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  • Completely forgotten the correct terminology (off-season hangover still in progress), however the one thing I would love to see happen is DPPs being allowed to move multiple positions in one trade. For example, trade out DEF, move MID/DEF into backline, then move FWD/MID to mids, and bring in a FWD. Would assist greatly.

    How exactly do I fit that into 25 words? :D

    • I said the same thing:

      “Unlimited position swapping while trading. You have mid/fwd as fwd, mid/def as mid, ruck/fwd as ruck, therefore be able to trade def for ruck.”

      There you go, thats 24.

    • Or you could just do the trades 1 by 1…That allows a little more DPP flexibility than what was on offer by doing both trades at once…
      As for cutting down the trades, geez i was’nt a fan before the season started but with all the carnage that happened in terms of injuries, management and restings etc where would we have been without 44 trades??

      I know theres no way i would have had a breakout DT season without all the trades…. Long and the short of it is that everyone loves logging on and seeing their team with 22 guns in it…44 trades allowed us to achieve this quicker… If we only had 30 trades there is no way in hell the vast majority of teams would have been ‘complete’ by rd 15 onwards which is what a lot of coaches strive for…

  • I just said to allow Multiple Dual Position switches during trades instead of just one, and also to pay the DtTalk boys more because they are leends

  • Less trades. 44 was absolutely ridiculous. Ruined the game.

    • Agreed – way too many trades took the skill out of it and turned it into a raffle.

      On top of that, if you did get the right guys in place, you were dodging bullets down the stretch with general soreness and resting of players.

      Again, finishing on top in our league was a waste of time, with the front runners getting bowled over by the 6th & 8th place teams, with the 8th placed team winning the flag.

      My solution would be bigger squads!

  • Bigger squads,more trades and if you don’t use them you should be able to stock pile them to a maximum of 6 or 8.If not any of them.just pick a squad of 30 superstars and it would be happy days=no salary cap. The scores would be pretty high I think.

  • I put down “Multiple DPP moves in a trade, and less trades overall”.

  • I went for 24 trades with option to buy additional from your bank balance.
    Rewards guys who make coin and adds an interesting dynamic IMO

  • I doubt they will reverse the number of trades. The more trades people have the more visits there are to the website and more visits means more sponsorship dollars.

    To make the game better I think they need to make it harder to get all the guns. I would argue that making more players relevant would give the better players a competitive advantage over causal players. This would mean we have fewer cookie cutter teams. In the end it would be about balancing up if you go Ablett and Swan with a say someone that averages 65 or 3 players that average say 100 (just a purely illustrative example).

    To me that would be a more skilful contest while also keeping the clicks coming to website.

    Anyway that was the premise of my 25 words.

    • I think you make a great point about having more players that are relevant.
      Maybe something in terms of having a team salary cap PLUS a trade price.
      So for example, you can afford to upgrade to Swan because you made coin in yout trades and hos price dropped. BUT his salary puts you over you you can’t trade him in unless you lower you cap elsewhere.
      Might be a bit complicated but it would be a good way of preventing everyone having GAJ,Swan and Pendles. It’s essentially what happens in AFL

  • All those trades was fucking stupid

  • Everyone having 22 guns is shit. Real afl teams don’t have 22 guns so why should we? Its boring. The less premiums in teams the better. It’s much more strategic that way.

  • How about raising the rookie prices? Would encourage a broader range of strategies than the bog standard guns & rooks.

  • A red/green vest rule

  • Teams were all the same for finals. Final series was pot luck after break out season :-(

    Larger squad but fewer trades, say 34/36 should be good compromise. Add vest rule similar to captain rule. For larger squad, include 2/3 rookie choices in separate cap to cover for injuries. We would upgrade a rookie to listed and downgrade a LTI to a rookie. Say 4 per season.

    Larger squad means more thought at front of season – fewer trades means strategy mid season.

  • If 44 is the go again. No interest.

  • If 44 again, SC will flog DT for any player with a real interest.

  • “Young guns like Jaeger O’Meara won’t come cheap in 2014’s AFL Fantasy competition”

    Does this mean simply this years your guns wont come cheaply as their price has risen, or does this mean next years crop, if so that could mean rookie prices will be inflated

    • I hope that rookie prices are inflated this year, it will make the game a lot different – especially with some mid-priced value this year… we’ll know soon enough!

      • I hope so too will definitely make more players worth looking than normal and make the game harder, i reckon it will be the case as the article seems to point towards it.

      • Looks like you got your wish Warnie. Rooks seem to be a fair bit dearer this season. This might go some of the way to make up for the unlimited trades issue.
        Also – DPP for Hodgey & Sam Mitchell. Locked!

  • Does anyone know when those that payed the $20 (Gold subscription) gets access to AFL Fantasy or Supercoach for 2014?

  • I suggested unlimited trades for normal rounds but throughout the year you need to save trades for the finals up to a max of 8.
    This should give a bit more advantage to those that picked a solid team from the start come finals time.