Lefty’s In-Vestments – Rd 4


Welcome to Lefty’s In-Vestments, where I will have a crack at picking the dreaded green vests for each weeks games. Nothing is more annoying than seeing your player with that horrible green vest on and it can cause fits of rage and expletive filled rants in the middle of family lunches (ask my fiancé about Karnezis the other week..)

So to try and avoid any more embarrassing outbursts, every Thursday night from now on I will assess the team line ups, look at the last 3 green vests for each team, and try and work out the most likely starting sub candidates. I will also try and outline the Sunday teams likely green vests from the squads of 25 (good bloody luck I hear you say and I agree!)

So here we go – Round 4


Adelaide Crows

In – Lynch, McKernan, Kerridge, Laird, Lyons

Out- Van Berlo, Vince

Last 3 Subs –          Martin, Porplyzia, Vince

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Johncock. Look to inject late in 3rd quarter across half forward and give a burst of contested footy and goal scoring.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Lyons. Youngster trying to break in may be eased in via green.


Brisbane Lions

In – Harwood, Crisp, Karnezis, Paparone, Docherty

Out- Polec, Yeo

Last 3 Subs -          Beams, Karnezis, Polkinghorne

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Karnezis. The Karny clown may well continue the heartbreak and cop the kermit suit.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Harwood. Gives options for Vossy by being swung anywhere on the ground.


Carlton Blues

In – Warnock, Curnow, White

Out- Kreuzer, Davies, Buckley

Last 3 Subs -          Joseph, McLean, Buckley

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Lucas. Hasn’t shown enough since his good NAB cup form, may be used as sub to spark him into action.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – White. Can play back and mid, may free up scotland to play on ball by taking his place in the backline late in game?


Collingwood Magpies

In – Seedsman, J Thomas

Out- Frost, Johnson

Last 3 Subs -          Dwyer, Seedsman, Fasolo

Lefty’s #1 Sub – J Thomas. Smaller running forwards are the green rage at the Pies.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Seedsman. Looks the most likely other than J Thomas but I pretty sure it will be JT.


Essendon Bombers

In – Hille, Winderlich, Pears, Baguley, Merrett

Out- Ryder, Colyer, Kommer, Fletcher, Kavanagh

Last 3 Subs -          Zaharakis, Kommer, Colyer

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Merrett. Surely will be the green in this line up?

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Winderlich. May be eased back after injuries?


Fremantle Dockers

In – Neale

Out- Pavlich

Last 3 Subs -          Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Neale. Late run could be a massive boon for the dockers

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Sutcliffe. Ross Lyons pet sub of 2013 may be the new Andrew Gaff!


Geelong Cats

In – Rivers, Horlin-Smith

Out- Varcoe, Murdoch

Last 3 Subs -          Horlin-Smith, Stokes, Caddy

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Horlin-Smith. Looks pretty much a certainty.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Smedts. Hasnt set the world on fire but can score goals in bursts


Gold Coast Suns

In – Murphy, Prestia

Out- Allen, Russell

Last 3 Subs -         Matera, Brennan, Russell

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Prestia. Fits the bill of running goal scorer and returning to side.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Shaw. Named last on bench and I couldnt find another better choice.


GWS Giants

In – O’hAilpan, Miles, Palmer, Golds, Tomlinson, Townsend, Frost, Haynes

Out- Brogan, Hampton, Smith, Patton, Hoskin-Elliot

Last 3 Subs -         Adams, Hoskin-Elliot, Reid

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Miles. Supposedly not the favourite son but if he can get his attitude right is no doubt of his potential.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Whitfield. Coin toss amongst 5 so this is an out an out guess(maybe Golds if he gets a game)


Hawthorn Hawks

In – Osborne

Out- Anderson

Last 3 Subs -         Anderson, Savage, Gunston

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Osborne. Goal kicking runners have been the trend here and given his leg issues seems logical to ease him in.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Puopolo. Same type as Osborne, and could be very damaging as a fresh runner versus a 2/3 game weary opposition.


Melbourne Demons

In – Spencer, Watts, Gawn


Last 3 Subs -         Blease, Rodan, Toumpas

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Bail. Should be the sub, reasonable runner and offers a bit of flexibility.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Watts. Maybe playing him fresh against tired players will give him a boost of confidence?


North Melbourne Roos

In – Anthony, Greenwood, Sierakowski, Daw, McKenzie

Out- Tarrant, Harper

Last 3 Subs -          Anthony, Jacobs, Wright

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Gibson. Last years star has struggled this season – may be reminded he needs to put in every week?

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Anthony. Has already adorned the green this season, Scott may go with him again.


Port Adelaide Power

In – Gray, Cassisi

Out- Mitchell, Stewart

Last 3 Subs -         Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Neade. Port will be wary of overtaxing the lightly framed young forward.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Gray. Returning from injury may be eased in AFL duties


Richmond Tigers

In – Nil

Out- Nil

Last 3 Subs -         Nahas, Ellis, Ellis

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Knights. Pefect vest candidate for mine, runs and hits the scoreboard and as a veteran should be managed through year?

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Ellis. Going for the unwanted threepeat of green – surely he gets to start this week ahead of Knights?


Saint Kilda Saints

In – Simpkin, Siposs

Out- Newnes, Blake

Last 3 Subs -         Dennis-Lane, Schneider, Ray

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Siposs. Look for him to play last quarter on the ball

Lefty’s #2 Sub –Saad. Run, carry and ability to hit the scoreboard may be enhanced against tired opponents?

Note : If T. Lee was quicker I would select him but I think he is too slow to be an effective green but very likely red vest.


Sydney Swans

In – Morton, Rampe

Out- Bird, Everitt

Last 3 Subs -          Armstrong, Bird, Bird

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Morton. The ideal running goal threat for late in a tight game

Lefty’s #2 Sub –Armstrong. Was the sub first round, and can be swung forward and back


West Coast Eagles

In – McKenzie, Dalziell

Out- Embley, Brown

Last 3 Subs -          Embley, Dalziell, Cripps

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Dalziell. Running power late will be very handy

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Hams. The pint sized speedster plays in bursts and holding him back may be a masterstroke late in the game?


Western Bulldogs

In – Boyd, Markovic, Cordy, Tutt, Howard, Stringer, Johannisen, Macrae

Out- Murphy, Higgins, Wood, Campbell, Dickson

Last 3 Subs -        Smith, Stevens, Smith

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Stringer. May be eased into season via green vests to manage body.

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Tutt. Burst type player may be held back til 3rd quarter


So there you have it – my views on the likely vests this round. Hope this helps you in deciding who to start on the field (or even trade in/out) but please remember this is a ‘best guess’ article and I am just presenting my views and trying to apply some logic to the likely scenarios. In other words send praise when I get it right but no sooking if I guess wrong haha!

As always I will post the follow up on Monday to see how many I got right and see if any patterns for teams are emerging. ie certain types of players always vested, rookies on debut, returning injured stars etc.

My number one vest pick for the weekend – Morton (Sydney)

Good luck – and feel free to tweet me when I get it right/wrong over the weekend!