The Sunday Knee-Jerk – Round 15

Over the past few months I’ve been reading the comments, mostly people saying how they can’t wait until I copped the full wrath of the DT gods. Well guys, your time has come. Suffice to say that if you had some bad luck, I almost certainly had them as well. There was no ducking and weaving through the bullets this week, I took em all. And I wasn’t the only one. Ignore the past, ignore the round, this is the knee-jerk to end all knee jerks. Um, so I guess it’s time to knee-jerk!

The Legends

The pig is back. All year I have been a critic of those oinking Swan (163). Up until this week he hadn’t even reached 140! However Friday night was just a little reminder of what we used to expect from the great man, I even captained Dangerfield (95) over him! He is well and truly back in contention from now on. OINK! Pendles (133) is also a legend, he just keeps clocking up tons. Hanley (125) was the shock of the weekend! And for once it was a good shock! If he can keep that kind of form up Brisbane’s fixtures suddenly look a lot more tempting. Leuenberger (122) has proven to be a brilliant hold if you did indeed persist with the big man. He’s not even at full training capacity this season. Watch out next year. Selwood (128) had a lot to make up for from last week and is off to a good start. I like the fact he grows an extra couple of legs and arms against Hawthorn, maybe try that every week Joel! The Golden locks from the west have never looked as good. Priddis (120) is gunning it up, here’s a story of stepping stone turned premo! Midfield injuries for the Eagles have forced him to step up and step up he has! Stanton (126) was on target for a 150+ before injuring his leg. I’m not sure how he’ll pull up next week as I feel it was only Watson’s injury keeping him out there. Great effort nonetheless. Can you sense that? Well, Australia. If you SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROK, IS, COOKIN! O’Keefe (128) gave me the middle finger for choosing Gibbs over him in a last minute Ablett panic trade. Well done to those who picked him up and captained him, I’m on board this week! Sorry for his upcoming pathetic score. Huh. That’s odd. I thought that would be big news. There seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece. A headline regarding the mass awareness of a certain avian variety. Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard. B-B-B-Bird Bird Bird, Bird (92) is the word! Actually, he’s not quite. You may have noticed I wrote that during the 3rd quarter when he was on track for 120+. Of course he ended up with a 0 point last quarter but hey, I’ll take his 92 amongst the carnage! A legend in my eyes (Mainly here because I won’t get another chance to quote that great scene again).

The Sunday Chops

OH BOY WOWEE what a weekend! My axe is sharpened nicely and ready to go. I’ll start with a slow kill. Gibbs (60) was the first bearer of my uncontrollable wrath this weekend. What is that sh*t? I traded him over ROK because he had killed me recently. I thought be patient with him, he’ll fail against Sydney. Nope? Ok he’s good to go. Soft as butter cun. Yes, that was slow. Speaking of slow kills, Franklin (57) is slowly killing anyone who still has him. It’s not turning around for poor old Buddy, get him on the bench or get him out! I always had my worries with Griffen (86) and unfortunately they came to fruition. Pick him at your own risk, tags were always a possibility. I wouldn’t touch him. I’d tell you guys to chop him but realistically, anyone capable of running around the field on 2 legs can stay at the moment. Swallow (74) is inconsistent. That’s one way to put it, a massive pain in the ass and an excuse for some panadol is another. Not a premo in my opinion. Stokes (67) was disappointing, but I’ll let him off this one. The Cox (66) Naitinui (68) partnership isn’t working well. Look at Kreuzer (105) if you can afford a luxury trade. Just know that you are walking into another time bomb, then lots of F bombs. Now it’s down to business. Vlastuin (30). Look mate, I’m not sure if you’ve suddenly come down with a severe case of leather poisoning. That or someone’s wiped his memory. Gilderoy Lockhart, I told you not to mess with my team! He’s completely lost the plot lately, averaging 31 in his last 2 games. 31, you could get a better output from LRT (The majestic Lewis Roberts-Thompson, currently averaging a tick under 35). I might even try a straight swap to Zac Dawson at this rate, at least he tries. He’s leaking cash faster than a Granny running her own retirement fund during the GFC at the moment, dump if possible! Oh yeah and some complete bullsh*t happened and Ellis (18) and Watson (16) got injured in the first quarter and were both subbed. What? You want the full story? Really? Well I think I’m suffering from repressed memory, such was the trauma I experienced. However I do recall checking my phone at half time during my footy game to check the scores. It’s all very blurry to me, however I do remember seeing a massive red cross covering Ellis on Dream Stats. From that point things just got out of control, suffice to say that when news got through of Watson’s breakdown, my breakdown was complete.

