Unlimited trades until round two and other news


A few copies of the AFL Prospectus have been received by keen AFL Fantasy coaches and there are a few new things to expect for the official AFL Fantasy game in 2014.

The biggest change we have read about is the ability to make unlimited trades to your side before the commencement of Round 2. So if your round one squad isn’t quite right, you can make changes. The main reason for this would have to be the shocking start (for fantasy coaches) to round one. The split round can mess with your starting squad and while a lot of us hardcore coaches can get through it and roll with the punches as that’s part of the game, a lot of the casual coaches are put off by this start.

The Prospectus does say that the Round 1 scores will count towards our ‘season tally’. I’m still not sure how this will all work though as really, we’d want a rolling lockout (or multiple partial lockouts) for Round 1. The way it is said to be a ‘test’ actually isn’t too different to how we’ve played the opening round previously but with the addition of unlimited trades between round one and two. The key for some coaches is to not get sucked into picking players based purely on their round one scores.

Remember, Ty Vickery cracked the ton in Round 1 this year.

Another change is that prices will start changing after Round 2… so it seems the ‘three-round-rolling-average-price-change’ has been changed. This will add a new element of strategy and hopefully we’ll find out more about how this will work in the next few weeks.

Finally you may have noticed that the game is referred to as AFL Fantasy Classic in the heading of the article in the book.

A fair bit is happening in the world of AFL Fantasy. Make sure you stay tuned to DT Talk for more over the pre-season about any changes or tweaks to the game(s) as they come to hand and also for all of the other great content that has been pumping through the site already. It’s going to be a great summer!

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  • I think they are ruining the game. Too many changes in too short amount of time. Hopefully super coach hasn’t changed so I can play that instead of this crap.

    • Agree Recall – unfortunately I’m a DT tragic and I hate the SC scoring system but if this keeps up I might have to switch!

  • Sounds interesting… will lol at everyone picking the best scoring team from round 1 only to see them spud it up round 2.. also i guess fixture-picking (yeah im calling it that now) is important for round 1, knowing you can piss the muppet off the week after he plays gws/melbourne/stkilda

    • This could actually do more damage to the brand as casual dreamers (who don’t put in much effort after round 1) could end up carrying crap players throughout the season!
      Just leave it alone and aim to get your best team out on the park come round 1!

  • The straw that broke the camels back… The final nail in the coffin…

    Not having a sad or anything but theres just no point playing anymore.

    • Jim, you said the same thing last year when we learnt about the 2 trades per week and you still played

      • yeh you are most probably right. once an addict, always an addict.

        ill probably always play, most probably because ill always be a big fan of the actual afl football.

        but unlimited trades to the end of round 2???? cmon, that is just stupid.

        • no need to do as much research i suppose, apart from a different strategy in round 1 to maximise the number of premiums that you can put on the field

  • I’m sure that they included the unlimited trades between rounds one and two to allow people to make changes to initial squad errors that they may have made, but my first thought is that it means that you won’t even be aiming to pick your season team until between rounds 1 and 2.

    I’m assuming for round 1 people will have minimum priced rookies on the bench to maximise the amount that they can spend on their on field players and pick a lot of their players based on the round 1 opponent. Seems like an odd way to start the season focusing on round 1 and then onto the season proper after that.

  • I don’t really understand the reasoning behind the rule being introduced, but I don’t really think it makes a difference either way. If anything its probably a positive rather than a negative, as it will further separate the hard-core DTers from the causal players who will likely end up chasing rnd 1 points.
    Research prior to rnd 1 is still going to be integral as you are otherwise only going to have the numbers produced in round 1 to judge players before having them locked in.
    I think we just have to look at as rnd 1 is a opportunity for everyone to set up a team for the weekly prize, before going for overall as of round 2 onwards.

    • Yh I see your point with the rookies. Although like you said backing in your knowledge prior to round 1 is going to be a test. Especially if those you had viewed as locks underperform early.
      People who got stuck with Kane Mitchell last yr to only have him vested every week probably wish this rule applied last yr.

