was same story this yr..plus just not having to activate ya email is easier…use wich one ya want but this bloke has done a great job right before exmas to let us in after we got screwed for our $2o..and heez answering questions ,some of wich are a nitpikin
      if I was gonna ask anything it would be can ya pick all ya fwds etc at once or do ya have to add everyone one at a time ??..or is that just me doing that haha

  • Love it Chad! Do you think you could make the option that you can drop players out of your team rather than trade them for another player? (For example I could then drop Swallow, Lumumba and say Mitchell without choosing any defenders immediately to replace them) Thanks!

  • great work again Chad. If it wasn’t for your site I would have given up on NBL DT a long time ago due to their horrible tv and live stats efforts.

  • Cheers, Chad. I will go and add my estimates to those players.

  • Great job, Chad. love the site and all the info it gives.
    My only criticism (and that’s unfair) was having to add one player at a time rather than being able to tick the boxes of a group of those you want.