Trigger Happy Round 11: Multi-bye time

Well the bye rounds are finally here and for one I am not pushing the panic button just yet. The teams have been fairly kind to us and we should all have the magical 18 players on the park.TriggerHappy

Multi bye rounds

I thought I would go a bit unique this week and discuss something that hasn’t been talked about much…’s these things called the ‘multi bye rounds’

New rules from last year means  means we can throw last years strategy out with Beau Waters as ‘Never Again’, so while it’s going to be a dam sight easier to have a competitive team on the park,it’s still going to be somewhat of a learning curve and we hope that we have similar rules for DT next year (unlike the AFL).

Anywho, last week I made up this nifty little bye management spreadsheet to help me visualise my team each week over the next 3 rounds. It’s pretty simple really. Any player you trade in or out this week, just replace them in rd 12 and 13 and see how it impacts on your team. It has absolutely no Rocket Science involved, but colour coding each player in to their respective bye round really helped me see how a trade this week will impact my team afterwards. As for many, my problems lie in round 13 so making sure I had a chance to get 18 on the park was pretty crucial and at this stage, with a bit of luck, I might be able to pull it off- just. In case you’re wondering yes, it’s my exact team and strategy for the next 3 weeks! If you are a visual person like me, I hope it can help you out.




Well there is very little to talk about in regards to defenders this week. While there are plenty of popular defenders out such as  Ibbotson, Hanley and Duffield, none are worth sideways trading out to fill a whole for a week, as they become a problems in the next 2 weeks. . In fact, the only defender that’s in the top 10 traded in or out this week is Bryce Gibbs($409,300 b/e 93) with coaches jumping on at his bottomed out price. We all know his scoring potential and can utilise his DPP during the next 2 weeks so a great move. Still be aware of the aaaalllll other round 13 players as I am trying to get them out of my team, not bring them in.



Interestingly, 80% of the top 10 players traded in this week have rd 13 byes! Be careful it’s not a band-aid solution! I can’t fault bringing in players like Swan, Stanton or Ball but just make sure you have a even spread of players and are not counting the donuts in rd 13!

Tom Mitchell ($108,500) Well this Cygnet lived up to his hype! even with a green vest he almost managed to crack the ton in his first game! unsurprisingly, he’s the most traded in player this week. This is a good trade on so many levels. 1 – he has a handy rd 12 bye and will be playing in rd 13 (hopefully) and is 2- likely to make you a heap of cash from a maxed out Wines, Jones or Evans which can allow genuine upgrades next week. 3 – he keeps the cash generation ticking along nicely to be able to finish off your team after the byes. Get him in, and get him in NOW.

If you are looking to upgrade and have a plethora of rd 13 players a couple of rd 12 bye players like Kieren Jack ($521,800, b/e 134), Scott Selwood ($491,200, b/e 100) and Chris Masten ($504,300 b/e 91) have all been talked up in here before and are still really good options for long term prospects in the midfield.



Mark Blicavs –  YOU HAD ONE JOB. Play round 11. That’s all we wanted. It’s even more cruel as you were just starting to hit form….

Fortunately we have a saviour in the form of sun Tom Nicholls (108,500) who made his debut last week and scored a very handy 76 points. and looks a good replacement for the injured Leuenberger. Now this could be a good band-aid trade as it wouldn’t matter too much if he didn’t play after the byes, he can just rot at R4. At least his did his job.

Matthew Kreuzer ($353,500 b/e 26) This bloke just won’t go away! The Kreuz is an ideal swap for Leuey, and is coming off a 119 last week. Kreuz  played ruck and foward, but was pleasing to see 8 tackles next to his name. which is always encouraging for consistent scores. Once again a rd 13 bye so beware!



Jimmy Barrrrtel ($499,000 b/e 90) Bartel is starting to come good on what we all originally picked him for! That’s dominate in our forward line! has a 5 round average of 113 and has started to get his points a bit more even throughout the game, rather than the ‘junktime Jimmy’ that was around at the start of the season – it’s a lot less stressful to watch! While I have been harping on about the danger of trading in round 13 players, it has to be noted that rd 12 players are very popular in the forward line so just make sure of the spread if you have one/all of Johnson, JJK, Stokes, Cox, NicNat, Reiwoldt and Goodes. On the plus side, he has DPP so if you can find a way to swing him into the mids, then you should be cherry ripe.

