AFL Fantasy 2013 in Review


It’s been a huge year for AFL Dream Team with some radical rule changes. Have they been a success? Have your say now… also, let us know your overall ranking as well as some of your best and worst of 2013.

Copy and paste the following in the comments… and answer the questions:

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Final Overall Ranking:
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Best Starting Pick:
Best Trade:
Worst Trade:
Thoughts on rule changes:
Suggestions for 2014:

What was your final overall ranking for 2013?

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Thank you to everyone who has visited our site, commented on an article or contributed in anyway to make DT Talk the number one AFL Fantasy website/community in the country. The biggest thanks goes to all of our awesome writers who offer fantastic advice and content for the site to make this game enjoyable for everyone within the DT community. The site won’t be switched off because the season ended. We’ll be looking at SuperCoach Finals and AFL Fantasy Match Day over the finals too. And really, the pre-season for 2014 starts today!


  • Team Name: Snowballs
    Final Overall: 6033
    Highest Score: 2588
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT ROY: Jaeger
    Best Starting Pick: Dustin Martin
    Best Trade: JPK > Scooter Selwood
    Worst Trade: Gibbs > Hartlett
    Thoughts on rule changes: 44 trades was fun, as was having 8 mids.
    Suggestions for 2014: Get rid of Dr.Dream Team and put Roy, Calvin and Warnie in his place.

  • Team Name: Stonie
    Final Overall Ranking:3236
    Highest Score:2479
    DT Brownlow:Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year:Jager
    Best Starting Pick:Nroo
    Best Trade: Cotchin –> Montagna last rnd
    Worst Trade:Garrick Ibbotson
    Thoughts on rule changes:Stop changing the rules
    Suggestions for 2014:88 trades.?

  • Team Name:Lucas’s Llamas
    Final Overall Ranking:22,341
    Highest Score: 2322 in Round 17
    DT Brownlow: Goddard (Rock at the back)
    DT Rookie of the Year:JOM
    Best Starting Pick:Hartlett
    Best Trade:Thurlow to Ellis rd 6 (at basement price)
    Worst Trade:Beams for Stanton last rd
    Thoughts on rule changes:44 trades good
    Suggestions for 2014: Need to improve in this year. Disappointing

  • Team Name: DonnyDon’tDoes
    Final Overall Ranking: 212
    Highest Score: 2383
    DT Brownlow: Dane Swan by a streak. Played every match with the 2nd highest average and only went below 90 twice. The only perma-captain and PIG.
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’Meara – out and out gun
    Best Starting Pick: Heppel & Martin – were both under-priced at the start and became must haves that I could count on every (almost) week.
    Best Trade: Bringing in Kreuzer (320k) and Priddis (392k) at their cheapest
    Worst Trade: Too many. Brought in J.Blair for bye structure to average <65 for me. Got two 60s out of Duffield before injury saved me. Traded in S. Selwood the week he broke his thumb then traded him to Watson to break his collarbone the next week.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Was sceptical of 44 trades but with the way the year went with so many injuries/suspensions don’t know where we would be without them. I climbed 800 spots from R13 so was still do-able (including 400 throughout finals), was still a need to be discipline and back in premos – YOLO largely didn’t work so glad I stayed away from those style trades. Best 18 BYEs solution was great I thought.
    Suggestions for 2014: I think smaller salary cap or more expensive rookies is a good answer to the sameness of teams. Other than that don’t think I’d change much.

    Lastly thanks to the DT Talk boys and all the writers on the site. I read all the articles but don’t comment much, all the work is really appreciated and makes DT far more enjoyable. Enjoy the break over the off season

  • A couple of players for 2014 that are going to be breakout/Underpriced that we havnt thought about…
    Jack Steven, Dion Prestia, Tom Liberatore, Jon Griffin, Brandon Ellis, Andrew Carrazzo, Lance Franklin, Luke Bruest, Patty Dangerfield, Andrew Gaff, Lee Spurr, Nat Fyfe, Marc Murphy, Chad Wingard, Rory Sloane, Mitch Duncan, Ryan Bastinac, Adam Treloar, Jack Ziebell, Nick Naitanui, Mike Pyke, Dylan Shiel… Just to name some

