Trigger Happy: Renovation Round

Welcome to renovation round!TriggerHappy


This is the round that you flick the under-performers or speculative picks, and pick up those players that somehow slipped trough your 1000s of hours of pre-season research. How did that happen?

Even back in the stone age where we didn’t have 2 trades a week, it was common practice that you use your first 2 trades of the season to right the wrongs of the first 2 rounds . In these days of YOLO there is definitely more than 1 strategy worth trying to see you try and improve your team.


1. Trading for cash generation – This one is pretty simple.  Sideways trade those unique rookies you thought would come out of nowhere and take the game by storm, or were picked just because they were named round 1 (Scott Lycett, I’m looking at you) to the rookies that have been looking like premiums. Here is a list of blokes you NEED to have in your team if you want to make sure you have enough cash generation


 Rank Player Projected price increase after rd 3
1 Jaeger O’Mera $84,300
2 Brett Goodes $78,600
3 Ollie Wines $74,200
4 Jack Viney $65,700
5 Lewis Stevenson $64,300
6 Heath Campbell $56,000
7 Sam Dwyer $55,600
8 Jake Neade $53,500
9 Lachie Whitfield $48,500
10 Matt Jones $48,300

Some of the popular rookies being traded out are green vest specialist Kane Mitchell, yet to debut tiger Nick Vlastuin and the bloke with one of the coolest gangster names in the AFL Jimmy Toumpas.

If you kept your finger on the pulse in the preseason, you would likely have 60% of these players already and maybe brought some of them in last round. As long as you have 7-8 of these players, you have got plenty of cash generation for the first part of the season.  This is a pretty conservative strategy, but tried and tested none the less.

2. Trading to prevent cash loss – Those premos that promised lemonade but gave you lemons?  Trade their sorry asses! With more trades than Melbourne’s percentage, team loyalty has been thrown out the window this season. You didn’t give me a 100? oh but you were being tagged by 2 players in the wet? The roof was open??? I don’t care! You’re outta here!

Here are some players who will lose the cash after they complete round 3.

Rank Player Projected price loss after rd 3
1 Brock McLean $56,000
2 Mitch Robinson $46,500
3 Toby Greene $41,900
4 Shane Tuck $33,700
5 Andrew Gaff $32,300
6 Dayne Zorko $31,600
7 Patrick Dangerfield $28,600
8 Jack Redden $26,400
9 Gary Ablett $16,400
10 Dane Swan $13,800

** Greg Broughton owners, you will have to wait another 2 weeks before you lose money on him.

The idea about giving the flick to the premos, is that you jump on of the gun rookies due to skyrocket,  or a  Midpricer like JJ Kennedy, Westhoff,  or Moloney who have shot out the blocks. This gives you some cash in the bank from the downgrade and ensures you still keep generating cash.

The big question you have to ask with this strategy is ‘Will the players I traded in score as many points as the guns I traded out?’  after all, the aim of the game is to get as many points as possible.  It’s a super ballsy strategy and the main flaw I see is that when you plan to get these sort of guys back in to your team in 2 or 3 weeks time when they have bottomed, you may have bigger fish to fry in other areas of your team.  Westhoff has turned back to a pumpkin? JJK re-injured his ankle? (knowing the eagles’ luck). You could be stuck with expensive duds in the prime cash cow culling season, or missing out on the next bubble boy.

While I don’t want to sound too pessemistic about this strategy, it’s high risk and high reward and could put you out ahead of the pack. A lot of luck will be needed and my experience tells me that any trades you plan to make in 3-4 weeks time is generally more wishful thinking, with a million variables between then and now.

The Ty Vickery Award

This year, I am deciding to give an award each week to the player  who shows a purple patch of form and traded into a bazillion teams, only to return to their former glory the next week.

The inaugural winner of the Ty Vickery award is a pretty clear cut winner Ty Vickery!vickery


Vickery came out in round 1 with all the promise of a ‘Breakout’ season, tonning up and followed this display with a Melbourne effort  of 34 and  a red vest. Fortunately he has a b/e of 8 so won’t lose any money, but can’t be relied on as a consistent scorer – I did tell you last week!


Stubby’s Holder’s and Folder’s

Patrick Karnezis – $238,500 B/E 64 The name that has turned to mud in DT circles quicker than  Israel Falou changes codes, Karnezis gave all a big FMDT when he was given the green vest for a paltry 9 points. Now the most traded player out this week and involved in 1 out of every 10 trades, it should be a no brainer to Fold him. Not quite.  His break even is is very gettable if he plays a whole game, he plays Melbourne and GC in the next 3 weeks and the season ending injury to Claye Beams may help him stay in the team and also out of the vest. While his job is to make money, he shouldn’t bleed too much money so he stays another week in The Running Man – HOLD

Kane Mitchell $119,300, B/E 22 Kitchell hasn’t been let off the leash yet, getting to know the Port green vest intimately for the past 2 weeks and thus has given us an average of 21.5 when he has got on the park. Conditioning says that he either gets a full game or is dropped to SANFL for a run down there. Will obviously make your decision easy if he is dropped and won’t generate cash as quick as other rookie mids.  Stays in my team this week as I have bigger fish to fry but the majority will likely – FOLD

