DT TALK Live 2013: Rd 16 (Perth Live Show)

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our live show in Perth! Massive thanks to our Perth mates in Lefty and Jeppa who did a great job organising the event (along with the crew at 43 Below) and the fantastic interview with Jacko! Thanks also to Tbetta, Jimbob and Anthony.

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  • Do you guys reckon Stanton will be passed to play on Sunday, be be a withdrawal before then?

  • Love your work blokes! great night.

  • The best part about the show last night was that the camera and mike were running live to air for an hour before the show started. Hilarious glimpse behind the curtain.

    • But you guys started so damn late.
      Fear Factory were playing the same night, reckon quite a few people would’ve left early, even before you guys started, to get to FF (due to Agar becoming the best test player to ever play the game).

      Kudos Agar. Kudos.

      • Yeah… sorry, but we couldn’t start with Agar doing what he was doing. I think we made the right call. It would have been unAustralian otherwise. Haha.

        • So spewing I missed Agar! I’m over in France so I don’t even have to be up late to watch it, but totally forgot! >_<

  • @SLAVE who the hell is fear factory? No- one left 43 Below early with Agar making history and all the DT talk show running. It was an awesome night and great to meet the DT talk guys as well as Jeppa and tbetta. They might need a bigger venue next time though!

  • A little too much boozey yelling for my liking, but glad you guys had fun over there ;)

  • Whats with all the drunk guys yelling and screaming? Can’we just watch the show with calm and peace? Couldn’t hear half the things you guys said -_-

    • It’s a live show. In a Pub, Where people were drinking and celebrating not only the DT Talk guys but one of the greatest performances from a debutant in the history of Test Cricket. There is bound to be more yelling and carrying on than usual. Deal with it ya sook.

      • Yes a live show where people would like to actually hear the advice they’ve tuned in for…

  • We didn’t think we would have that many people. Next time we will organise microphones, etc.