  • Team Name: WesdaCricketAtBoii
    Final Overall Ranking:21,876
    Highest Score:2341
    DT Brownlow: J.Selwood
    DT Rookie of the Year: D.Terlich (shouldn’t of got rid of him)
    Best Starting Pick: J.O’Meara
    Best Trade: Moloney>Jelwood RD11 (before all those 120s when he was 422k)
    Worst Trade: LeCras>Bird Rd2 (dont ask me what was i thinking)
    Thoughts on rule changes: 44 trades good for enjoyment, way to hard to have less than that
    Suggestions for 2014: Should stay the same but some adjustmetns need to be made to Fantasy Elite

  • Team Name: The Swedashians
    Final Overall Ranking: 5,958
    Highest Score: 2,317pts
    DT Brownlow: Joel Selwood
    DT Rookie of the Year: Jaeger O’meara
    Best Starting Pick: JJK or O’meara
    Best Trade: Ellis before he was too expensive
    Worst Trade: Bartel to pavlich before the GF … Lost the GF for me …I only did it after hearing rumours of bartel a late out. Lost GF by 18 pts bartel got 74 more than pavlich. FML!!!!

    Thoughts on rule changes: 44 trades was the best thing and the new team structure 6-8-2-6

    Suggestions for 2014:
    1) Make unlimited substituting between positions when doing trades.
    2) When a player plays less than half a game due to sub rule – double there score.
    3) When a player is subbed out due to concussion you get your emergency’s score if greater.
    4) Change to 40 trades just to keep teams from being to similar.
    5) Add rolling lock out to stop with late withdrawal luck being a factor.

    Final Overall Ranking: 520
    Highest Score: 2515
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: Terlich
    Best Starting Pick: Pendles based on value, Heppell the same reason but I’ll also say Dustin Martin since not everyone started the season with him.
    Best Trade: Moloney out at peak to GAJ who went big over the following month. Timed that well.
    Worst Trade: Backline! Hartlett in for back to back 30s, McKenzie in for Terlich with an ‘easy run home’ to average 60odd after I picked him up and ended up leaving him on the pine and should have kept Terlich.
    Thoughts on rule changes: Enjoyed 44 trades, did what it was brought in to do and changed the way we played the game after a few weeks which was good to have a different strategy.
    Suggestions for 2014: Would like to see the magic number go up as has been mentioned. Fantasy Elite could have been done a lot better as well. Biggest suggestion though is a revamp of the mobile app. Needs to better include DPP, especially DPP trades and making two trades at once. Reversing changes could also be updated so everything doesnt go back to as it was the week before but just the trades you’ve made the past 24 or 12 hours. Got sick of reverse trading and then having to go back and alter my captain/vice capt/emergencies all over again.

  • Team Name: The Gunners
    Final Overall Ranking: 2,994
    Highest Score: 2,357
    DT Brownlow: Dane Swan. Started the year well! Went through a rough patch where he god less than a hundred a few times but ended the year with a BANG!
    DT Rookie of the Year: Dean Terlich. In my team from day one! Mr reliable when the crap hot the fan! Got some massive scores and was a unique player in the later rounds.
    Best Starting Pick: Tommy Rockliff! Gained me quick cash and scored well until he got unjured mid-year! Close second was Michael Hibberd!
    Best Trade: OUT – Westoff, IN – Stevie J! Back in round 6 when the Hoff peaked in price and when Stevie J was about to go nuts!
    Worst Trade: OUT – JJK, IN Hitchock! I tried to make some cash and it shot me in the foot and costed me my eliminator! Was the reason why i dropped out of the top 1000!
    Thoughts on rule changes: Too many trades! I was in a great position with almost my whole team as premiums at round 13! Then everyone caught up as I tried to save myself from the byes and my advantage was blown! I liked the 18 man rule in the byes though!
    Suggestions for 2014:
    -Cap the trades to 30!
    -Allow changes to emergencies after lockout! The amount of times I had an emergency that was a late withdrawal :/
    -Since there are so many byes next year, have one extra player on the bench in every line!
    -Cap the amount of players from one AFL club to 5! Would create some interesting problems :p

