AFL Fantasy 2013 in Review


It’s been a huge year for AFL Dream Team with some radical rule changes. Have they been a success? Have your say now… also, let us know your overall ranking as well as some of your best and worst of 2013.

Copy and paste the following in the comments… and answer the questions:

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Suggestions for 2014:

What was your final overall ranking for 2013?

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Thank you to everyone who has visited our site, commented on an article or contributed in anyway to make DT Talk the number one AFL Fantasy website/community in the country. The biggest thanks goes to all of our awesome writers who offer fantastic advice and content for the site to make this game enjoyable for everyone within the DT community. The site won’t be switched off because the season ended. We’ll be looking at SuperCoach Finals and AFL Fantasy Match Day over the finals too. And really, the pre-season for 2014 starts today!


  • Team Name: Hirds of Paradise
    Final Overall Ranking: 1370
    Highest Score: 2,489 (round 23)
    DT Brownlow: Riewoldt
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouch
    Best Starting Pick: Riewoldt
    Best Trade: Ellis in before his first 110+ game and Montagna in for Round 23 (189)
    Worst Trade: Scotland/Ibbotson
    Thoughts on rule changes: Success!
    Suggestions for 2014: Definitely need to be able to do multi-position DPP swaps/trades

  • Team Name: Victorious Secret
    Final Overall Ranking: 20k
    Highest Score: 2301 in the Preliminary Final
    DT Brownlow: Brendan Goddard – I’m going against the trend of picking slightly here, but he is a worthy recipient – ave 105+, low of 71 (R1)
    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger O’Meara
    Best Starting Pick: Tom Rockliff
    Worst Starting Pick: Sam Jacobs
    Best Trade: Hartlett to J Selwood (R9)
    Worst Trade: Bringing in Grant Birchall at 518k!!
    Thoughts on rule changes: Enjoyed the 44 trades and the best-18 rule over the byes. Also loved the fact there was no Rolling Lockout
    Suggestions for 2014: Main one I would like to see is the Multiple DPP moves while trading. I would like to see a cap on trades, rather than 2 per week…..Have a cap, maybe 30 trades – same as SC and coupled with Multiple DPP moves – I think that would be quite good!

  • Team Name: Party the Sainter
    Final Overall Ranking: 26K
    Highest Score: 2259 (RD 16)
    DT Brownlow: Stevie J
    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard
    Best Trade: Dwyer – Stevie J (R11)
    Worst Trade: Gibbs (during injury) – Burgoyne (457K)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Worked good as!
    Suggestions for 2014: Maybe a dt finals edition, and a “trade planner” app

  • Team Name: Hoffy’s Heroes
    Highest Score: 2348
    DT Brownlow: Gary Ablett! Served me so well starting with him over Swanny. Got a captain average of about 125 with him!
    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger O’Meara all day.
    Best Starting Pick: Dyson Heppell or Travis Cloke.
    Best Trade: Moloney at his peak (415k) to Swanny at his lowest (521k)
    Worst Trade: Mundy to Daisy Thomas.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Loved the 44 trades. Really kept it tactical with sideways trades. Maybe up the limit each week to 3 (whilst keeping the 44 trades) so people still have to preserve to an extent..
    Suggestions for 2014: Make DPP trading with more than one switch possible. Also as above ^

  • Team Name: dont want to tarnish my anonymity! #famous
    Final Overall Ranking: in the 5000’s
    Highest Score: 2362 (prelim)
    DT Brownlow: Roo. Amazing season. Defied the odds!
    DT Rookie of the Year: JOM or Crouch. Flip a coin.
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard – with all the backline carnage he was one player that scored extremely well week in, week out.
    Best Trade: Jelwood.
    Worst Trade: Cotchin to Beams in the gf :(
    Thoughts on rule changes: liked the best 18 for bye rounds, thought 44 trades was excessive though.
    Suggestions for 2014: Cap on trades. Similar amount to SC. Multi DPP moves. Gold, silver and bronze medal or trophy next to the top 3 players of the previous year. Less backline carnage (or any carnage). Let me win lotto.