Ben Kennedy ($153, 500 b/e -22)  ‘BK’ finally got rid of the vest last weekend and rewarded his owners with an 87 point game. If only I had him on the field. Hopefully the performance willmean bucks will give him an extended run now! BK is a genuine band aid solution if you need a forward to play for 2 weeks and flick him before his bye in rd 13 for the likes of Neade, Mayes or Dwyer. Has DPP to the mids so you may be able to hold him. Always good to keep the cash generation going too.


Stubby’s Holders and Folders

Rockliff – Has been confirmed he will be back next week against the Dockers so don;t hit the panic button just yet! HOLD

Evans – The young demon has maxed out and if you are in a luxurious position to have a 18+ squad this week, then culling him for someone like Mitchell or Hrovat (if you want to know why you would trade in a player who isn’t playing, read the bullets ) – FOLD

Dwyer, Viney, Mayes and Neade – you need people playing over the next 3 weeks. some/all of these players aren’t guaranteed to get a game soon so will effectively have multi-bye rounds – get rid of them! – FOLD

Franklin – ‘Cloke V.2013′ can’t even beat up on the little kids! Whats Roughead and Breust doing stealing all his goals? We didn’t pick you to be a team player! Get selfish! a super luxurious trade if you can afford it  – FOLD 


The Ty Vickery Award

The condenders…..

Pearce Hanley – Was in some hot form on a wing and got a tag from Macaffer and spudded it up quicker than you can say ‘potatoes’. Has a week to think about what he has done. Hopefully just a blip on the radar but lets hope it doesn’t have the same effect as it did to Birchall


but the winner is…..

buddy Bloody Buddy. Was bought in to pick on the little kids of  GWS and Melbourne and somewhat failed. Only some junk time against GC gave him a respectable score. Surely he will come good after the bye? won’t he? At least he is cheap so the level of risk is a bit lower. I for one am staying well away until i see a double ton.





Running Review


A Solid week of 2079 last week despite a Stevie J captaining blunder and players like Murphy, Staker and Motlop performing less than desirable. Back into the top 3000 so it’s not all bad. Am quietly confident about the bye rounds as I hope I can make some ground up on the leaders with a full team each week, while upgrading some mid price players as I go. Evans and Lonergan depart my team and I welcome in Mitchell and Hrovat with $391k in the war chest. Locking in GAJ with the C.

How’s your team looking for the bye rounds? have you got a plan of attack?

Discuss it all below!

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  • Great read Jimmy Bob (if you last name is Thorton it should be). Surely Collingwood won’t do something evil like rest Swan against the Demons last minute will they? Will they? I can’t decide whether I am better off swapping Leu for Krue this week (which means I only have 18 fielded), or using Staker’s DPP to go Dwyer > Gibbs. Which would mean I’d have 19 (including Thurlow and M Daw – so er 17.5) but at least would be less risk of a 0 due to last minute bastardry. I’d be right either way for the R12 and R13 byes. Hmmmmm

  • Stuart

    Team is looking good JimmyBob with 20 on the park this week, probably 20 next week & probably 19 o 20 rd. 13.
    Have gone the double upgrade this week Wines to Hibberd & Mayes to Cloke (yes, both rd. 13)

  • Ty Vickery award should have gone to Eddie McGuire. Handled the incident with Adam Goodes with so much grace and then made those comments on radio. Buddy got pretty lucky.

  • Gunner6288

    Great article JimBob – in your opinion, would you trade Daw for Nichols or Viney for Kennedy?

    • Viney for Kennedy as Viney isnt playing this week will Daw is. All dependent on bye structure blah blah blah

  • Hey Jim Bob,

    Great article,

    I was just wondering of I should trade out Rowe for Mitchell or Evans for Mitchell?
    If I trade out Rowe I will have 19 players selected and $100 K in the bank but if I trade out Evans I will have 18 players on the park and $200K in the bank for a double upgrade next week.

    Decisions decision.

    Thoughts people

    • Rowe for Mitchell. Then you have coverage just in case there is a late out on Monday

    • cull evans..