  • Team Name: Game Status
    Final Overall Ranking:465
    Highest Score: 2428 (on grand final day might i add, won me 4 out of 4 of my leagues)
    DT Brownlow: Travis Cloke, this guy was an absolute stunner of a unique up front, the number of games i won purely because it was him vs buddy was ridiculous
    DT Rookie of the Year: Has to go to O’meara
    Best Starting Pick: Ablett (explains itself)
    Best Trade: Bringing in barlow in round 9, which was earlier than a majority of teams, and he won me a few games before everyone else jumped on board
    Worst Trade: Bringing in westhoff in round 4, one decent score and then a massive price drop while i was covering injuries
    Thoughts on rule changes: Even though this was my best year, i still like the more limited trading system because it is more skill based so i can dominate some of the more rookie teams. Having said that i can see why this format is needed to keep everyone interested, and there is still a lot of skill in the game.
    Suggestions for 2014: Just cut defence out of the game, they caused me more than a few headaches. But on a serious note, let me have more flexibility when changing the position of my players in a trade. e.g. i trade out franklin from my forward line, move stevie J from mid to fwd, then move gibbs from def to mid, then trade in enright etc.

    • Close second for best trade goes to Montagna who i traded in for the prelim and he rewarded me by scoring over 300 points in 2 rounds

  • Team Name: MadHatter Swagger
    Final Overall Ranking: 2,915
    Highest Score:2,330
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: Earl Wines then JOM late T Mitchell
    Best Starting Pick: For points/performance/consistancy – Swan, Ablett, Pendles, Goddard, Rocky & Cox all started and remained in my side for the entire season and finished near the top in their respective positions
    Best Trade: Mayes to Bartel in the GF round may not sound impressive, but the move won me two of two grand finals (one opponent didn’t have him and the the other had benched him)
    Worst Trade: Bringing in Jobe Watson the week he injured his shoulder and got a 16 or bringing in Daisy the week he got hurt
    Thoughts on rule changes: Enjoyed it, certainly changed the strategy and how you have to play the game.
    Suggestions for 2014: Higher magic number or increase rookie prices so a few midpricers will need to be in teams. Multiple DPP lines seems a good idea as well.

  • Team Name: the Rogue Nutters
    Final Overall Ranking: 2,961
    Highest Score: 2328
    DT Brownlow: Swan
    DT Rookie of the Year: Terlich only because he was defender and I traded Jaeger mid season for premium midfielder. I kept Terlich for the entire season.
    Best Starting Pick: Goddard premium defenders were very hard
    Best Trade: Andrew Swallow for Montagna a week before AS was out for the season.
    Worst Trade: Dixon for Gibbs. I don’t know what I was thinking.
    Thoughts on rule changes: It became more difficult late in the season you had to take risks to score big points.
    Suggestions for 2014: A few more prizes during the season.

  • Team Name: BIG COX
    Final Overall Ranking:3260
    Highest Score:2394
    DT Brownlow: Joel Selwood. Brought him in when he was at his cheapest and got some massive scores for me which on 2-3 occassions got me across the line for a win often being the big POD so he gets my MVP.
    DT Rookie of the Year: O’Meara. Pretty obvious call. Did his job in the early part of the year. Got big scores and maintained his form and scores allowing to cash in come the bye round. Perfect rookie.
    Best Starting Pick: Moloney. Was a solid POD at the start of the year before going down with an injury. At his price he was great value.
    Best Trade: Dwyer to J Selwood
    Worst Trade: Cotchin to Daisy Thomas(To be fair Cotchin was playing shit at the time and was going to drop a tonne of value)
    Thoughts on rule changes: Rule changes were great this year. Made leagues more competitive and with a lot more possibilities available to teams. Kept people on their toes with having to look at possible upgrades and downgrades on most weeks throughout the year. 2 thumbs up.
    Suggestions for 2014: Need more DPP players!