The Clown

Mark Evans has done a lot of good things since being appointed as the AFL’s Football Operations Manager. However there are 2 things that need to be high priorities on his to do list. The sliding rule. Or should I say the contact below the knees rule. Fix it. The Birdman (and many others) was pinged for sliding, WHILST STILL, while getting a loose ball get and looking to handball off to a teammate. Players have been taught since they were 5 to go in lowest for the ball. The end result is that the opposition man runs over the player and wins a free kick. Why the hell to we have a “contact below the knees” rule. If a player slides in, particularly feet first, then a free should be paid. However if a player is just going for the ball forget contact below the knees, that happens. It’s called a contact sport. Ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the interchange infringement on Saturday night. Geelong were cost a goal at a crucial stage of the game for an interchange infringement that they didn’t make! Jesus how hard is it?! If we need a baton to pass from player to player when they come off then so be it. Get it together please Mark!

What we’ve learnt?

  • The Bird is the word.
  • Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they probably can. See also: Brandon Ellis.
  • Then when they do eventually get worse, you will think that surely things can’t get ANY WORSE THAN THEY WERE BEFORE! However you should know that they probably will again. See also: Jobe Watson.
  • Then once you’ve reassessed your options after Watson goes down, you’ll have reassured yourself that you’re team will be ok. Bad move, because things will probably get worse again. See also: Brent Stanton.
  • If you had the trifecta of injuries then I advise you get some close friends over and remove all sharp objects from the vicinity of your location.
  • 44 trades is a winner. If it wasn’t for the rule change my season and many others would be well and truly over.
  • Lyon wasn’t lyin. Never doubt the DT superhero that is M.Barlow.
  • I laugh in the face of carnage, HA-HA-HA-HA. (And then carnage laughs back at you).
  • Stanton scored more on one leg in 10 minutes than Vlastuin could in a whole game. Stubbornness and the refusal to stop scoring… Good pig traits. Ok I won’t go there.
  • Had a quick twitter debate on minimising the affects of injury affected scores. The human mind is a predictable beast. Those for it had both injuries, those against it didn’t have one. I might study psychology.
  • If anyone has managed to survive this round with only Ablett’s injury then, well, they should close this article now. What kind of sick mind enjoys reading about other people’s carnage… Actually I take that back, I feel you. Play on.
  • Trying a differential captain this week was about as effective as going for the 2 and ½ somersaults with 2 and ½ twists in the piked position off the 10m diving board with no prior knowledge of diving other than the fact that you can speak Chinese.

This game sh*ts me

Round 14 was on my calender from around the start of May. The day I could drop Zorko. SJ said goodbye to that. Then Barlow. Then Vlastuin. Then Goodes. Then Boyd. Then Riewoldt! THEN ABLETT! THEN ELLIS THEN WATSON god almighty what am I meant to do. 2 scores under 20 and 9 injuries/suspensions in the past 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks. At times this great game becomes more about luck than skill. And that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces.

