Round 2 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatOur first week with making decisions on trading now that we have two trades per week, use them or lose them is over. What did you do leading into Round 2?

The most popular trades this week were Mark LeCras to Josh J Kennedy followed by Billy Longer out for Matthew Leuenberger. LeCras was the most popular player traded out followed by Dayne Beams, Longer, Broughton, Watts and Dangerfield. The most popular ins were Ollie Wines, Kennedy, Leuenberger, Brett Goodes, Tyrone Vickery (?!) and Jack Viney.

Chat about your teams over the weekend here and your progressive scores. Make sure you post how many have played so we can get an idea of where you sit.


  • Back to a G&R team for me i thinks….Midpricers have been duds! Trades for this week before the bubble bursts
    Stevens -> Jones
    Karnizis -> Neade

    • I to succumbed to the temptations of the ‘Mid price gem’. Note to self..’That’s why you don’t pick karnezis’.

  • 1507/16 with Swan (C), Macaffer, Kreuzer, Gibbs, Bartel and Cox. 2200 on the cards.

    Anyway, what should I do with Zorko? Why isn’t he scoring well? And Karnezis?

    • Keep Zorko, I will be.

    • Zorko looks to be hanging around the forward line a lot (disappointingly actually playing the position we all picked him in!). Moloney appears to have eaten into his production, so at the moment I’m happy about that mid price gamble but a bit disappointed about Zorko.

      I will be holding onto Zorko for at least another week, purely because I need the 2 trades for some other maneuvering (even though I don’t even have Karnezis!). 1435 with 5 premiums (including captain swan) + JJK to go this round, so I think I can carry a 70-80 in the forward line for one more week. After that, probably bring in Dustin Martin but I’m unsure how much of an improvement that’ll be.

  • 1262 after 14 players still got Gibbs birchall swan (C) Goldstein cox jjk Franklin and macaffer should get a good score only bad player was karnezis

  • Z Smith, and Karntplayetzis gone this week.

    • I think Karnezis will still go ok. Only played about 15 mins.
      They may have just chosen Beams over him because of wet conditions.

      • Agreed, but if JJK has a big week this weekend I’m going Koby Stevens to Brad Crouch and Karnezis to JJK

        The stress of rookies getting vested is bad enough, let alone mid pricers. You pay extra to get the job security you don’t get with rookies

        • I’ll keep for now. Only priced at 46 average.
          I would rather upgrade than go another mid pricer although I’m
          watching Robbie Gray.

  • 1505/17
    Could have been worse.
    Made right onfield rookie choices with O’Meara and Wines over Crouch and Viney.
    Karnezis(7) hurt and thankyou Neade(75) for a 39 point last quarter.
    Swan(C) Bartel Pendlebury Gibbs Cox to play.
    Looking at around 2100.

    • I benched Patty 15 min before lockout, Replaced him with Patton which worked out ok got 1300/15

      (Swan(c),Pendles,Murphy,Gibbs,Cox,Kennedy,Blicavs) Only fail so far has been,Zorko and A.Goodes

      Good Luck

      • Ah you benched a mid pricer in favour of a rookie, yet it has paid off!

        Life just isn’t fair some times :) (I had Karnezis on field)

        NIce work dodging that bullet

  • 1181/14 with swan(c),murphy,gibbs,franklin,birchall,jjkennedy,cox,macaffer.Should get around 2100

    happy with my 2 trades last week- Karnezis to JJKennedy and Koby Stevens to Ollie Wines!!!

    Zac Smith gone when lock out finishes

  • Who to for Karnezis (got around 50,00 in the bank)????

    • If Kennedy gets another decent score I would go him.

      There aren’t many decent forward rookies, I can’t think of any other good forward mid pricers?

