Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 2


Do not underestimate the importance of your trade decisions this week! A balance of good earnings accompanied with consistent scoring is the aim and funnily enough it’s not just about the rookies. Liberatore, Dixon, Moloney, Monfries, Mullett and Jesus, I mean Westhoff are a few surprise packets taking some attention away from this year’s crop of rookies. Let me take this opportunity to remind you that good performing rookie priced players earn you a lot of money in a very short period of time! Thus, make sure that you are confident with all your rookie selections before you go chasing other potential cash cows.

Two Gamers

Even though everyone’s got him, it’s still pleasing to see Jaeger O’Meara dominate. In an old fashioned wet weather slog against last year’s premiers, Jaeger had a whopping 104 dreamteam points from 12 kicks, 13 handballs, 5 marks and 7 tackles! Typically, rookies struggle in the wet against the hardened bodies of the opposition but not O’Meara. His performance last weekend ensures that he remains an automatic starter in your team until you can afford eight premo midfielders.

Lachie Whitfield had a massive 41 dreamteam points at quarter time after roaming all over AAMI stadium and he went on with it, scoring 102 by games end. Whitfield started on a wing and then played a bit of half back which, appeared to be a tactic to free him up. The most impressive aspect of Whitfield’s game was his gut running which led to him taking 9 uncontested marks. Jonathan Patton was a great target for the Giants kicking a goal and scoring 67 dreamteam points. He’s doing pretty well considering the quality of football entering the Giants forward line so expect similar scores from Patton in future rounds. Lachlan Plowman was disappointing scoring a dismal 23 dreamteam points. Those with Plowman need to weigh up whether its worth off loading him to a cheaper defender with a much higher break even.

After his game against Carlton, I reckon Sam Dwyer now believes that he belongs at AFL level. In front of 84,000 fans, Dwyer made a name for himself after collecting 10 kicks, 13 handballs, 6 marks, 3 tackles and a goal for 90 dreamteam points. Given that he was one of Collingwood’s best players, there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll hold his spot. However, with a host of stars coming back for the Pies through the VFL, the pressure will be on Dwyer to perform week in week out. Brent Macaffer is steadily improving after a year out of the game. He looked far more threatening this week against the Blues than he did in Round 1. Macaffer had 11 touches, 4 marks and an impressive 6 tackles for 66 dreamteam points. He’s an important role player for Collingwood so I reckon his spot in the side is safe…for now.

The Power rookie brigade of Oliver Wines 81, Lewis Stevenson 71, Jasper Pittard 78 and Campbell Heath 74 all contributed to the win over the Giants and all have secured their spot in Port’s best 22. You need at least three of these players in your team to remain a dreamteam threat! Cameron O’Shea chipped in with 59 dreamteam points and even though he has been a reliable defender for the Power, you wouldn’t pick him at $164,900 ahead of his cheaper defender teammates.

Last week I was very critical of Jake Neade but after scoring 75, I now have to eat my words. The pacey Port forward proved a handful for GWS with his ability to continually hit targets in the forward 50. Interestingly, my trusty stats website, tells me that Neade currently leads the AFL for goal assists at 3 per game. As great as Neade has been, I’m still very doubtful that he’ll score well against the more hardened and experienced teams. He’ll be named in Port’s best 18 for the Showdown and then in Round 4, the Power face the Suns so for those with Neade, enjoy the cash grab.

It’s Round 2 and already Brett Goodes cops a tag. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Even with the tag from de Boer, Goodes managed 13 kicks, 8 handballs, 6 marks and 3 tackles for 82 dreamteam points. Continue to start Goodes on your field.

Melbourne trio Jack Viney 59, Matt Jones 48 and Jimmy Toumpas 32 all performed well below their best. Lets hope the Demons can improve collectively so these guns can increase their dreamteam scoring output. If you’ve got Toumpas, get rid of him!

Luke Brown played really well against the Lions and I now see why the Adelaide Football Club rate him so highly. He’s a competitor and he definitely held his own against McGrath. Brown had 12 kicks, 7 handballs, 5 marks, 2 tackles and 74 dreamteam points. If you’ve got Brown then you’re a better judge than me.

Jackson Merrett, 71 enjoyed the training drill against Melbourne but he’s still on the outer at Essendon in my opinion. Mark Blicavs, 57 picked up more possessions this week and provided a better presence around the ground but his ruck work is still average. Jed Anderson, 54 is a fiery little bugger and his pace complements Hawthorn’s aging midfield. Anderson is doing a lot right at the moment so I’d be surprised if he was omitted in the short term.