Terrible, terrible, terrible. 2091. The base of my team held strong, however no kind of cover could suppress all the damage. Tbetta floated a great idea to avoid seasons being ruined by luck. If a player is subbed in the first half (Due to injury), their score gets replaced by your emergency. It’s a simple idea, but really effective! Spud scores are what they are, so are midweek injuries. However extremely low scores due to injury will ruin anyone’s week. If you’re like me and carried 2 scores below 20 you can kiss goodbye to your weekly matchup and overall ranking. Yet alone if you had one of them captain. And for what? The best picks and best teams should win, not those who get the most luck. That being said injuries and suspensions will still be a part of the game, so luck will always be a factor. Only fixing those killer scores. Something to think about! My team should be back to almost full strength next week so bring it on! Hopefully no one else copped it as bad as I did and we can move on swiftly. Cheers!

If you enjoyed my raging and want a hittable punching bag when sh*t goes tits up, follow me on twitter @MattCraigDT. My views are honest, mostly helpful and occasionally entertaining! Also hit me up with any suggestions for who you thought were the Legends, Losers and Clowns, plus what you’ve learnt the past week. I value everyone’s opinion!



  • Avatar of Tom

    Did exactly the same and captain gibbs in a panic 40 seconds till lock out move, watching that game brought tears to my eyes after having swanny (c) last week, on top of that i had ellis, watson and started jed lamb over staker as well as having brett goodes on the bench. Dream team = dumb

  • Avatar of Lachlan

    Great read mate well done, Also do you think we could consider Terlich a premo now?

    • Avatar of Ryan

      Who should i trade out of Buddy,Ellis and Cotchin? Should i go Buddy-Lewis? Or anyone else around 410k or Ellis-Hanley

    • Avatar of Dream on!

      Lachlan, I’ve had huge confidence in Terlich for the last few weeks and traded accordingly (upgrading elsewhere instead) and he has been great. Unless teams start playing defensive forwards on him, he is a definite premo.

  • Avatar of Daniel

    Hahaha I feel for ya Matt.

    I’ve been joking with my brother for months about my uncanny ability to injure players. This week I warned him that Ablett was in trouble, as I traded him in to both SC & DT… Nek minnit…… I broke bald jesus :( Sorry guys.

    Not to mention in that 10 minutes of pre-lockout PANIC, I reversed trades and traded Staker to Stokes, what a shocker! Staker smashed out a big ton and earned $$ while Stokes limped to 67.

    Then I pull up the Bomber’s stats and see Watson subbed off 16.. bye bye 2200+, hello 2116.
    Kieran Jack also gets a mention for a poor effort as my Captain.

    • Avatar of Ninja_Turtles

      Lol.. I feel for you.. I was set for a score 2200+ as well then Watson ruins it, Jack as my captain as well and Ellis on Saturday.. score of 2110

  • Avatar of Stevo

    What midfielder should I get for Watson
    My current mids are Swan, Ablett, Pendles, Barlow, Jack, Watson, S.Mitchell and T.Mitchell on the bench.

    Its a toss up between Griffen, Montagna and Stanton if he plays.
    With Watson out i feel stanton will get more attention, same goes with griffen and boyd which makes me think montagna is the best option.

  • Avatar of Savabeer

    Only 2091? So has your ranking risen?
    So glad lockout over so I don’t have to look at THE terrible 1848 Watson(C), Ablett, Gibbs, Vlas, Cox, Buddy, etc scored for me… and a drop from 500 to 1600 in one bloody round.
    As far as kneejerking, injuries will unfortunately trump rage trading again.

  • Avatar of tom

    1 question for now ellis keep or trade

    • Avatar of Seamus

      im gonna trade to either waters or gibbs probably

      • Avatar of tom

        Yeah allready have gibs was gonna trade him last week but didnt fmdt

        • Avatar of Kevin

          I would say keep tom pending on injuries. First priority is to trade those who have long-term injuries. E.g.watson then u should trade ellis to premo.