  • Team Name: Great Hippos
    Final Overall Ranking:355
    Highest Score:2500(Rn 23)
    DT Brownlow: Ablett
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’meara
    Best Starting Pick: J selwood
    Best Trade: Leunberger to Kreuzer(rnd 10) to Minson (rnd 20)
    Worst Trade: Gibbs to Scotland
    Thoughts on rule changes: Good, but possibly only 40 trades so we still have to choose a little when to use them
    Suggestions for 2014: as above and less byes would be nice

  • Team Name: Leather Poisoning
    Final Overall Ranking: 5476
    Highest Score: 2375
    DT Brownlow: 3. Swan 2. Cox 1. Goddard
    DT Rookie of the Year: 3. O’Meara 2. Mitchell 1. Crouch
    Best Starting Pick: Dean Cox – Too old, Naitanui will take all his points etc i was told all pre-season. Stuck by the old fella, and come out with a 97 point average
    Best Trade: Westhoff to Johnson
    Worst Trade: Gibbs to Birchall when he was averaging 119, and then went on to average about 60 until i traded him out
    Thoughts on rule changes: Didn’t mind them, got me to my highest ever ranking, or that may have been natural progression
    Suggestions for 2014: Multiple DPP changes available when trading

    Huge thank you to everybody who contributed to the site over the year, Calvin, Roy, Warnie, Tbetta, McRath, Dunny, Matt, JimBob, Jeppa, Nix and Lefty. Sorry if I have missed anybody. If it wasn’t for the great articles you bring to the table, I wouldn’t have got anywhere near were I would have got, and I would have probably have given up ages ago.

    Also, I must extend a congratulations to Hook. Congratulations to wining the overall comp. Enjoy the 50k and the grand final experience.

    Also, to Noah aka Miesy’s Masters!!, for winning the schools comp, make sure Warnie, Calvin and Roy and enjoy the iPad, the$400 AFL voucher and the footy equipment for your school

    Final Overall Ranking: 9
    Highest Score: 2,432
    DT Brownlow: Montagna & Griffen
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’Meara & Dwyer
    Best Starting Pick: Kreuzer
    Best Trade: Watson & O’Meara to Montagna & Boyd in Round 13. Turned 2 donuts into 292 (as captain) and 152. Jumped from no. 56 to no. 11
    Worst Trade: Goodes & Gibbs to Birchall & Hartlett.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Liked the additional trades, magic number needs to be changed to keep them though. Too many similar teams.
    Suggestions for 2014: Something needs to be done about late withdrawals, not sure what as yet. Perhaps 3 bench mids and 1 bench ruck. Would like to see more DPP players as well like Simpson and McVeigh as DEF etc.
    Congrats to Hook, well deserved and thanks to everyone at DT Talk for the amazing job they do year in year out.

  • Team Name: Bonfire
    Final Overall Ranking: 47,001
    Highest Score: 2226
    DT Brownlow: Jelwood
    DT Rookie of the Year: o’meara
    Best Starting Pick: spendlebury
    Best Trade: titchell > jelwwod when jelwood was 420,000
    Worst Trade: –
    Thoughts on rule changes: –
    Suggestions for 2014: –

  • Team Name: Modern Marvels
    Final Overall Ranking: 61
    Highest Score: 2460
    DT Brownlow: Goddard – A rock in Defence all yr
    DT Rookie of the Year: Omeara
    Best Starting Pick: Pendles
    Best Trade: Barlow – Libba + Leuenberger – Minson to get back into the top 100 this week.
    Worst Trade: Moloney – Birchall for 69 and 32 before getting injured
    Thoughts on rule changes: Enjoy the freedom with trades, took a punt on players id have never considered otherwise
    Suggestions for 2014: Maybe reduce the trades down to 30 and allow for multiple DPP moves in a trade.

    Huge thanks to all who contribute regularly with articles/advice that have assisted me throughout the course of the yr. Extended thanks to Warnie, Calvin & Roy. The site has been extremely helpful all year and I wouldn’t be half the DT’er without the stats you boys offer up every week.