  • I agree modern marvels. Will definitely need pre-round 1 knowledge. But I worry it makes it too easy with the rooks. After all we all need early scores with rooks to make a quick buck. So chasing a rnd 1 score might not be a bad thing. The only though decisions come here are if a rook gets vested and you’re prepared to take a punt that he won’t next week…

  • My biggest gripe with last season was that everyone had the same team due to the amount of trades available. Unlimited trades for the first 2 rounds only only enhances that possibility. Why do they keep making changes to the game we love? It was fine the way it was 5 years ago. It seems like the people changing the rules in the AFL are now infiltrating the fantasy ranks as well. Please do us a favour and leave us alone

    • I agree in that the game didn’t really need a change up, but we just have to roll with the punches.
      As for teams being the same, I don’t see how this particular rule affects that anymore than coming on this site and taking advantage of people posting their teams.
      If we all use rnd 1 to score as high as possible we aren’t gonna have our starting squad locked in as we will be chasing those with a good rnd 1 fixture. So its not like anyone gets the opportunity to see your initial squad and copy it player for player before the rnd 2 lockout.

      • round 1 scores show who some of the best rookies are nearly every year – ok everyone had Barlow, Zmith and O’Meara, but many didn’t take Curnow, Libba, Toby Greene, Jack Darling…

        You get a week to realise that some of your bad choices were bad.

        We might go in with some more Mid-pricers and then give ourselves a pat on the back when they come off too (and obviously say nothing while quietly offloading the ones that are spuds).

        Would’ve been nice for coaches who grabbed Beams last year…

    • Thats why you can trade in unique players with good runs instead of being a sheep.

  • As a complainer of split round 1 I see the reasoning for this, I just roll with the changes. I almost feel its not fantasys fault, but the AFL for this change cos of AFL making round 1 a split round. If next year is not a split round 1 I wouldn’t be surprised if this rule disappeared.

    In all honesty, its the only way I could see them stopping people like me getting pissed off with split round(1) squads that affect the further 20 odd. Last year was so tedious when “hoping” rookies would be picked a further week later.

  • The idea is fine, providing trades are limited again, otherwise we have unlimited trades for a week to fix glaring issues, and probably everyone will pick the same rookies.
    We’ll then have 2 trades a week, armed with all the right cash cows, in order to make our teams identical. We might as well not bother playing if they do that.
    Hello Supercoach

  • Too much moaning about rule changes on this site. Go and play Supercoach if you want arbitary points decisions based on factors we know nothing about. The raised rookie prices, the change in pricing that occurs from rd2 instead of rd 3, the lack of good rookies like we have been spoiled with in past years, the decline of Swan and Gaz, the change in bye timings.

    You still have to do the work, take some risks, make hard calls and get bloody lucky from time to time. These rule changes dont change that fact.

    • if you going to change rules, change rules to make the game better.
      The biggest complaint I saw about last year was that we ended up with very similar teams. I can’t see how this does anything to help, in fact it clearly makes it even more likely.
      Lifting the basement price of premium looking rookies is completely pointless if you then essentially give everyone a free shot at identfying the best cash cows. Boyd isn’t going to be picked up by anyone in R1..because why the f%%% would you…and by R2 all the decent rookies at a decent value will be selected. So Boyd doesn’t get picked..and the benefit to the game of pricing so high to start with was what? No one is going to pick him anyway

      • Cash cows as we know them may well be a thing of the past. They havent released the pricing formula yet but we know its changed from past years.

        Boyd wasnt going to be picked up by anyone who knew what they were doing, no matter his price – He is not DT relevant.

        Based on the teams that are appearing on this site at the moment, the rule change wont impact one bit – most are crap and wont be top 10000

        As I said before, all the key skills of DT are still in play regardless of the changes.