          • Avatar of tom

            Ellis was a “premo” lol other then gibbs heppell goddard who can u call a premo now

            Maybe list
            Pearce (back 2 back tonnes)

            But yeah im gonna hold I suppose go watson to hanley via goddard and than go omeara to stevie j and play cotch and titch on the field bench GAJ and crouch

    • Avatar of discomute

      Keep! It was just a knock to the head right?

      • Avatar of Seamus

        im gonna trade as the only other player I have that needs to go is JOM, and ellis will leak more cash next week

    • Avatar of Jack

      keep. playing gold coast

      • Avatar of Ed

        Yeah, it was just a knock on the head, he should be right. But as a tiger fan I take little comfort from the fact we play GC next week.

  • Avatar of Seamus

    great article matt as usual. its always nice to read about ways in which others suffered over the weekend :)

  • Avatar of Jeremy

    Jarrad Waite in few weeks could be mid price bench cover trade in a few weeks. Dropped 70k this week with a 180 odd breakeven. Possibly playing this week against St Kilda!

  • Avatar of What the bejeebers

    A few things to say…firstly, CRACKING ARTICLE MATE!! My favourite part of Sunday night really, thanks again!
    Secondly, how do you get all the carnage and then end up with another respectable score! Not great but respectable!
    Third,i was warned with Waters, look how it turned out… My second highest scoring defender for the round!
    Finally, I literally frothed up down below and my face went all retarded when i saw my midfield averaged 134.5 between them! Btw, watch jizz in my Pants by Lonely Island, thats how I looked….

  • Avatar of Mark

    got 2300 with Ablett (c)only injury but titchell on bench as cover! VC pendles!! thankyou jesus!! fully loaded with premos now with the exception of Terlich. Is he a keeper at D6? Gibbs and Franklin were my worst performers but gibbs will bounce back. With no immediate concerns i will be trading buddy but for whom? i have SJ, Bartel, Martin, JJK, Rockliff and Franklin, Thoughts?

  • Avatar of Ryan

    Jordan Lewis or Cyril Rioli

  • Avatar of colesy

    That was a good knee jerk read mate. Probably best part was reading all the carnage I did not incur

  • Avatar of T-Pain

    Which premo mid should I trade in?

    Currently have Swan, Gaz, Pendles, Barlow, Kieren Jack, Joel Selwood as premos…


  • Avatar of Blazers

    Surely Hanley is the best defender value wise at the moment, with such a tempting fixture and hopefully Voss has realised his effectiveness on the wing?

  • Avatar of Ethan Prince

    is marc murphy a good option at 365,000

  • Avatar of Dream on!

    Highly entertaining Matt, because I am a sick bastard laughing at other peoples misfortunes! I somehow dodged the bullets to score 2376 (ranked 12th for the round).

    • Avatar of Simon

      And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have at least 2 of Ablett, Stevie J and Riewoldt to bring in, PLUS two upgrades. Meaning holy crap you’ll be near unbeatable next week!

  • Avatar of stimpy

    blicavs to simpson Watson to Ebert …Boom

  • Avatar of Lukey85

    Haha, great read Matt.

    So. Much. Carnage. Cashed in O’Meara R13 for Scooter, then in turn to Boyd and finally to ROK. Means I’ve had to hold Vlastuin and Zorko amongst other spuds in the meantime. Throw in Watson and Stanton too and now 44 trades doesn’t seem like enough!

  • Avatar of Alec

    Should I go Aaron black to Mitch Robinson and Shaun burglyone to Ricky Henderson ?

    • Avatar of Simon

      If you wanted your overall ranking to decrease, that’s exactly what I’d do

    • Avatar of Henry

      Alec, don’t touch Robinson. I tossed up between Walker & Robbo a few weeks ago. Eventually went Robbo at about $422,000 because of his consistency & Walker’s suspected injury. Walker hasn’t stopped notching up 90+ since. Robbo immediately got a 40 and has been below his average ever since. Price down to $380,000 and he re-injured his arm in Friday’s game.

