Golden Stubby – Round 12 (MBR2)



Golden Stubby – Round 12

The second round of the MBR’s have thrown up some massive scores. Whether it was from players who were maybe really fresh from a week off or players deciding to leave it all out on the park with next week off, we’re thankful to them for inflating our 18 man DT scores! So who stood out from the pack this weekend and earned a coveted Golden Stubby nomination?

The Nominations are…


Brendan Goddard – 153 – I really didn’t think Goddard’s massive score would be rewarded this week as he isn’t exactly unique. But with the most nominations of the week for his effort


Jaeger O’Meara – 106 – This kid just keeps getting better as his debut season goes on with another ton to add to his tally. Not just a great DTer but a bloody good footballer to watch too!


Brandon Ellis – 112 – The fear of the vest kept a few coaches away from Ellis this week. But for the coaches who took the chance they were well rewarded. Ellis was everywhere. Always a bonus when your defenders sneak forward for a few goals too.


Michael Barlow – 115 – Despite a high handball to kick ratio of 12 kicks to 20 handballs Barlow still notched up a very decent score for his coaches. Fantastic work but a few coaches will be hoping he can swing that ratio around.


Bryce Gibbs – 123 – His second week posting in the 120’s has been very serviceable throughout the byes. Lets hope he freshens up with the week of and continues to post these scores after!

So who get’s your vote this week?


Golden Stubby - Round 12

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As always stay tuned to the boys live show where they’ll announce this weeks winner!



  • Gibbs for me.

  • Elliott Dwyer-Long

    We need Jake Stringer in here. He won me my league match.

  • I know that everyone has Goddard so he hasn’t really won anyone anything by getting the score that he got, but I still think he deserves it. He got 30 more points than any other nominee.

  • IS THIS FOR REAL??? There is no way goddard should win the stubby! everyone has him so it is irrelevant. ellis on the other hand…. GUN

    • Ellis imo is the only one here that deserves it. but where the hell is boyd? griffen? cloke? they would be much more worthy of many of the nominees. It should not be a majority vote but decided by the calvin, warnie and roy on merret.

    • firstly what kind of a name is ‘The x Factor’??? secondly anyone scoring 150+ deserves to be nominated, and these are chosen from peoples choices which they tweeted in. your comment is idiotic and proves you to be an ignorant f**k.

      • nominated? yes. getting the majority of votes? no.

        • ellis has deserved it the last two matches hes played… if his efforts are going to go unnoticed that’s fine with me!! :D

    • I think it depends on how you think of the stubby. Is it for players who have outperformed expectations by the most? Or is it for players who have won league matches or bumped you up the rankings? In the first case Goddard is a worthy winner, in the second case, not so much (and neither is O’Meara with slightly higher ownership).

      In the second case Ellis probably isn’t deserving either since he’s only owed by 4-5% (so only 4-5% should vote for him) whereas Barlow’s owned by 15% and Gibbs, 30%.

      I think of the Golden Stubby in the second way and have Ellis so he gets my vote.

    • +1
      i just bought Ellis & he was my biggest DT surprise for me this week getting another 100+ score and a handy truck load of cash with him too.
      better trade in than Barlow last week if u ask me. :)

  • B.Houli , N.Malceski, B.Ellis? who should i trade in guys?

  • no Pig?!

  • Goddard swapped roles with Stanton, therefore it isn’t abnormal for a player of his calibre to score as such.

    O’Meara (my vote) is a silky smooth operator who stepped up a notch. Not quite GAJ but it looked like there was a touch of GAJ in him this weekend.

    Ellis (my 2nd choice) was outstanding as a rebounding def/mid type who also kicked a couple goals against Adelaide.

    Barlow maintained his consistency but otherwise it was his usual output.

    Gibbs returned to his best but was due a good game anyway.

  • Got rid of Jags this week nearly cost me but i did get Barlow in Return

  • I nearly nominated Hartlett, purely for the fact that he won me my eliminator and 3 league matches, but couldn’t bring myself to press the ‘tweet’ button..

  • Sorry none has to be t&a is Cloke for me

  • Barlows 115 for his price is actually below average.

    Ibbotson, Cloke, or Deledio i reckon. Out of the list, Goddard.

  • Even though I voted for BJ, personally I’d split it between Mayes and Whitfield seeing that most people would have traded them out long ago, their 99 and 95 got me over the line after the Luke Ball late withdrawal. Keeping them both for the bye rounds paid off.

  • Macaffer – Ellis via staker
    Zorko – Dusty/Cox?

    Thoughts? I wont be able to get cox or Martin probably for the rest of the season if I go with ellis, because ill be left with 2k…

  • Goddard for me as I made him captain. Cha-ching.

  • has to Goddard, their is a reason why we all have him and that is because of his consistency and his performance week in week out. not only did he go bang but he went bang when we all had less players on the park making our scores better

  • Agree with Goddard, got 150 +, that’s the shit, and not everyone has him except people on this website