The Sunday Knee-Jerk – Round 5

We’re back again. A week is a long time in Dream team, they say. Not long ago I looked at my backline and I saw solidity. The rest of my team was a shambles and it was my only blessing. Now I see a disaster waiting to happen. Gibbs could miss 1-2, while Goodes looks certain to be suspended for at least a couple of games. Pittard and Stevenson are not exactly certainties, while Heath copped a slight injury as well. That leaves us un-protected against donuts! That’s a bad thing, just ask Hanley loopholers (don’t worry, it will get discussed). Personally I’m ecstatic with my round, but others aren’t! On behalf of all those dreamteamers, it’s time to knee-jerk!

The Legends

Nick Riewoldt (153) was back to his best on ANZAC day, running around on an engine comparable to a rechargeable battery! He just ran all day, 30 touches for a key forward is incredible. I actually traded him out, which was near disaster! Luckily my debut captain Steve Johnson (141) stepped up in his place. He is probably the biggest flat track bully we’ve seen in DT, when he comes up against bottom 4 opposition he doesn’t just ton up, he seems to go 140+ every time! Looking at his fixtures, me likey. Get him in! Zorko (120) seems to have bounced back from a poor start and is getting more midfield time, especially with Rich out injured. Looks back to his tackling ways, he’s priced prime for the picking! Be wary of his fixtures though… O’Meara (115) was a star while Mayes (111) impressed. Gets a lot of cheap footy!

The Sunday Chops

The bubble has burst. The run is over. I can now speak his name again! The Hoff (45) was nowhere to be seen on Saturday. His BE is now going to be at ridiculous levels and the time is right to trade! It’s been great run though, you can’t deny that. Hodge (62) hasn’t had a good run for those who traded him in whilst sitting on his bubble. Take the money and run. Gibbs (54) kicked a lot of coaches in the groin when he got subbed. However it hurt so many that it probably doesn’t matter, who doesn’t have Gibbs?! The decision to trade or not based on his awkward time frame to return could be a deciding factor. I have to sit on the fence for now! Dangerfield (71) has to go. I’ve given him 5 chances too many this year, he just can’t break the tags and seemed to plod around the MCG without a care in the world at some points. He’s my gun on the chopping block this week! Goodes (61) gave it a good run too, I reckon he could be gone for at least 2 weeks for his hit on the weekend, however it’s deemed impact by the match review panel will be key. I’m praying for low/medium! Pittard (-). For approximately 1000 coaches out there who loopholed Hanley… **** you.

The Clown

It has to be the AFL and it’s refusal to update it’s policies, even if they know it to be wrong. The review system is a shambles at the moment, how many times to we have to hear the words “inconclusive”. I’m sick of it! Put a camera on each goal post and we might start getting places. Forgive me for saying this, but how hard can it be?

What we’ve learnt?

  • The eagles are chokers. Mark LeCras shanking a set shot?! What is wrong with the world.
  • Kicking for goal in the second most important part of the game. Forget your contested possessions!
  • Were the Dees much improved, or were Brisbane just terrible? Nobody can take much out of that game.
  • The Eagles 2014 preparations begin now! Demetriou is ok with tanking, right? That’s the impression I got anyway…
  • Dangerfield is a taggers pet.
  • Lindsay Thomas has been called down to the Eagles next training session to learn how to overcome goal kicking woes!
  • Jack Riewoldt needs to be bent over by Hardwick. He hardly works, doesn’t do sh*t all game, then yells at his teammates to run down the race? Pathetic.
  • Early season gloating is a bad idea. The golden rule, bubbles eventually burst.
  • Voss clearly had a bad year with the DT gods. He is determined to make our lives hell, Docherty was the latest casualty. Is Mayes next? Surely not… *gulp*
  • The General is back! Gotta love him.
  • Is the loophole really worth it? If it’s a guy like Swan I think there’s only 1 thing to do. Give him the C. Those with Hanley as their captain got taught a lesson when Pittard was a shock late withdrawal. Perhaps it should only be used for more speculative picks with a high ceiling. Your playing Russian Roulette while you’ve got rooks in your side, no bench cover is always a hazard!
  • Steve Johnson is a bigger flat track bully than the Sri-Lankan batting order. In fact probably the biggest of all time, behind Jason Gillespie.

This game sh*ts me

Forgive me for this if you ran into loophole trouble on the weekend, but this is all that gave me the sh*ts this week. The DT gods have a funny way of running things. I was looking at who to trade to SJ this weekend and lined up Bartel and Riewoldt. Looking at Riewoldt, he’d been a great pick and was solid, however his highest EVER score against Sydney was 122 and he’d averaged only 84 whilst facing the bloods. Compare that to 105 against North Melbourne, 105 against the Eagles and 102 up against Freo, in the same amount of games. On a smaller, congested oval in New Zealand against the reigning premiers surely he’ll have no space to work into, and perhaps struggle along to 80 or 90. Right? No. He goes and posts a career best score. CAREER BEST! That’s just a piss take. And that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces.