  • Avatar of Michael

    great read matt….what shits me is when ur uniques like Bartel, Swallow and Ibbo get outscored by ur opponents uniques like O’Meara, Nicholls and Whitfield

    • Avatar of Simon

      A team of uniques averaging about 1800 beat me last week by 100. This week I beat him by 600, but of course our head to head was last week… so I feel for ya mate!

  • Avatar of Fudgey

    Good read Matt
    Get this, had Ablett as C and Stanton as vc (looking terrible when injured) and had Watson lol. Still held on for 2139 (Thanks Hanley, Goddard, Luey, Swan etc).
    Has thrown the trade plans into disarray…. was to be Ball and Franklin to SJ and Pendlebury, now Watson and Stanton by the looks!!

  • Avatar of Liquicity

    I go through this article consoling myself that I wasn’t the only one who copped all the carnage, then I get to Matt’s score… 2091? He calls that terrible… I got 1854 with watson vc ablett c. ellis, moloney, franklin, stokes… I laugh at his so called carnage. Great article though haha

    • Avatar of Matt

      Haha I got pretty much every injury, but you can’t help spud picks. Moloney (Was on track for 60) and Buddy (shit) aside I had exactly the same carnage as you. Even with danger’s 80 extra captain points, there’s an extra 170 point difference. Why? :)

      • Avatar of Liquicity

        Because your team is better than mine. But part of having a good team is having good luck – It wouldn’t be unreasonable to predict moloney to get 100 for the third week in a row or for franklin to get around 80. Ibbotson 76 was always gonna happen the week after I picked him. My highest scoring forward was staker 91 on my bench.

        But I can’t argue that you are undeserving, your team has been consistently better than mine. I maintain I am unlucky though :P

  • Avatar of Chezza

    I hear you mate. I was somehow playing someone without Ellis, Watson, Valstuin, Abblett, Reiwoldt or Buddy.

    Suffice to say, me, who was in 6th, lost to the team that was in 14th in my league (who incidentally got the second highest score of the round) for precisely this reason.

    Luck completely determining the outcome. At the beginning of the round the predicted scores had me winning by around 350 points…

  • Avatar of gZa

    enright or ibbo ?

  • Avatar of Tom

    Lachie Hansen anyone? Scores of 97,97,99 in last three and seems to be loving his role on Half Back. 360k Forward.

  • Avatar of Nix

    Psychologists have investigated behaviour they call Attribution Theory. This is also useful to keep in mind in game design. It goes like this:

    Person A makes a choice and gets a good outcome.
    - If I am person A, I think “I am a genius”,
    - If my mate is person A, I think “that’s just luck”.

    Person B makes a choice and gets a bad outcome.
    - If I am person B, I think “I am so unlucky”
    - If my mate is person B, I think “that’s karma for a dumbass choice”

    For the record I am for keeping 22 v 22, mano e mano, to last man standing. People arguing for a floor for bad scores, should also argue to cap max scores so no one gets the benefit of a “lucky” 180.

    • Avatar of Matt

      Not talking about scrubbing spud 30′s, talking about injury affected scores only. That is true bad luck :)

      • Avatar of Simon

        It sure is… which is why the MBR scoring was preferable in some ways. Ditch your lowest score/s and count only your good ones. 20 from 22 or 22 from 24 or something would sort that out.

        • Avatar of Matt

          See I don’t like that because you can then drop one of your spud picks scores. That will make the game too easy, it would need to be a method to wipe injury affected scores only. Hence the 1st half sub

          • Avatar of Ticonderous

            its all part and parcel of the DT game your guy who scores 120 one week and goes down injured on 35 the next, well you have to take the good with the bad then. its just the mechanics of life. you cant predict the outcome so you want to try to change it just so you score more points ???