Kane Mitchell, 19 and Nick Kommer, 25 were the only rookie priced players to wear the green vest in Round 2. Don’t be surprised if Kommer is the sub again this week but surely the Port coaching staff will give Mitchell a full game in the Showdown. It’s rare that a player is a sub three games in a row.

One Gamers

Brad Crouch was the best performing of the debutants this week, scoring 62. He collected 7 kicks, 11 handballs, 3 marks and 3 tackles playing a half-forward/midfield role. Brenton Sanderson was very impressed Crouch’s performance and went as far as saying that his non-selection in Round 1 was a mistake (source), so expect him to be a regular in the Crows 22. Now that he’s got his first game out of the way, I reckon Crouch will have a significant impact in the Showdown this weekend.

Dean Terlich was good for 56 dreamteam points, which is a decent effort considering Melbourne got pumped by 148 points. Assuming Melbourne can be more competitive in the coming weeks, I reckon Terlich can average between 70 and 80 dreamteam points. He loves to run and carry, tackle and win the hard ball but wait and see how he goes against the Eagles this week if you are considering trading him in.

Even though he has been around for a while, Sunday’s Blues v Pies blockbuster was Sam Rowe’s first AFL career game. He scored 59 dreamteam points (7k, 4h, 4m, 8ho & a goal) and competed pretty well. His job security is still a massive concern and in all honesty, I reckon Hampson is a far better forward/ruck option for Carlton at the minute. Rowe’s teammate, Marcus Davies was rarely sighted against the Pies and accumulated only 34 dreamteam points. If he’s getting a game before Nick Duigan he must be doing something right but he’s still not a good dreamteam rookie option in my opinion.

In less than three quarters, forgotten Sun Jack Hutchins scored 48 dreamteam points (9k, 4h, 3m, 1g) on a wet and muddy SCG ground. He came into the Suns line-up for dreamteam villain Greg Broughton and played across halfback. Even though he did get subbed off, keep an eye on Hutchins because he could be a real rookie smokey this year if he can stay fit.

With Ballantyne suspended, Hayden Crozier came in this week to play his role. To his credit, he presented well to kick 2 goals and score 52 dreamteam points. The fact that Crozier only collected 8 touches in a very free flowing game is a bit of a worry and he’s likely to be dropped when Ballantyne comes back in this week.

Callum Sinclair, 47 was a decent target for the Eagles up forward against the Hawks. He took a couple of good marks as well as competing admirably in the ruck. I reckon Sinclair has done enough to hold his spot this week but with Lycett waiting in the wings, his job security will always be a concern.

If any one cares, Mitch Brown is rookie priced and he scored a massive 12 dreamteam points after getting the run around from Buddy Franklin.

Keep Your Eye On

Nathan Wright – The Saints were licking their wounds after Friday night with both Sean Dempster and James Gwilt both injured. These injuries could open the door for Wright who is your typical running back pocket/half back flanker. The Saints picked up Wright with pick number 24 in last year’s draft. He was named as an emergency for both Rounds 1 & 2 and the fact that he was one of the best afield for Sandringham on the weekend means he should make his debut against the Giants in Round 3.

Jackson Macrae – Macrae is a likely inclusion this weekend after the Bulldogs poor showing against Freo. After just missing senior selection in Round 2, Macrae performed very well for Williamstown in the VFL. His run and accurate skills are needed at the Bulldogs so expect him to be named soon.

Jake Stringer – For those who haven’t seen it, here is Stringer’s first kick at AFL level (source). Not bad ay? Stringer has been working his way back from an ankle injury sustained in the NAB Cup. He played in the VFL on the weekend and even though he wasn’t named in the bests, he impressed with his work rate and forward pressure. Stringer would be a welcome addition to the Bulldogs forward line so expect him to debut very soon.

Sam Mayes – Last year’s number 8 draft pick is also very close to a senior debut. In his NEAFL match on the weekend, Mayes was taken off at three quarter time as insurance for the Lions game that afternoon (source). If Mayes does line up this weekend, I’m pretty confident that it will be as the sub but don’t let that put you off because quality midfield/forward options are limited this year.

Good luck with your trades this week!

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  • I’m one of the 15000 poor sods that have Jack Watts on board and he has to go. Also I want to trade Jimmy Toumpas for either Dwyer or Viney to raise potential cash.

    I’m thinking Watts to Westoff or JJK and Toumpas to Viney or Dwyer.

    Any thoughts?

    • JJK and Viney

    • Westoff will have the most immediate price rise but once he stops playing teams like GWS and melbourne his scores wont be as consistent while JJK will be more consistent.

      and viney and Dwyer both similar but Viney has better job security.