  • Team Name:CorpseGrinders
    Final Overall Ranking:11609
    Highest Score:2333
    DT Brownlow:Goddard
    DT Rookie of the Year:Crouch
    Best Starting Pick:Barlow
    Best Trade:reiwoldt
    Worst Trade:ROK
    Thoughts on rule changes: Far to many trades. Teams were way to similar.
    Everybody had complete teams by round 16-18, then its just sideways and fixture trades. nobody had to back there premos in. The art of the game was always when to trade and when to hold. That has now been lost.
    Suggestions for 2014: Deperately needs a trade cap. 30 would be more than enough to keep the casuals involved. Maybe a similar system to EPL fantasy could be implemented, where you get 1 free trade a week then you have to pay cash for any extra trades. If it remains like this I think I’ll just do SC.
    Thanks for the awesome articles all season lads. Plenty of info and lots of laughs as well. Brownlow goes to Tbetta!

  • Team Name: The Brown Notes
    Final Overall Ranking: 1785
    Highest Score: 2350
    DT Brownlow: Swan – played every game and pigged out like no other can!
    DT Rookie of the Year: J-Bomb
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard – the man’s a rock
    Best Trade: Pittard to Ellis
    Worst Trade: Gibbs to Hartlett to Malceski. just trading in the back line in general, defence was brutal this year!
    Thoughts on rule changes: love the 44 trades as it gives me something to tweak every week.
    Suggestions for 2014: although i like the extra trades it should be a little more difficult to complete your team. if this means adjusting the magic number, i’m all for that.

  • Team Name: JigoJitoku
    Final Overall Ranking: 672
    Highest Score: 2372
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: JOM
    Best Starting Pick: Pendles, esp early
    Best Trade: Priddis was a cheap pickup who scored multiple 100s
    Worst Trade: Sucked in by the Hoff
    Thoughts on rule changes: Uncapped trades made finals tough but overall pretty good this year.
    Suggestions for 2014: The ability to set up a head to head with another team, perhaps just for a round.

  • Team Name: Essendope
    Final Overall Ranking: 34,379
    Highest Score: 2321 (Round 17)
    DT Brownlow: Swan/ Goddard
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouch/JOM
    Best Starting Pick: Jaeger
    Best Trade: Round 19 Talia/ Nicholls out Grundy/ Gibbs in
    Worst Trade: Round 8 Hartlett for Birchall/ Round 18 out Bartel in Kennedy
    Thoughts on rule changes: Too many trades, most people would have finished teams by like round 17 and would be making fixture changes after.
    Suggestions for 2014: Less trades, as a personal note would like to see live eliminator scores. Would like to see like a notification of some sort to notify us of late subs (my mate lost his league by 10 points because of Heritier, but sort of his fault because he didnt have any bench cover)

  • Team Name: Long Live The Torp
    Final Overall Ranking: 830
    Highest Score: 2480
    DT Brownlow: Stevie J
    DT Rookie of the Year: Terlich
    Best Starting Pick: Pendlebury
    Best Trade: Westhoff to Johnson (when it was a $300 profit)
    Worst Trade: Riewoldt to Franklin
    Thoughts on rule changes: Loved the 44 trades and the best 18 through the bye rounds
    Suggestions for 2014: Maybe a rule if one of your starting players is the sub you get an reserve score if it is higher and maybe reduce trades to 36 or something

  • Team Name: :) Team
    Final Overall Ranking: 18k
    Highest Score: 2313
    DT Brownlow: Goddard
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouch
    Best Starting Pick: Rocky, Cox, Goddard
    Best Trade: Scotland to Ellis last round.
    Worst Trade: Getting Birchall at his peak :(
    Thoughts on rule changes: the best 18 through the byes was great but i think that the 44 trades was too many. too many similar teams and too easy for the bad teams to catch up.
    Suggestions for 2014: 30 trades!

  • Team Name: have no clue
    Final Overall Ranking: 495
    Highest Score: 2313
    DT Brownlow: the Pig even though he’s had better seasons
    DT Rookie of the Year: JOM
    Best Starting Pick: Pendles
    Best Trade: Leuy > Kreuzer (Rnd 10)…he went on to average 99 and make 130k+
    Worst Trade: brought in Ibbotson after his good run
    Thoughts on rule changes: love the new structure, 44 trades and best 18
    Suggestions for 2014: multiple dpp moves

  • Team Name:Luke’s legends
    Final Overall Ranking: 31,000th
    Highest Score: 2417
    DT Brownlow: ablett,swan,Goddard
    DT Rookie of the Year: omeara
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard
    Best Trade: Robinson to riewoldt
    Worst Trade: hartlett to heppell
    Thoughts on rule changes: 44 trades was good
    Suggestions for 2014: more DPPs

  • Team Name: footyswag101
    Final Overall Ranking: 16 834
    Highest Score: 2371
    DT Brownlow: Leigh Montagna
    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger O’Meara
    Best Starting Pick: Brent Stanton
    Best Trade: Mayes-Stokes (round 8)
    Worst Trade: out cotchin in hannebery (the week cotchin started doing good and did well for the rest of season)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Great
    Suggestions for 2014: Rolling lockout? allow to use an extra trade if a player is sub?