            I have been playing DT for years and have really only had one great year where i ended up 1427 overall and trust me that was all down to chance…

            Keep your chin up Matt even what you class as a bad score still beat a lot of others this week

    • Avatar of Merill

      +1 That is the exact sound logic needed for this issue. Tinkering with it is just silly. I’d accept calls for a removal/minimisation of bad luck/injuries as a knee-jerk reaction. Anything more and it’s sour grapes. If people like seeing big high scores go play that centrebet game where you score near 3000 with whatever scoring system that uses.

      DreamTeam is DreamTeam. Luck, good or bad is part of the game.

  • Avatar of Shags

    Smokey def Johnson from freo. A goer?

    • Avatar of tom

      He gets a fair bit f it when he is allowed to play a roaming defender but if Ross tries to use him to much up the groun (which with pav a sandi back he probs won’t ) then no

    • Avatar of Ben

      Just quietly get on 90 – 100 avg from here on in

  • Avatar of Shags

    What about Jelwood this week vs Melb? I trying the trade a premo vs melb strategy.

    • Avatar of Tom

      If Stanton is out I might go to Jelwood.

    • Avatar of Ben

      Yes guaranteed ton this week, 178 on them last time he played them should make be of 126, my problem is I don’t think he is a keeper after that and what will happen if another mid gets injured your stuck with him. My plan was to bring GAJ in but this has got me thinking, madness I know YOLO

  • Avatar of Viper086

    Was feeling pretty good Saturday seeing Ellis go down as I traded him to Watson. Was pretty sad seeing Swan, Pendles, Barlow, S Mitchell, Priddis all top 110 but was still pretty confident with the VC on Jack. Surely he really dominates the demons and gets a big score. One of the few rounds this season where things have gone wrong. Can’t complain too much though. Scored 2088 and ranked about 1700 with Jack skip and Watson 16. Enright/Grimes in for Watson and Robinson out for Cloke this week

  • Avatar of johnny fontane

    i had no idea about ablett (c) injury. to make things worse i haven’t used my VC this year so it was still set on omeara. i already had boyd and stevie j on the bench. stevie j’s replacement was neade who posted a hard earned 19. i had watson. swallow, gibbs, stokes all let me down big time. the good news? i still won!

  • Avatar of johnny fontane

    people ask me why i didn’t just trade stevie j and gibbs out and bring them back in a few weeks. why didn’t i do that? because dreamteam happens. that’s why.

  • Avatar of kano21

    Every week I have had Swanny as my VC with Ablett as C for consistency. This week I thought yeah may aswell change it up and VC’d Jobe……..

  • Avatar of Dicko

    2091 is not the wrath of the DT gods Matt. They are not even really peeved. When you rearrange the numbers like I did to 1920 then you’ll be getting closer.

    • Avatar of Matt

      If you had more injuries than me I’d love to hear the story :)

      • Avatar of Dicko

        Part injuries, part idiot choices on my behalf, but let me see….

        Vlaustin on the bench as emergency for Ablett (V), Ellis, Gibbs, Swallow, brought in Griffin and made him (C), Cox, and finally Franklin who I am waiting to go bang and dish out a score of latter years. This he will only do the week after I trade him out.

        I could go on. There were half a dozen other scores in the 80s when I was expecting three figures. All adding up a much more vengeful deity.

        • Avatar of Matt

          So you didn’t even have Watson? 18 + 16 = 2 of my scores, safe to say they were pretty peeved :)

          • Avatar of Dicko

            Watson was a brutal cut but mine was torture by a thousand (slight exaggeration I know) cuts, each one seemingly insignificant to my final score.

  • Avatar of OXnFOX

    I had all that carnage AND more! 10 mins before finding out about Ablett i had 30 green dots in my team and Armitage had to sit on my bench as did Mayes, Staker and Goodes….such was the strength of my team!
    Watson Captain, Ellis, Vlastuin ect all happened and i lost all 4 of 5 league matches by less than 100pts.


    For those of you that play Shiva DT League….i traded McVeigh for Watson this week thinking i got a steal :(