Possible position changes for 2014


Quite a few people have been thinking about some players who may change position eligibility for next year. While not all of these are totally DT relevant, the list that I have come up is more for some discussion. The list isn’t by any means who I definitely think will change positions, whether that is gain DPP, lose DPP or change position, but some possibilities. If you played Ultimate Footy this year, players gain eligibility in other positions throughout the year. Maybe some of these will go through to 2014?

It is important to note that position changes are made by Champion Data at the end of each season… not just for fantasy purposes. They don’t throw out these willy-nilly… so don’t expect Dane Swan to be a MID/FWD just yet. Last year there were 141 changes. Here’s a few that have been thrown around.



HODGE LukeJake Carlisle (Essendon). Gain FWD to be a DEF/FWD.

Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide). Quite unlikely, but could regain his MID/FWD status.

Brandon Ellis (Richmond). Would have to at least gain MID to make him a DEF/MID. May lose DEF?

Toby Greene (GWS). Spent some time down back, could possibly become DEF/MID.

Jack Grimes (Melbourne). Runs through the midfield enough to be classified as a DEF/MID.

Pearce Hanley (Brisbane). Anything could happen here. DEF/MID likely, but has also spent time forward.

Luke Hodge (Hawthorn). Could he regain his DEF/MID status?

Jarrod McVeigh (Sydney). Would certainly be an option as a DEF/MID.

Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn). Has spent a bit of time in the backline, could become a DEF/MID.

Paul Seedsman (Collingwood). Popular opinion sees him as a DEF/MID in 2014.

Kade Simpson (Carlton). Could gain DEF to make him a DEF/MID.

Mathew Stokes (Geelong). Would have to gain MID status to make him a MID/FWD.

David Swallow (Gold Coast). Roy thinks he a chance to pick up DEF/MID.

Andrew Walker (Carlton). May have DEF added to him.

Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide). Kicked a few goals, could be a MID/FWD.

A host of ruckmen could have FWD added to them, eg. Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton).



BARTEL JimmyJimmy Bartel (Geelong). Lose MID/FWD and could become a DEF next year. DEF/FWD or MID/DEF?

Bryce Gibbs (Carlton). Does Mick see him as a MID now? Could lose DPP, but will likely stay.

Brendon Goddard (Essendon). After a year with the Bombers he may become MID only.

Brett Goodes (Western Bulldogs). He’ll most likely just be a DEF, surely.

Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide). Thinking he’s just a MID now.

Dyson Heppell (Essendon). A decent chance to be a plain old MID.

Steve Johnson (Geelong). Sadly we could see him be just a MID, but I’m tipping he’ll remain MID/FWD.

Tom Rockliff (Brisbane). Possibly be a MID only… now Vossy has gone!


The comments are open for you to discuss what you think may happen! Post who you think may change positions… or have a crack at some of these possibilities.

(I’ll add to these as we see some ‘good’ suggestions in the comments).


  • Roughead lose ruck just be Fwd only
    Mcveigh may become def/mid
    walker to be def only
    Bartel fwd/def
    Dixon be fwd/Ruck

  • Lachie Hansen for Def/Fwd
    Kade Simpson for Def/Mid

  • mcveigh – def/mid
    walker – def/mid
    Simpson – def/mid
    martin will lose fwd and become pure mid

  • C Pearce will gain DEF
    D Pearce will lose DEF and become MID
    Sandilands mayyybe FWD/RUC but unlikely

  • Rocky did play forward a lot didn’t he? Should keep DPP?

    • Right up until round 15, he played a number of matches primarily in the forward line, at which point I was certain he’d be Fwd eligible next year. I distinctly remember round 15, he spent the first half of the match forward, then moved into the midfield in the second half and stayed there for the rest of the season. Will be interesting to see what CD do.
      Personally, if he looks like staying in the midfield, I’d be locking him in even as a Mid only.

  • Westhoff fwd/mid/def come on AFL, make it possible!!!

  • There was already a lack of good defensive players in dream team this year, having no Heppell, Goddard, Ellis, Gibbs, or Hartlett will make choosing your defense a nightmare

    • I see that as a good thing!

    • Disagree. We will likely have guys like Mitchell, J. McVeigh, Simpson and Walker named as DPP. We’ll still have Enright, Hibberd, Waters, Enright, Adcock, Malceski and a whole bunch of others. Will just take a bit more creativity. It might also make teams more different, which is what people seem to want the most.

  • Why not change the rules and give all players dpp, that would definitely spice things up, and help alot with injuries and level the playing ground (which is a good thing) more than 44 trades!

  • seedsman to gain def?

  • Gain Def:
    K Simpson
    S Mitchell
    P Seedsman
    J Bartel (Def/Fwd)
    J McVeigh

    Gain Mid:
    Who Cares

    Dpp Ruck
    M Kreuzer
    M Pyke
    C Dixon
    N Vardy

    Gain Fwd;
    T Rockliff (We can hope)
    M Murphy (see above)
    C Wingard

    If 80% of the above came true, I would be a very happy camper

  • Andy Walker and Kade Simpson any chance to be named Def?

    • Easy they live at Half back

    • kade simpson will be a dpp
      when i watched essendon v carlton at the MCG a few weeks back i noticed he was constantly playing the rebounding defender, halfback flank type guy… he got plenty of easy ball (around 35 possessions in the end) whilst in defense for practically the whole game.

      If he is a dpp… LOCK HIM IN EDDIE!

      • I reckon he might even be Def only, has been the last line of defence whenever the Blues push forward with Boots, Jamison or Henderson all year. Didn’t play mid much at all. I reckon McLean will be Fwd/mid too

  • What about Swan to be a mid/fwd. Has been spending alot of time up front & kicking goals!

  • Goddard has been thrown up as a possible mid only for years and it has never happened so i reckon he will retain def/mid

  • Chad Wingard would most likely become the most selected forward if he gets that!

  • Roughead to become the first ever MID/FWD/RUC/DEF??

  • Brett delidio???

  • Whitecross possibly DEF/FWD.
    Wellingham will be intersting too.

  • Did anyone else read anything into Gary Ablett at the MVP night saying Guy McKenna was trying to move him forward more and he sees himself finishing up as a FWD? Not a DPP change for 2014 but maybe a talking point and possibly future one to regain DPP in future.

    • He played more offensively this year, as he was flagged to do. It is expected that he will undergo a gradual progression into the forward line as his career goes on. I’m expecting him to remain a Mid only and a prolific DTer for a few more years yet.

    • I’m perpetually paranoid so doubts linger on whether he’s a 100% lock. It’s what makes DT interestingly horrifying for me!

  • By what criteria do they determine DPP positions? Is it all purely based on stats and time spent in a particular area? If so do you know what that percentage is?