  • Final Overall Ranking: 653
    Highest Score: 2374 (R23)
    DT Brownlow: Swan.
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouch. (Pity I had to get rid of him before R13 due to R13 bye. Would’ve been great bench cover)
    Best Starting Pick: Pendles.
    Best Trade: Griff/Kennedy – Libba/Minson. (Won me 2 GFs)
    Worst Trade: Ellis-Grimes.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Pretty good.
    Suggestions for 2014: More DDP changes.

  • Team Name: Future Injury List
    Final Overall Ranking: 17890
    Highest Score: Around 2300-2350
    DT Brownlow: Swan/Goddard
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’Meara (but Crouch if he played more games).
    Best Starting Pick: Kieran Jack (best unique anyway).
    Best Trade: Getting Bird before he shot up by $200k
    Worst Trade: Too many to choose.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Good.
    Suggestions for 2014: Maybe rolling lockout, & a ‘super sub’ each week, like in the ESPN fantasy competition.

  • Team Name: Auto Filled
    Final Overall Ranking: 4
    Highest Score: 2,348
    DT Brownlow: Goddard big scores all season long in Def!
    DT Rookie of the Year: Terlich
    Best Starting Pick: J Kennedy (Eagles)
    Best Trade: Hodge -> Montagna Rd 11 (Only wanted him as a captain rd 13 keep him all season)
    Worst Trade: Bartel -> Mayne Rd 21 (Cost me 132 points in 3 rounds when I finished only 294 points off the leader)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Helped me a lot last year I finished last in my league lol don’t even know what my overall finish was.
    Suggestions for 2014: I liked the way it went this season keep it the same.

  • Team Name: The Epic Team
    Final Overall Ranking: Bad
    Highest Score: 2457 (rnd 23)
    DT Brownlow: Goddard (reliable and played every game in my team)
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouch
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard/Rocky/Cox
    Best Trade: Birchall to Pendlebury (rnd 14)
    Worst Trade: Heppell to Hartlett (Heppell missed 1 week, Hartlett turned crap) (rnd 6)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Glad they are there, keeps me interested for a lot longer.
    Suggestions for 2014: Multi DPP moves, more useful DPP players, choose any team to compare to your team in the head to head screen during lockout, Sub out a sub affected score for an emergency score (one per week).

  • Team Name: N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5
    Final Overall Ranking: 11, 623
    Highest Score: 2475
    DT Brownlow: no one else deserves it as much as Goddard IMO. GAJ an EXTREMELY close second
    DT Rookie of the Year: JOM or Crouch, the coin must be flipped
    Best Starting Pick: Its a toughy this one, between Cox, Rockliff, JJK and Pendles
    Best Trade: Wines to Priddis or Simpson to Minson
    Worst Trade: A bit harsh maybe but…. Titchell to Beams. But the winner is Terlich to Duffield the first round he went swizzle was the round I brought Duffield in and when Terlich went good it was the round I traded him out!)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Well played to VS for making these changes, kept everyone happy and they came at the most carnage-riddled season!
    Suggestions for 2014: As mentioned in plenty of previous comments, more than one DPP switch per trade. Also, more bench positions would be beneficial.

    Also, my ranking did not do your work justice guys (Roy, Clavin, Warnie, TBetta, Matt Craig, Jeppa, Dunny, JimBob, Lefty, Nix and the guys that helped out and commented in the ‘My Team’ section a lot! Just some stupid starting team decisions and early trades that stuffed me up.
    But thanks guys and I look forward to a great pre-season!