Personally I had picked a poor first up team and was ranked out at 20,000 just 2 weeks ago. However after Round 2 the new trading system kicked into place. I’ve had experience in the fpl caper and was confident of my plan going into this year. Treat it like you always treat DT. I usually use up all of my trades by around Round 14-15, just fixing errors, upgrading/downgrading rooks, injuries, the lot! It just meant I can use them all season without crawling to a stop during finals. Some have gone and thought, 2 trades a week?! I’ll trade like crazy, pick up guys for 2 weeks then dump him. Trade on form. I sat there with my lowly team and decided to hold on all my premos, sticking to my plan and got in every rook that has come along. Not only will my team be better for it come Round 18, my under performing premos have suddenly woken up! We can all have our different tactics but they are just my thoughts, trade like you usually would without making rash decisions that you normally wouldn’t. Get the rooks in when they come along and back in your premos. You selected them for a reason! Also remember the law of opportunity cost, the cost of the next best alternative forgone. To make one trade, you are giving up another. Don’t waste too many!

I somehow managed to get to a massive 2283 this week! Funny thing is, it was due to me not trying to knee-jerk! Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back to venting soon enough! Cheers.

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  • I think it’s high time for an article on who will be the top scorers in each position by season’s end and which players we should be striving to bring in accordingly. With 44 trades and great Cash Cows this season I think it’s very much attainable for everyone as long as you manage your team well.

    This is my guess after round five:

    BACK: Goddard, Birchall, Hartlett, Gibbs, Hanley, Heppell (Hibberd, Goodes)

    RUCK: Cox, Leuenberger (Griffin, Kreuzer)

    MIDS: Swan, Ablett, S. Selwood, Cornes, Cotchin, Watson, Murphy, Boyd (Swallow, Stanton)

    FWD: S. Johnson, N Reiwoldt, J. J Kennedy, Rockliff, Cloke, Bartel (Martin, Franklin).


    • too hard to guess, will change each round.

    • Pendles/Beams in midfield, I think Maric will start to outscore Leuenberger soon, N Roo will probably drop off in the next few games and Cloke is a bit too inconsistent so he may end up having too many stud weeks to do well. Apart from that everything looks about right…not sure whether we’ll be able to field a team with quite that much bench depth though.

      • Maric hasn’t done anything this season to disprove last season was a a flash in the pan.

      • Yeah Pendles needs to be there, not sure at whose expense though.

        Also, I wouldn’t expect anyone to have 2 premo emergencies in every line but was more of a who I think the next best 2 will be.

      • With so many trades in comparison to previous seasons and quite a few cash cows doing well, with some premium players not starting so well, I wouldn’t be surprised if something pretty similar to that came up, albeit with R4 being a bottom priced player who doesn’t get a game to use the cash elsewhere. Come round 15-16, we should all be pretty close to full strength, so what to do with those trades come that time of the season? Last year I had nearly a complete team with 2 or 3 trades left, so what would happen this year with 44?

    • Not a bad list. I dunno about premos on the bench tho :-)

      • The bench was really meant to be the next 2 players in line, not really an attainable goal to have them all, sorry for confusion :)

        Also, Scotland has to be in the backline aswell.

    • Pendlebury no doubt would be M4 or 5

    • And Franklin would still be F1-3, I’d also have Daisy as a forward

  • Forgot to say in my first post congrats on the score, and a top article as always. Guess that’s because I’m a little upset you beat me by so much in the DT Talk WA League (I’m Stockholm Syndrome). No 1, let’s keep it there!

    • Haha cheers mate. Unlucky for you this week, I guess the overall league position is what matters!

      • It is what matters. West is best, after all. And it wasn’t luck, poor trading on my part hurt. As did the Hoff.

  • Ollie wines, neade, rowe are 3 rookies close to culling. I know wines is a gun, and some are saying hes a keeper. I think its partly because of ports easy start. Tempted to even cull him this week, a traditional 1 rookie down, one up would turn wines into stevie J.

    • I’m considering Wines as M9 for the season. You don’t want him starting in finals, but that’s a luxury trade at this point I would have thought. The other two are close, but the issue is a lack of viable downgrade options.

    • I’m hapy to keep him until a viable replacement comes along, even then he is last on my rookie cull list

      • Personally I think O’Meara will just shade Wines as best mid rook this year.

      • Scores a few slightly lower scores like this weekand he will leak cash. Hes still a rookie. Im not sure if he can go much higher in value. Im most likely keeping him this week.

        • Wines has scored the 10th most points out of my whole team, more than Cox and Gibbs, more than JPK and Moloney so I think he deserves to stay. My plan is always try to cull the weakest links that you have starting by making cash from your bench players. (I upgraded a Port rookie DEF last week, maybe whitfield goes this week)

    • In a previous year I would be happy to have Wines as M7 (1st on bench), but this year nope he’s almost served his purpose

  • I have 975k in the bank.

    Most of my rooks have about a week left of fattening and then I can go on the biggest upgrading spell ever for about 4 weeks.