  • Can’t really go wrong with that

  • which two players would be best to have


  • Ew…probably Parker and Cunnington i’d say

  • lewis jetta to kennedy (wce) or to westoff

  • Whats everyone’s thoughts on Kane Mitchell???
    Do you reckon i should stick with him or get rid of him??
    Surely he won’t be sub 3 weeks in a row and i reckon if he gets a full game he will score big!!
    Although a breakeven of 26 for a rookie is pretty scary..

  • Karne -> Dwyer then Kommer -> Moloney. Good trade? Gunna give zorko and Danger another chance.

  • Deledio to Liberatore and Karnezis to Kennedy? These trades will leave me with $229,100. Thoughts?

    • I like it

      • Karnezis to Kennedy is good, the other trade isn’t. Looks like you need to downgrade him slightly to afford JJK, but you can afford Swallow or Mitchell. Both are proven premiums going well, that I would much rather have in my team. Libba’s a big risk, and one you really don’t need to take.

        • Sorry was working off $129k left over not $229k. Even more reason not to for me.

        • I was just thinking of getting Libba due to his price change and then after he makes me a but of money just trade him to a premo with the extra cash I had. Cheers for the feedback!

  • Thinking who to trade, which do you think is most effective ?
    (incorporating cash generation and point production)… aahhh decisions decisions

    1. Stevens > Viney and Karnezis > Westhoff
    2. Stevens > Viney and Karnezis > Monfries
    3. K. Mitchell > Viney and Karnezis > Dwyer

    • I am not sold on Westhoff just yet.
      Monfries is an awesome little player but I think you can make more money and and get just as many points so would go with option 3.

  • 2, I have a feeling Monfries will be more consistent, but if you want someone with a high ceiling and can take a 60 here and there go westhoff

  • about 9/10 comments regarding Zorko seem to be about getting rid of him.

    Effectively if he tonnes it up form here on in, he becomes a unique to the rest of us that hold on to him

    • could not agree more, seems foolish to ditch him because of two below average games..

  • My thoughts on Zorko… going to keep him instead of getting westhoff (already have JJK). Reasoning behind this is that he has a good run coming up and should score well. Also he is a premium and with some better form will stay in my team for the season so defies logic to trade him out because of money loss when i got him as a keeper. Other players are there to earn money not premiums.. Just my thought

  • K.Mitchell Out for either Whitfield or Mullet?

    Mullet has better JS and consistency, Whitfield a few extra $ …

  • i have Dangerfield should i keep him or put in either
    or put in either Liberatore or Moloney for cash??

  • Got Daw sitting at R4 not doing much. Worth trading him to Rowe or Sinclair and if so which one??

  • Should i go
    Zorko – JJK and Karnezis to Dwyer.
    Bolton – JJK and Karnezis to Dwyer.
    also have byrnes in my forward line whos gotta go, and unsure about Kane Lucas.
    out of this bunch who should i trade?

  • Karnezis => Elliott
    Lucas => Mullett
    Both have negative B/E’s. Fatten them up for another 3-4 weeks and cash them in for possibly Boyd/Beams and Buddy

  • Karnezis -> Leuenberger
    Robinson -> Patton (so I can get Swan in for Round 5)

    What do people think?

  • I am tossing up whether to bring in Dwyer or Neade. I am really surprised at everyone getting on Dwyer given he plays for the Pies and will be out of the side when all the stars come back. Surely, then Neade is a better medium/long term option for a higher overall price rise?

    • Your thoughts are logical. However:

      1. Dwyer was awesome. Like, twenty dollars in my pocket awesome. He and Jamie Elliot were the difference between the two teams.

      2. He is 26 years old. If he is going to have an AFL career, it is now or never.

      3. Bucks has already flagged that he may have a Peverill-like problem with Dwyer i.e. there are no LTIs so they can’t use a rookie in that way. Wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t want to play him.

      4. Dwyer only has to play two more games to make the trade worthwhile. I reckon he’ll play four more at least. Who knows after that.

      I picked up Dwyer in my original squad, but if I didn’t, I’d be finding a way to get him into my team this week

    • remember Collingwood have a good record in the last couple of years of giving rookies a decent run before dropping them back (ie Seedsman,Elliot etc). No reason why they wont do the same for Dwyer, esp after last weekend

      • His form is not the issue… It’s the talent to come back that have earnt the spot, not to mention him still being Rookie listed

  • When do we expect Whitfield to be rested? It is a though running though my mind

  • how many more games will dwyer get?

  • who will make more cash when stevie j comes back, dwyer or westhoff? please help

  • Unsure whether to bring in Whitfield or Dwyer for Mitchell. Dwyer makes 30K straight away, plus whatever he makes from price rise. Whitfield’s an extra 60K but has a higher ceiling and, IMO, better job security.


    • Dwyer poor job security I agree…

      Whitfield will get rested throughout the year as well though..