  • DPP emergencies can cover both positions. Had 2 late outs in defence only 1 emergency and had Staker as emergency in the forward line doing nothing

  • Team Name: Hellborn Demons
    Final Overall Ranking: 1’168
    Highest Score: 2’340
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: Mark Blicavs (seriously saved my bacon a couple of times)
    Best Starting Pick: Joel Selwood (slow patch, but came home strong!)
    Best Trade: Crouch to Liberatore last round. Nearly won me the GF (if not for Harry!)
    Worst Trade: Pittard to Grimes. Grimes then gets injured for 18 that week :(
    Thoughts on rule changes: 2 trades a week is the best thing to ever happen to this game. Kept the lower places close and everyone more interested. Far fewer ghost ships.
    Suggestions for 2014: change the magic number to limit amount each trade can do. Other than that nothing.

    I am heart broken to go undefeated only to lose in the GF due to 2 late outs in the backline. If I had a second emergency on the line, I would have got Grimes 91 and won :'(

    Already planning for next year :)

  • Anyone doing Match Day – Finals? Join my league:104575

  • Correct me if im wrong but DPP are determined by Champion Data so they aren’t going to change this just for the sake of DT.

  • Team Name: darg
    Final Overall Ranking: 53,449
    Highest Score: 2251
    DT Brownlow: Michael Barlow
    DT Rookie of the Year: brad crouch
    Best Starting Pick: Michael barlow
    Best Trade: Elliot – rocky
    Worst Trade: cloke – eliot
    Thoughts on rule changes: great!
    Suggestions for 2014: more trades during bye rounds.

  • Team Name: Sheep Squad
    Final Overall Ranking: 1853
    Highest Score: 2417
    DT Brownlow: Swanny was solid
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouchy is my favourite though his injury and getting dropped was anooying, but was brilliant after that so ill pick him
    Best Starting Pick: Everyone was shit at the start apart from obvious guys (swan, pendles) so id say hamish hartlett
    Best Trade: Montagna in 2 weeks ago for a 123 and 189
    Worst Trade: Traded in duffield at 2 different stages this year and he was shit both times, probably never again list
    Thoughts on rule changes: I like the two trades, i remember how screwed over i was last year when i ran out
    Suggestions for 2014: More cash at the start ;)

  • Match day league, if anyone want’s to pit their best: 981074

  • Just wondering, when did DT open up this year? I started on my team mid February but when did it open? Does anyone know?

  • Team Name: Tbetta Than You

    Final Overall Ranking: 1641

    Highest Score: 2303

    DT Brownlow: Dane Swan. 22 games, average of 117.5… What more could we ask for from him?!

    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger O’Meara – the best rookie season we’ve ever seen from a fantasy perspective. 22 games for a 90-point average – exceeded all expectations.

    Best Starting Pick: Scott Selwood. Nailed the break-out; increased from 97.7 avg last year to 108.4 this season – his 5th consecutive 10-point average jump from the previous year!

    Best Trade: Either Pridds at basement (round 8), where he went on to average 101.8 per game from Tbetta Than You, or Lewis (Round 17) and his 101.3 average for my side.

    Worst Trade: Where to begin? Ebert at $524k for his stretch of 87, 83, 80 and 76; Waters on the eve of his fateful late withdrawal; Daisy Thomas moments before end-of-year surgery.

    Thoughts on rule changes: Loved Best 18 over byes, sorted all the issues we had last year. Extra Emergency was a rousing success, as was the more exciting 6-8-2-6 structure.
    44 Trades was a year of two halves for me; loved it up until Round 15 or so, and complete sides meant fixture/luxury/sideways trading was all we had left. Boring, and left too much to luck. Much prefer the year-long task of building a strong – but imperfect – side, if not for the loyalty side of things (and the sense that you actually own your players), then the truer representation of a good fantasy coach, not simply a mirror of the luck you had in the last 8 rounds.

    Suggestions for 2014: 44 Trades is still a winner for me, but there has to be a rise in the Magic Number! I said it last year, and I said it again when the changes came in without a significant change in the MN. Teams completed too quickly – it was obvious that it would happen. MN needs to rise, or rookies need to be $50k more expensive – lessening the cash made in each cash cow cycle, and extending the “squad building” aspect of the game for (hopefully) the entire season. Haven’t though about much else – that was just a standout for mine.