  • i suggest people bring in kennedy for karnezis or neade otherwise hold him, hes going to srop in price but can score and we know that i am bringing in ablett for jpk/greene this wk (or shoould i hold) who out of thosse two to get rid of? smith to lberger the obvious one now after smith has done absolutely nothing in two rounds!

    teams going pretty average again but should get 2100 nothing big but better than last week defence looks pretty solid ofr me i must say with heppell scoring goddard and gibbs also look the goods and subann if he can score 75+ every week will be back 6. Goodes is a gun had the tag in his second game and still managed to scoer great for a rookie

  • Karnezis and Hartlett have let me down but taking a risk and putting the (C) on Stanton paid dividends.

  • 1256/14 played. damn you Karne/ Voss.

    (C)Swanny, Franklin, Chappy, Cloke, Gibbs, Cox, Pendles And Blicavs to go.

    Hoping for a good one.

  • I would persist with JPK. I read one of the articles on here and he actually gets bigger scores against better opponents. If you had to make one of those trades though, I would go to Watson. premium to premium isn’t recommended but if you don’t have any fixit trades to make, it might be worth it. Watson looks to be untaggable and good for 100 on a bad week.

    Moloney’s best ever DT average is 88, so I would probably expect an average for the year to be 80-90 overall

  • 1246 From 16….FMDT.

    • Not doing much better here. 1310 from 15 completed (including captain)

      or 16/23 in DT Talk language

      Bartel, Gibbs, Pendles, Swan, Dwyer, Cloke, Roughead to go

  • Dangerfield to Who???

    Watson, Ebert, Swallow, Cotchin???

    I will have $616,700

    • Dangerfield had a pretty good game, 20 odd possessions and a couple goals, playing on Rains, that was very encouraging to me

      If you are making a trade though I would definitely go Watson. I think he will be more consistent than your other options and showed on the weekend he can go big aswell

  • I have a question for Warnie, Roy and Calvin.

    While we were all discussing the proposed changes to the game for this year, the ‘company line’ was that we don’t want it to be biggest nerd wins – that the game needs to appeal to the ‘average punter’ who isn’t obsessed like many of us are.

    So why are there 100,000 fewer teams this year? Over 30% dropoff?

    Is this a case of telling people what they want, rather than giving them what they want?

    I’ve played DT for over a decade. If there are 44 trades next year, I will suddenly have a lot of time on my hands next winter, because I won’t bother. The factor of skill has been removed – luck is the key element. You may as well play the pokies

  • Sorry I’m not Warnie, Roy or Calvin, however I remember last year a big issue was teams running out of trades then not playing the whole season.

    While there are fewer teams joining, I think there shouldn’t be so much of a drop off because the casual players will keep playing knowing they have trades right up till the end of the year

    • I hear what you are saying.

      But I don’t think people quit maintaining their teams just because they run out of trades. Last year the massive dropoff coincided with multi bye rounds – you would have had to use trades every single week to be out by then. People quit when they realise that their team sucks and they are ranked 80-100K halfway through the season. It will still happen.

  • Who traded in Vickery? that’s embarassing.

  • Love my backline premos at the moment
    Hanley 124
    Heppel 147
    Goddard 121
    Now all i need is gibbs to get 120+

    Everyone was saying how much pressure was on heppel to get a big score after hanley got 124, some were saying he was getting traded out anyway. Heppel has proved himself as a future gun. Surely no one will get rid of him now

    • Not to mention, Heppel’s ‘bad’ scores are usually in the 70s, which is half decent for a defender.

      I don’t mind a 70 odd, I only get shitty when scores go under 60

      You will switch back and forth all year if you trade someone out every time they are 10-20 points under what you want

    • Only early days mate! Not taking anything away from his performance, but it was against the Demons in an absolute smashing!

  • 15/1291, hoping to scrap towards 2k. Fire up Swanny!

  • 1144/13 with Varcoe, Laidler, Gibbs, Lucas, Swan, Pendlebury, Macaffer, Franklin and Cox to come. Hopefully i can crack the 2k mark.

