Two byes in 2014 fixture


News came through this afternoon that each AFL club will have two byes in the 2014 season; adding one week to the competition. Every team will still play 22 games, but they will have two weeks off throughout the year.

Round 1 will be a split round with five game the first weekend (March 14-16) and and four games over the second weekend (March 21-23). The multi-bye rounds as we know them are likely occur over Rounds 8, 9 and 10. These will still be the three rounds of six games. The second bye will end up being a split round in either Round 18 or 19 (one week of five matches, one week of four matches).

The NAB Cup will take place over a fortnight in February. More details on how the pre-season will look in the coming weeks; including the possibility of a representative game.

In short, we are adding one week to the competition at the start of the year.

What does all of this mean for AFL Fantasy? Well to be honest… not much! Everything will be the same as this year but that second bye week, being a split round, will just see our DT round occur over the two weeks like it already does in Round 1. It’s basically just an extra week of AFL for us from the start of the year. One positive about that second bye, we might see less players being rested… especially in the last few weeks of the season.

Discuss your thoughts now in the comments.


  • Will the round 18/19 split round be viewed as one round in DT?

  • The multi-bye rounds as we know them are likely occur over Rounds 8, 9 and 19.

    Should be 8, 9 and 10? :p

  • Assuming rounds 18-19 will be one DT round, this is probably actually better for DT, as the Rested/Managed/General issue may be solved by the late season bye.

    • And an extra Loophole opportunity over rounds 18-19.

    • I think we need clarification.

      1) Is it 1 x 2 week split round in either R18 OR R19, the other round normal?
      If so we can play 2 Head to Head games OK.

      2) Is it 2 MBR rounds split with byes over 2 rounds this time. This could work if you wanted to play only 1 Head to Head league game over both rounds. But if you wanted to have 2 H2H games then would have to reduce them to best 15 (or less?) scoring.

      I suspect it is first option so we should be OK, in fact this is least obtrusive option for DT.

    • I don’t think there is ‘better’ just better for some people ;)

  • It doesn’t matter how they are organised – I HATE MBRs AND SPLIT ROUNDS. They are an even greater plague for fantasy football players than even Beau Waters, Shaun Higgins and forgetting to readjust your captain and emergency choices after pressing the Reverse Changes button. They are only marginally better than the number 1 anathema – the Green Vest.

  • Thank god they didn’t with 2 times multi bye rounds

  • Get rid of rd 11, 12 & 13 byes and just have rd 11 over 2 weeks like they are going to do for round 1 & 18/19. Also there is NO need for a split round, round 1, worst decision ever… it’s the start of the year and should not be messy!

  • why the f*ck would they implement 2 different versions of a bye round during the year…not just from a DT perspective? 2 split round byes seemed like such an easy fix…absolute morons that make these decisions.

  • I absolutely hate split round 1. It ruins DT for me. Why do they even do it?

  • Bigger squads, lower prices / magic number, greater flexibility. Has to be an advantage and make the game more fun. I’m sick and tired of getting to the finals and having half my team rested, or carrying niggling injuries and under performing. Two trades a week has been OK, but just more players in your squad would be better option IMO.

  • quite like the split bye round later in the year. Can trade in players like Enright without worrying about getting rested.