  • Team Name: Do U Even Rockliff
    Final Overall Ranking: 794th
    Highest Score: 2407
    DT Brownlow: OINK !
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’Meara
    Best Starting Pick: OINK OINK !
    Best Trade: O’Keefe > Montagna :)
    Worst Trade: Getting O’Keefe in for O’Meara
    Thoughts on rule changes: enjoyed it all.
    Suggestions for 2014: Stay Calm and lock Swan.

  • Team Name: BrownDynamites
    Final Overall Ranking: 33
    Highest Score: 2426
    DT Brownlow: BJ Goddard, only person besides swanny that was reliable to show up every week. Avoided all the backline carnage throughout the year
    DT Rookie of the Year: Crouch
    Best Starting Pick: JJK, Didnt have to waste a trade bringing him in
    Best Trade: the double downgrade to nicholls and mitchell, or bringing in Boydy for his 150.
    Worst Trade: Terlich to Birch before terlich went on a run )’:
    Thoughts on rule changes: first year playing so can’t really comment on this as I’ve never seen the rules before. But 44trades is good, however makes it easier for everyone to get a 22premo team by round 23.
    Suggestions for 2014: DDP trading as said before. Also prize money for top 3?

  • Team Name: the spuds
    Final Overall Ranking: 1076
    Highest Score:2366
    DT Brownlow: Rockliff
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’Meara
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard
    Best Trade: bringing in jelwood right when he started his good run
    Worst Trade: Westhoff in right when he goes shit!
    Thoughts on rule changes: Love them
    Suggestions for 2014: if a player bouces the ball, it should be 1 point!

    Not a bad season!

  • Team Name: Smurphs
    Final Overall Ranking: 1868
    Highest Score: 2332… last week
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: JOM
    Best Starting Pick: Saint Nick
    Best Trade: Jelwood in Rd16… Averaging 124 and +112k
    Worst Trade: ROK to Beams in GF… JOM to Bartel not much better
    Thoughts on rule changes: Not sold on 44 trades… Every week there seemed to be less and less uniques. In one GF only 6 players different. Add the fact he had Joey and there was really no way of making up those points.
    Suggestions for 2014: Not that I was ever close… But a reduction in overall prize money to say, 30k and add $500 weekly prize. Much better than a couple of tickets to the footy.

  • Team Name: Hornedbeasts
    Final Overall Ranking: 3293
    Highest Score: 2308(Rd22)
    DT Brownlow: Dane “Piggy” Swan
    DT Rookie: Jaeger “Bomb” O’Meara & Dean “Toelicker” Trelich
    Best Starter: Nick Riewoldt
    Best Trade: Rd18 Deledio -> Jelwood
    Worst Trade: ( few too many to choose from)
    Rd5 Stevenson -> Hutchins only to see Pittard get a donut having to take Hutchins 31 while Stevenson gets his season high of 82.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Was skeptical that 44 trades being too many but at times 2/week wasn’t enough, so overall about right. Like the team structure
    Suggestions for 2014:
    1. Multi-position DPP swaps/trades, seems a given.
    2. Change the Magic Number calculation (see Warnies earlier comments)
    3. Make one of the EMG “the SuperSub” (trademark pending, haha), doubles score if used.

  • Team Name: JaredsEagles
    Final Overall Ranking: 1310
    Highest Score:2421 (R17)
    DT Brownlow: Swan (NRoo and Pendles close behind)
    DT Rookie of the Year: JOM
    Best Starting Pick: Pendles, Lewis and Jack Steven
    Best Trade: Neade>GAJ (rd 8)
    Worst Trade: Greene>Libba then Libba>Westhoff. Also trading out Steven at Rd 20
    Thoughts on rule changes: Enjoyed the 44 trades, but agree on the rookie price increase is needed. Like the way the bye rounds work, looking forward to the 2 lots of byes next year (jumped 12k to 3k this yr)
    Suggestions for 2014: Will never, but would love an option to “buy” trades for points (FPL style)

  • Team Name: Dingus
    Final Overall Ranking: 67 239 (First year)
    Highest Score: 2294
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger O’Meara
    Best Starting Pick: Almost none….JJK and Goddard?
    Best Trade: Dwyer -> Joel Selwood ($430k and before all the 130’s.)
    Worst Trade: Sam Reid -> Westhoff (Rnd 4)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Let DPP work more than once in a single trade.
    Suggestions for 2014: I don’t know. Figure out a way to make the byes enjoyable.