      • fwiw im keeping evans for one more week (vs a non playing player lonergan) as Im giving evans a chance to get more points than another player in my best 18 vs losing little to no money for no chance to score points. hope that made sense :) Trading evans next week

  • wines > mitchell


    daw > nicholls OR daw > kreuzer?

    • same dilemma for me… :/ will greatly reduce my bank account as I am looking at getting Swan IN for Moloney this week.

      • yeee i actually cant decide lol…i think kreuzer will be decent for rest of the season but doin the 2 downgrades gives me 496k in the bank which will be handy!

    • Depends how much you rate the round 11 player upgrade next week.

      Kruezers bit like a premo filler(imo), so I feel he costs an extra trade down the track for him. He is priced well but I can safely assume you are commiting to a Nicholls trade next week. Thats his cost.

      I assume you might want to commit to a Hrovat trade too next week.

  • I have 230000 left in the bank . I am thinking trade out Dwyer for Kieron Jack and Leunberger for either Nicholls or Kreuzer. I have Blicavs and Rowe on the Bench in the rucks. What do people think? I am worried about Nicholls as he wont rise until round 12 plus I have Lonergan and Rowe still sitting on the bench so I don’t want to take any risks. Next week I would downgrade Evans to Hrovat and maybe Terlich to Birchall. Then the week after Lonergan to T Mitchell and Omeara to a premium mid like Mitchell.

  • Best part of this article? Blicavs – YOU HAD ONE JOB!!

    Great work Jim Bob :D

  • Great read JimmyBob although not sure about holding onto Rocky?
    He’s obviously not scoring this week, has a BE of 154 and has Freo & Cats next two rounds.
    My question is who do you bring in? Another Rd12 fwd not ideal… Maybe Blair? Scored 4 x 90+ this season and puts another 60k in the bank.

    • Rockys a sure thing for top 6 forward avg end of year surely. There’s 13 more rounds, I’m sure his points purpose outweighs his BE problem

      • well said
        rocky is a keeper therefor loss of cash is not a concern as he will still pump out big scores even if his BE is over 130.
        he will never drop below a whole lot cause he will make up for it again with big scores

      • I agree he’ll be a top fwd come end of year, more referring to MBR’s.
        Seems like a good option to trade now and pick up cheaper after byes. Not confident he’ll get 150 against Freo… but I do see your point

  • Great read . I am doing two upgrades to Kieran jack or Scott selwood. And bartel or riewoldt. Money isn’t a problem. I was sure on getting bartel but now hear rumours that he will be rested. What should I do

  • Shaweet as always JimBob!
    20 playing this week after dbl downgrade,
    Wines > Mitchell and Maloney > Kennedy
    Eliminator over and easy league win lined up, leaves me $762,700 for “Bye Round Shopping Spree! YIIIPPEEEEE!!!

  • Great Read Jimbob

    • Cheers Hook! hope you can keep the lead over the MBRs!

      • Cheers mate, gunna need some luck, but hopefully if I’m still in the top few come round 14 I should have a decent shot at it.
        Keep up the good work mate, love the articles

        • We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…

          Seriously though, go all the way to the 50K!! We’ll be cheering you on mate.

  • Nice work Jim Bob. I’m really undecided in whether to get Gibbs or Hibberd? The question is who will average more for the rest of the year?

    • that was my trade way back when Gibbs Got injured I went Gibbs to Hibberd.
      Tough choice, I still think Gibbs has the higher ceiling and will avg more for the remainder of the year (slightly cheaper too) so would probably say Gibbs.
      Hibberd has been really consistent though so cant really go wrong either way

      • U cant go wrong either by listening to this man ( HOOK) this guy is a genius.

    • Brak

      Can’y believe Hibberd is mow more expensive than Heppell, nice get for anyone who started with him. i did’nt have the cash so got Gibbs instead.

      • Nice trade! I sadly went with Birchall instead.
        I really like Hibberd and if I go Gibbs now I will probably get Hibberd straight after his bye. Yep Gibbs is too cheap to pass up for me so will be going with him, tough call though. And well done on your rank Hook, very decent effort for the first half of the year

      • Yeah neither can I.
        My original plan was to bring him in for a couple of weeks when he was 300k odd due to his low be, get some points while Gibbs was out and then straight swap back but he has been too good to trade out. He will probably stay in my team for the rest of the year now.