        And so it seems are the ability of people to piss and moan. If you didnt win $50,000 last year, then you have work to do on your DT skills and luck (not that you can do much about that)

        • It’s not just Boyd. It’s the general concept of increasing rookie prices. The concept is that the better rookies are more expensive, because they come with less risk. I fully appreciate that’s not always the case but it’s general idea. If you have unlimited trades until R2 then the risk of picking the basement rookies is massively reduced. Therefore, making premium rookies more pricy was a complete waste of time. One change defeats the purpose of the other I would have thought.
          I agree the DT skills are still relevant..but I don’t play to win 50,000 because I won’t ever do that. I play against my mates in leagues..and last year we all ended up with similar teams, and finals were naff. I can’t see how these changes do anything to help

          • The 2 trades a week is the issue there. Get rid of that and life changes significantly

  • I’m open to this idea, don’t love it, don’t hate it, just have to see how it plays out. The fixture game doesn’t really come into play as you never know what has happened over the preseason, Giants improving, Saints and Demons new coaches and Dogs and GCS on the verge of the eight…

    FYI Saints v Melbourne and Giants v Sydney and Eagles v Dogs

    Notables: Nick Riewoldt, Shane Savage, Tom Mitchell, Josh Kennedy and Scott Selwood.

  • Everyone plays with the same rules, it makes no difference what your perception of the rule changes are.

    When the rules change = complaining.

    If the rules had stayed the same = complaining.

    Stop acting like adolescent children, ffs!

  • It is fair to say that I had a whinge last year, and in the end 40 plus trades were crap. I am no wizard, but if SC keeps 30 trades, it is a far better game, particularly for most of the writers here. The cut and thrust at their level is SC all day. DT now is Sportal test cricket/ big bash. However, this site 4 years got me into the game, fantastic, thankyou, but unfortunately you are bound the KISS Rules that the game is degenerating to. I do understand, the rule makers want the medium who makes the bulk of players and spends the most.

  • wow most of the fun in DT occurs in the 5-8 weeks leading up to round 1, because doing the research for the best rookies and underpriced players was paramount to setting up your teams success for the season. But having unlimited trades until round 2 starts?? Absolute joke.

    Was going to buy the AFL prospectus before Xmas. Think ill just wait til Feb for the Ipad version, and do my research after round 1.

    Sad to see this game transforming into something unrecognisable from a few years back.

    And what the hell is AFL Fantasy classic? Its Dream Team…..

  • TEAM NAME: FyfeKnyfe

    DEF: J. McVeigh, S. Mitchell, J. Grimes, L. Hodge, M. Suckling, A. Johnson (L. McDonald, D. Van Unen)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, T. Cotchin, D. Beams, D. Thomas, C. Beams, T. Rockliff, X. Ellis, V. Michie (J. O’Rourke, J. Polec)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, A. Sandilands (D. Currie, B. Longer)
    FWD: P. Dangerfield, T. Cloke, C. Sylvia, M. Walters, L. Franklin, S. Kersten (A. Fasolo, L. Roberts-Thomson)

    CASH LEFT: $14,000

    (Sorry for spamming this page with many teams in the last three days! But comments are still appreciated XD I promise this is different.)

  • I am not a fan of this unlimited trades til round 2. Pretty much makes preseason research irrelevant as almost everyone will now have same team when round 2 starts (ie we will have the same performing guns and rooks from round 1 with only the 50/50 calls the difference in the top 1000 odd teams

    I understand the need to do something to alleviate the opening split round issue – how about we have 4 trades at end of round 1? That way there is still some value in researching your team prior to round 1 start but we have ability to fix not create our teams?

    maybe even consider it one trade per line at end of round 1??

    • simple fix. Each team has a rookie list, like AFL clubs. If one of their selected players goes down through injury, you can pull a rookie in for cover. You can’t trade these rookies.

  • A lot of research is still required, maybe even more so than before because with these new changes we all practically have to come up with 2 squads – 1 for round 1 and 1 for the rest of the season.
    It’s going to be very funny to see the people that change their ‘season’ squad to those players that perform well in round 1, only for them to level out as the season progresses. These people will need the 2 trades a week to make the top 10,000!
    The changes are here to stay – the players that adapt to them the best will be those that are successful at the end of the season.