Jack Watts $360,600, B/E 153 – Why was he even in your team in the first place? Because a number 1 pick HAS to improve at some point? He’s been put down back and he’s a super reader of the play? not yet! – FOLD

Zac Smith $300,700, B/E 95 – Like so many players in Gold Coast Smith has hit the fabled 3rd year of AFL and may start to get the hang of things as a ruckman – not yet. With a paltry average of 41 in the first 2 games, many picked  him based on structure and to keep Leuenberger’s spot warm until he returned. Well this week, the Smith to Leuey trade will make you $65k. Welcome Leuey! FOLD


The Round up

The Running Man had a pretty good week with the defenders being the stars. Heppell, Goddard and Birchall all shone in the 2074 and a ranking of 1373 is my best ever. This week I’m making the conservative trades of Lycett and Bradley Hill (Speculative pick that didn’t pay off) to Wines and Neade and locking in the pig for a 3rd week running. Backing my premos and hoping for big ones from Dangerfield, JJK and Cox.  Hoping to crack the top 1000 for the first time ever this week.

Finally, I will leave you with some light entertainment for the up coming Saturday night game. Don’t get too drunk!


BT bingo

Who are your renovation trades?


What strategy are you employing?


discuss below!


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  • kennedy to moloney
    duffield to dixon/harbrow
    or kitchell to whitfield
    as my second trade already trade smith for berger and got plenty of cash

  • I know we have ‘unlimited’ trades but some of these comments seem to he forgetting the basics of DT. Why are people concerned about the likes of Zorko dropping in price?? You got him as a premo. His price is irrelevant. 2 bad games don’t make a season. He’s got the suns this week so wouldn’t be surprised to see him pump out 120.

    • 90% of players dont really have a chance of an outright win, and H2H bragging rights is their main objective, in this case dropping a premo b4 he losses cash then getting him back at a lower price is very relevent

  • Karnezis OUT

  • Please give your thoughts on my trades for this week

    I.Maric –> Luenberger
    K.Mitchell –> Moloney

    Cash Left: 132K

    My MID and RUC lines will look this with these trades

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Deledio, Moloney, Wines, O’meara (Kommer, Viney)

    RUC: Cox, Luenberger (Blicavs, Rowe)

    • whose in your forward line?

      could you go trade karnezis to leuey by putting cox in the fwd line?

      you wont have to worry about a ruck trade again (hopefully)

    • keep maric and just leave mitchell on your bench and put viney on your field.

  • Trading out Greene

    For Pendles, Swallow or Ablett??

    BE and projections says Pendles?? Ablett in a week or two with a price drop. Swallow low BE but higher risk???


  • Players im keen on removing:
    Byrnes, Karnezis, Bolton & Zorko? Also have Dangerfield, Lucas and JPK in my mid. Who to get rid of first?

    • and Kane Mitchell, who i might swap to vlastuin, in the coming rounds.

    • I’d ditch Byrnes and Karnezis big time. Can you downgrade one to Dwyer and upgrade the other?

  • How much would swallows price rise after this round?

  • $23,700 according to ass coach gold

  • Seriously considering trading Zorko to the Hoff then trading him to Buddy in 2 weeks time… Someone please talk some sense into me

  • Keep Zorko or trade Zorko!?

  • Looking to trade out two:(Preffering k mitchell and cox ATM)
    1. K Mitchell
    2. Chapman
    3. Karnezis
    4. Cox (FWD)
    5. Armstrong

    And trade in:
    1. Monfries
    2. Crouch
    3. Terlich

    • Why would you trade out Chapman? At least he’s been performing well the past two weeks especially if he’s in your forward line.

    • I would take a serious look at the Eagles upcoming draw before trading out Cox.


      Nic Nat should be back in there at some stage too. Will be backing him to lift his average and barring injury, be a keeper. Would worry more about losing money from players that you got to make money than for your keepers…

  • how much is westhoff suppose to go up? thinking of going karnezis to westhoff then trading westhoff out after this week to dale thomas

  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on

    Karnezis to Dwyer
    K.mitchell to mullet ( for mullets price rise then next week trade him out for crouch)

    • thats what you can do with heaps of trades!

      as long as there is no other major flaws in the tea, go for it!

      • Just new to the cash cow stuff cheers!

        Only other things are Zorko and maybe danger but I think I might hold them what do you think?

        • back you premos for a couple more weeks. even if they lose a bit of value im sure you’ll find other guns who have also dropped

  • Out: Scully Smith
    In: Viney Goldstein


  • What should I do? One out of:
    Karnezis to Kennedy
    Karnezis to Neade
    Patton to Neade

    My other trade was Plowman to Heath.