    Short term pain for getting a super premo awesome team mid season (thank God for 44 trades).

    • If there are premos at good prices you’d have to go for them as soon as possible though, you’re going to lose too many points on everyone if you try to catch every rookie price rise. Unless you’re in a difficult league and are just going for the league win.

  • is the looming crowley tag a reason to lay off Ablett another week?

    • Please, Ablett is so good now, he almost enjoys having some company for the whole game. That being said though, Crowley will try just about anything to stop him from scoring. Expect a slight decrease in scoring this week, but he should still crack a ton.

    • Show us your team pat and we’ll have a better idea of what your best moves this week are.

    • Last time they played, GAJ pumped out 177

  • DEF: Heppel, Goddard, Gibbs, Terlich, Goodes, Stevenson (Heath, Pittard)
    MID: Swan, Pendles, Ablett, Watson, Sidebottom, Barlow, Omeara, Wines (Viney, Evans)
    RUC: Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Rowe)
    FWD: Stevie J, Rocky, Bartel, Robinson, Dwyer,Mayes, (Maccafer, Neade)

    Thoughts and tips? This is after using 2 trades to go from Hoff and Whitfield to Stevie J and Sidebottom which I’m sure I’ll reverse a million times before lockout. Leaves me no money in the bank though and having to rely on rookie price increases.

  • DEF: Birchall, Heppel, goddard, Gibbs, goodes, pittard (stevensen, heath)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Cotchin, Fyfe, Liberatore, Wines, O’Meara, Evans (Neade Crouch)
    RUC: Cox, Leu (Blicave, Currie)
    FWD: Rocky, JJK, Dusty, Buddy, Bartel, Rowe, (Macaffer, Dwyer)

    i only have 18K in the bench, and with gibbs and goodes potentially missing next week im a bit stuck with trades …. Any ideas?

  • hepp,goddard,gibbs,goodes,stevenson,pittard,vlastuine,heath
    cox,burger,biclavs,89k no name

    thinkin hodge to dixon and 89k no name to gawn

    and got the cash for stevenson to birchill and hawkins to stevie j and hoff to gazza. just what order to do it.

    • How much money in bank? Must be AT LEAST a mil. Get Ablett ASAP IMO

      • i think he’ll poll below his BE this week so no harm pickin him up the next. famous last words.

        • Not sure what your strategy is.

          Personally mine is to bank as much cash now as possible while the really good rooks come through as these usually dry up as the season progresses. I know I’m sacrificing a lot of points early but I think this is the best long term strategy (for me).

        • Just to add to my post above, waiting that little bit longer to upgrade also lets me assess who the real premos are and who are the pumpkins *cough*Westhoff*cough* while generating boat loads of cash at the same time.

          • You could have a winning strategy, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  • more i think about it i need to get in hartlett before his price goes bonkers….so goodes to him

    hoff to sj or buddy wont be enough, so hoff to a premo fallen mid i think is the way to go….

    still think goodes/hoff > hartlett/barlow is the way to go for me…thats the best premo mid i can afford, only have 487k


  • Blicavs is Gawn and Laird is the Goodes this round ;)

  • hey matt, what did you come out of everyone this week, that was a very high score?

  • Westhoff to Kennedy and Whitfield to kade simpson or westhoff to stevie j and blicavs to daw?

  • Who’s better to punt for SJ? Bartel or Sylvia? Both been scoring around the same but Jimmy is 50k more exxy and dropping cash while Col is holding steady. Thanks

    • Bartel is dropping cash cause he goes easy on the easy teams. He will harden up against better teams, especially in the last quarter.

      Sylvia’s best, when he was at his best was 140, but he’s past that now. I got rid of him cause for every low hundred he scores he often dishes out crap like a 30-odd.

      If going for SJ, why not sell out Bartell now, and bring him back later when he’s cheaper.

  • Currently looking at Blicavs to Gawn.

    Unsure of where to go next but would like to upgrade.

    1 Howlett has been frustrating so thinking him to watson. Or should I go higher to swan?


    2 Also think Dwyer has run his course so him to reiwoldt.


    • If you can afford Dwyer to Riewoldt then go for that! If you don’t have SJ then I still think he is a better bet, otherwise you can go howlett to swan/watson and target a cheap buddy for round 8

  • Wines (BE46) and Whitfield (BE10) facing the chop soon for mine. Burgoyne and Boyd are on my shortlist. Gibbs will be benched this week. Hate side trades.

  • DEF: Heppell, Gibbs, Waters, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Terlich, Conquloun)
    Mid: Swan, Pendulbry, Cotchin, Ablett, Swallow, Wines, Whitefield, Omera (Crouch Evans)
    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Wright, Macaffer (Neade, Dwyer)
    Cash – $107,100

    NEED HELP WITH TRADES would be appreciated a lot

    ( was thinking Gibbs to Birchall and then Goodes out for Laird)

    • Goodes to Laird and Gibbs to Goddard is more sensible imo.

    • Birchall is great but you are taking a pretty big risk not owning Goddard like almost everyone else does.