  • do i trade hartlett to stevenson and upgrade karnezis to buddy?

    • No. I’d definitely keep Hartlett.

      • im just scared that he clearly cant handle any sort of tag, even against a hack of rhys palmers quality

  • help please,
    2 trades going Zsmith to berger, and need to get rid of Toumpas with his 31 B E. who?? Wines or Whitefield? Got Viney, Omeara Jones and Kommer as other rooks

    • Wines definitely, averaging high 80’s at the moment, absolute gun and gives you a bit of money

  • I’m thinking of going kane mitchell to merrett (essendon) averaging in the 70’s after 2 games and less than 10k more. Then Karnezis to Kennedy (Eagles). I think these are pretty good trades. Thoughts?

    • If Mitchell gets another vest definitely. Monfries has had 2 average games and still gotten 93 and 96 in both games only 352,000$ if you have the cash.

    • mate don’t get to over the top with merrett remember he was playing Melbourne…

      • Im just getting him for a price rise and then probably going to trade him to crouch. He’s had a couple of good games and should make a good amount.

  • 17/22 played for 1632 and Gibbs, Franklin, Macaffer, Birchall and Cox to come. 2k+ Hopefully?
    Had Watson as captain and traded schulz into the team for GWS, absolutely pissed off at that little 42, was expecting a bag from old schulzy. Other than that pretty solid 75+ scores across the board other than Viney and Crouch.

  • Starting to wonder about my forward line: Franklin, Pavlich, Martin, JJ Kennedy, Varcoe, Patton, Macaffer, Neade.

    Thinking of trading Franklin and Varcoe for Rockliffe and someone else. Would have just under $300K to spend. Thoughts?

  • I’m thinking about trades like every, but keep in mind break evens.

    I have Danger and Koby in the Mid
    Zorko and Karn in as Forwards

    Danger and Zorko are better but the other 2’s break evens were about 10. I think karn only missed by a couple.

    What I’m saying is the premo’s will drop lot more in the short term, so will likely be Danger and Zorko this week. Look at Koby and Karn next

  • I can’t choose my matchday team, what the hell is going on? It just shows my team from last week??? Help please…..

    • u need to trade out a player and then get rid of them all and trade in the pies/blues players. its a shithouse system they have in place

      • Thanks champ, got it done with 4 mins left, Brock McLean over murphy, hopefully pays off. Lol

        • only to find mclean is sub!
          unlucky man

        • I picked McLean as a smoky captain in the first match day game, never again!

          He has been pretty average this year after his awesome DT form last year

  • Locking A Swallow in from day 1 probably my best move yet!

    • I think I will get him in this week I think he might do a Watson and breakout

  • My decision to pick Walker for Matchday is off to a good start!

  • Lift Swanny u don’t have a tag unlike Pendles

  • My team is a rabble. Why did I choose Travis Varcoe? Karnezis, my team is full of muppets. Swannie get a kick son. Lift!

  • Sigh, Macaffer. Earned himself a permanent position on my bench

  • Dwyer is looking good! I’m glad I put him on the field over McAffer

    Swan off to a slow start takes away the pain of picking Ablett as captain, but knowing Swan he can score 20-30 in 5 minutes out of nowhere

  • How much cash is moloney expected to make after the round 3 price changes?

  • Please tell me JJ Kennedy isn’t sub…

  • Oh wait, obviously not, he just moved to 4…

  • Will Sam Dwyer hold his spot?
    And when do prices change, after this week or next week?

  • I didn’t stay calm. I didn’t lock swan….. Lesson learnt.
    Was hopefull at half time

  • Anyone play dwyer or macaffer over Karnezis?

    • I played him over Macaffer, unfortunately Karnezis was on my ground

      You win some, you lose some

  • I Need Cox to score 107 to get 2000!!

    I am praying now

    Please after the week i have had i will be wrapped to get there

  • What is the par score for this round?