  • Great Article!!! Should mention about Brad Crouch back in the side. If he wasn’t named along with Blicavs being rested I would’ve been struggling for 18 starting players!!

  • Deztroyer

    evans – t.mitchell
    burger – nicholls

    next week:
    blicavs – minson
    moloney – barlow

  • Out goes lonergan and suban in comes mitchell and crouch which will leave me with 601k to upgrade in the next few weeks where i will go evans to barlow swallow will be upgraded TBA possibly upgrade lecras to bartell , terlich up to birchall gibbs or hanley

    • Deztroyer

      would forget about birch all… doesn’t seem to be playing like he was in the first 4 rounds…

  • Deztroyer

    really like to see hook’s thoughts on bring ryan griffen in after his bye this round?

    my mids are:
    swan, watson, k.jack, cotchin, pendals, ablett, t.mitchell, omeara (moloney, crouch)

    thought bringing in a rd 11 mid will be best.

    think griffen will be a good POD and is playing top footy and the dogs do have a good run in the second half

    who would you bring in Hook?
    would probably be between – griffen, barlow, mitchell i would think.

    • I have a soft spot for Barlow. I brought him in a couple of weeks ago and he has had 3 big hundreds in a row.
      Griffen has a great run, especially in the DT finals. I will probably look to sideways to him in the last couple of rounds against Melbourne and Brisbane.
      Not so keen on Mitchell this year.

      Personally I would bring in Barlow first, he is more reliable imo.
      Griffens 160 seems a bit out of place for him (kind of like Rosa last year) I don’t think he will repeat the feat any time soon. Great POD at less then 1% ownership but sometimes that is a double edged sword, if he scores bad you are the only one that cops it.

      In the end your choice mate, back in your gut if you think Griffen is about to go on a run.

      • Deztroyer

        thanks mate… appreciate you giving me advice.

        will think about it more… as i like griffen as he can score big, has a good run coming up and is a lot cheaper then barlow, but your right barlow is better of the 2, more consistent and less likely to get tag, but could start to get attention and if he did not sure he will handle it that well…

        so much to think about.

    • Griffen is bound to get the #1 tag at the dogs with boyd out aswell, although griffen is more damaging then boyd anyway

  • Good read Jim Bob,was just wondering either Barlow or K.Cornes?

  • neither playing this week but i would go Barlow

    • Deztroyer

      i know, I’m gonna bring one in next week.

      thanks for the advice seems the way to go really.

      • Brak

        everyone including myself will jump on Barlow next week, especially as my original target in Cotchin isn’t racking up big scores. Griffin I am not sure about as their Mids are unsettled with Boyd back out.

  • Great read Jimbob, i have never been so torn on what trades to pull this week!!
    It is doing my head in, i think part of the reason why, is because we have 4-5 good rookies coming through at the same time and all seem to have pretty good JS for their respective clubs ( mitchell, Hrovat, Martin, Nicholls ). I reckon i just have to realize i might have to miss out on 1 or 2 of them in order not too drop too many points overall, but still earn some good $$ on the bench for future upgrades.

    My trades this week, after downgrading last week. Wines-Stanton and Gray-Gibbs in the MID.
    Hopefully next week will trade Terlich-Hrovat (using Gibbs DPP) and Daw/Rowe-Nicholls/Minson.

    Obviously leaving it to bubble week for T.Mitchell…. and missing out on K Martin…

    I also have a 21, 19, 19 setup atm.

    Good trades?? thanks

    • HOOK……HOOK……HOOK ( the movie Hook, ala Dustin Hoffman ) any suggestions??? cheers

    • Seems like good trades without seeing the rest of your team. I am missing out on KMart too due to the number of rnd 13 mids I have.

      Bringing in Stanton and Gibbs should be a nice little boost of points for you this week.

  • How to be Captain: Ablett or Bartel?

    • ablett easily, more reliable as bartel can pull a big score but has to be his usual junk time jimmy self.
      ablett has proven he can score big for the last 4 weeks

      • for the last 7-8 years*

      • Back in the day bartel was the best in the land and averaged around 115 in 07,08,09
        ablett has only since c.2008 when he moved to the midfield

    • There is a really good article called Calvins Captains, you should check it out

  • Hey all!
    would like some feedback and advice on my team and trade thoughts which have changed after teams last night.