    • Get kennedy in there if you dont have him, hes a gun. Didnt touch the ball in the first quarter against the hawks, kicks 5 goals and almost tonnes up. Hes my boy, had him locked since preseason

      • yeah, im gonna trade Byrnes-JJK.
        not sure on what to do with karnezis, bolton, and zorko. :/

        • Hold Zorko for this week I reckon and if he can’t perform against Gold Coast get rid of him

  • Awesome article! Lots to think about this week.

    I’m considering either Zorko > Dwyer then K. Mitchell > Watson


    Karnezis > Dwyer then K.Mitchell > Moloney

    Currently have three rookies playing in mid (Wines, O’Meara, Viney on field with Mitchell and Kommer on bench) and not one starting in forward line (Neade and Macaffer on bench). Maybe the extra forward rookie playing, would even the load a little more (first option would do this). Any thoughts on this trade folks?

    • Option 2 in my opinion
      Simply because Zorko could come out and smash Gold Coast!
      Your still making money with Dwyer and Moloney, I have done pretty much the same trade except went with A.Mullet cause I couldn’t afford Moloney

  • how much is kennedy going up in cash this round??


    how much is karnsis going down??

    • Predictor is saying if Karnesis was to play he would probably drop $8,900
      and Kennedy will go up around $45,300

  • Need some help please!
    I’ve made the trade of karnezis to jjk
    2nd trade
    Grimes to Birchall
    Grimes to Charlie Dixon
    Dangerfield to Swallow
    Dangerfield to Moloney
    Put cox in the forward and go zorko to Kruzuer
    Kane mitchell to matt jones
    Feedback would be great!

  • Considering the lack of good forward options I was thinking of getting Monfries or Westhoff in. I’m thinking Westhoff won’t hold his form, what about Monfries??

    • Port haven’t played anyone, (they will this week thou ;) a better indication of where Monfries is at will come in the next few weeks. If it was me I would hold on that one, but then again with so many trades this year you could always trade him out again if it goes pear shaped.

  • am i the only one to be thinking of dumping kruezer when his price is maxed out in about 2 weeks? i mean he started strong last year as well only reason i picked him

  • Thinking about going:
    Bolton –> Josh J Kennedy.
    Karnezis –> Elliot.
    also have shannonbyrnes that i need to get rid of.

    • opinion of elliot vs monfries, westhoff (is the difference in score vs difference in price rise?)
      i have no idea!

  • Trading out Shannon Byrnes, had it locked in on Jamie Elliot (i liked the way he played and think hes got a lot of potential) but now thinking about Westhoff(due to his price rise) or maybe Monfries
    I think Elliot scores are the most honest and Monfries and Westhoff havn’t been tested properly, Is Elliot a risk with Fasolo coming back to play?

    • yeah ive gone bolton–> kennedy.
      so i’ve got cash to go byrnes – elliot or monfries etc.
      But im worried that i wont be satisfied, considering theres Dixon and Moloney in the mid which are tempting to get, but the only mid i’d be thinking of removing is JPK DANGER and LUCAS. but i want to give them all another round.
      next round, if zorkos plays bad, hes gone ill swap him for petterd if he plays well. sorry this messages is a bit messy to read.

      • All good! i think im gonna stick it with elliot, as i still have the under performing varcoe (dt irrelevant) and dont want to get a bandaid solution, also have zorko who i really want to keep! and pavlich who i cant get rid of yet (due to his reasonable performance last week)..
        still have westhoff (+40k, with a score 70pts in round 3)
        vs elliot, monfries (~+20k, with a score of 70pts in round 3)
        taking this into consideration isn’t making it any easier.

  • would appreciate some feedback
    so do i go geary > suban (to make cash)and zsmisth > kreuzer/ goldsteing
    or karnezis > robbi gray? or some other cheapo and then zsmith > kreuzer/goldstein

    • hm, id go karnezis to -elliot, monfries, JJK, or westhoff. thats if you got the cash.

  • my rookies are pretty solid but want to bring in Ollie Wines this week, i have the option of ditching k. mitchell or k.stevens (POD fail!) both named emergancy this week.. who should i trade out?!

    • Ditch Stevens

      I’m in a similar boat as I picked Brad Hill and was hoping for an 80 average as you would expect from the long run Mitchell will likely make more coin than Stevens (once he gets a full game) and you also get $40k out of the trade.

  • On the verge of breaking down trying to decide between my trade options lol

    Dangerfield or JPKennedy > Moloney
    Vlastuin or Kitchell > Whitfield
    Smedts or Karnezis > Dwyer or Monfries

    also not too sure if I should keep Mitch Robinson simply to avoid the cash drop??

  • Thoughts on cooney?

    I traded out danger for him. Did moloney just get lucky?

  • Hey guys, started a bit of project called Journey of the Salmon Boys, about my Dreamteam. Currently 121st overall, just wanted to use it as a way to record and discuss my trade thoughts and ideas throughout the season. Love to hear thoughts about it and Dreamteam. Thanks

  • Thoughts in Johnson this round thinking if trading him in for zorko

  • so does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do this week with over 500k in the bank, wanting to trade patton out and also looking to get rid of watts and stephen hill.