Round 4 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatIt’s round four and would you believe, another big week in AFL Dream Team! A few more injuries, suspensions and a couple of interesting selection issues will mean for most DT coaches, we’re using our trades out of necessity… not the luxury trading we’d all like to use with these 44 trades!

The most popular trades for this round have been injured Travis Varcoe to second gamer Sam Mayes followed by broken thumb man Matthew Kreuzer to bubble boy and value ruckman Matthew Leuenberger. What trades have you pulled for round four?

Chat about your teams over the weekend here and your progressive scores. Make sure you post how many have played so we can get an idea of where you sit.


  • In one quarter crouch has scored more than Viney did for the whole game. FMDT.

  • can people please stop all these shitty rumors about people not playing!
    Unless the club or player has confirmed it or they aren’t named on the team sheet, don’t start a rumor

    cox, pendlebury, dangerfield, leuenberger and hanely just examples throughout the week

    • People start half the rumours just to get others to waste trades. Ignore most of them – pay attention if it one of the DT Talk’s writers.

  • Reckon anyone will trade Viney to Evans this week?

  • Grimes finally showing signs from last year and O’hAilpin showing why I had him all preseason and traded him out to Blicavs just because he wasn’t named.
    I am tempted to do Blicavs to O’hAilpin if he shows something against greater opposition.

    • To add to that, Cooney showing why I picked him over Moloney as my unique In the mids… 71 at half time.

  • Goodes is absolutely destroying it, his work rate + cheap +6s are great to watch

  • Brett Goodes = DT god.

  • Merrett is an angry thug no need for that tackle…

  • majak sets world on fire
    only to get concussed 15 minutes into the game…. :(

  • Looking alright with 1776 and still have molony, rocky, jacobs, daw and goodes still playing might get a par 2000 with nice scores from Capt. Swanny, gazza, westhoff and hartlett. Some downers are bartel, chappy, VINEY!!!!, J.J. Kennedy and both pittard and whitfield tearing it up on bench.

  • JPK – 59
    Dusty – 58
    Cox – 75
    Viney – 18
    Bartel – 66
    and A Swallow sitting on 18 at the moment.

    I’ll be happy with 1800 this week. I may even be outscored by my Fantasy Elite team.

    2014 preparations are underway.

  • Currently sharpening my axe for this week. On the chopping blocks JPK and Martin, ur on the never again list in DT. With any luck 2000 is within reach.

  • 1998 with leuy and rockliff still going.
    What looks like par this week?

  • 2007 with luey and rockliff i had crouch and pittard off and i had viney martin and jacobs

  • 2054 with a quarter to go for Zorko (yeah, still have him…), Rockliff, Moloney (blergh x 2), & Hanley.

    Could be 2110+ with some bench options on the field and vice versa, but that’s DT.

    • Hanley apparently has his knee iced up and isn’t playing for the rest of the game :\

      • That’s a shame, I only just got back home from a camping weekend away so I haven’t watched any footy at all.

        Even with that news I have a final score of 2138, so I’m pretty happy I guess.

  • 2162 for me, pretty happy, I know I’m not 100% confident in a lot of my guys. Bad move I made was prematurely trading roughy out of the ruck instead of mumford, missed out on +60 there. Mumford and Karnezis are on the chopping block before they start leaking cash, Griffin/Minson in and Mayes on the bubble barring injury.

  • Hi guys quick question
    Tyson Goldsack was in my starting team and didn’t play, does that mean my emergency replaces him

  • Who should I trade for caddy – starting as sub lately not sure if to get crouch to free some money, thoughts ? And should I consider trading mummy for leunberg ?