    DEF: Goddard, Hibberd, Gibbs, Heppell, Terlich, Thurlow(Vlastuin, Goodes)
    MID: GAJ, Swan, Pendles, Watson, Priddis, O’Meara, Evans, T.Mitchell (S. Mitchell, Moloney)
    RUC: Cox, Nicholls (Blicavs, Currie)
    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Kennedy, Stevie J, MaCaffer, Dwyer (Staker, Rocky)

    My trades this week were Lonergan and Leunberger to Mitchell and Nicholls

    salary cap: $501,600
    overal rank 403

    was thinking for round 12 blicavs/currie to minson and Moloney to hrovat
    then double upgrade in round 13, something like JOM/Evans to barlow/S.Selwood or one of them and dywer to riewoldt

    let me know what you think, cheers

  • Any reason why I shouldnt trade Mayes > Ben Kennedy.

    Makes plenty of cash, is playing this with a low BE. Can pick up Hrovat and Mitchell in the coming weeks.

    Makes sense right ?

  • Why would Virtual Sports put Blicavs as an injury: “Rested. Expected recovery time to be confirmed”.

    If he is rested, his is not injured…

  • What does everyone think of these trades.
    Mayes > T Mitchell
    Wines > S Selwood
    Mayes > Hutchings/Mitchell
    Hanley > Hibberd

    • Hutchings isnt playing this week so definitely dont pick him up, bad JS

      • Option 1 anyway. By a long way. I don’t understand trading out the 5th highest averaging defender based on one poor game where he was tagged.

        • Yeah, you’re right.
          Do you reckon selwood is the best to trade for wines, or should I go for Stanton, but leaving me with 5 rd 13 byes in the mids?

          • Depending on how you’re looking this week could go for a Rd 11 bye player (Barlow, Griffen) or there’s a couple of other Rd 12 options averaging just below S Selwood (Montagna, Jack (high BE though), Masten as a POD).

  • Thanks Jim. ATM I am torn I have done the double downgrade with daw- Nicholls and Moloney Mitchell leaving me with 500 k and can probs go Evans – Barlow and Terlich – round 11 defender.

  • G’day…. having a bit of trouble with injuries and bye rounds. Like most I guess.

    These are my plans:

    TRADES R11
    Daw (BE 113) > Kreuzer (BE 26)
    Evans (BE 73)> T. Mitchell

    TRADES R12
    Mayes / Dwyer > Kyle Martin
    Leuy > Nicholls

    Is Kreuzer the best ruckmen to compliment Cox? Is there a better choice out there?
    I considered Roughead – but that will only leave me with 16 players this week :s

    What you reckon?

  • is it worth getting rid of hanley this week.

    • You will lose money in the short term, but he will bounce back. I will be picking him up as soon as his price bottomos out in a week or two

  • Did Dywer get dropped or suspended ?

  • Awefreak

    I can afford any midfielder this week but they need to be a round 12 midfielder preferrably. I am thinking either JPK, Andrew Swallow and Scooter.



    • I’d recommend Scooter or Kieren Jack. Not much between them, but Scooter just ahead based on preference for ceiling over consistency.

  • who is scooter

  • jelwood > stanton
    daw > nicholls
    stanton trade helps structure and jelwood is shite this year… get fooled every year
    nicholls trade is a cash grab and so i can have a ruck in round 12, pre daw trade 0-4-0 ruck structure!

  • which trade is the 1 i should make
    sinclar-> nicholls or
    wines-> Hrovat
    please comment which 1 u think

  • Rucks:

    Pre-Trade = Cox, Blicavs, Leuenberger, Daw

    kruezer (at his cheap price and low break even)
    roughead (has a bye and doesnt help my structure)

    or keep Leuy ? Does anybody know how long he is out for?

    or is there someone else worth considering?

    • I got kreuzer last week and it worked well for me. He is rd 13 bye though.

      • thats the bitter pill Lewza.

        I could bring in Nicholls for Daw instead… and then trade Leuy to Roughead after his bye.

        What do you think?

  • Moloney > Barlow? don’t care that dockers have bye this week