DT TALK Live 2013 – Rd 2

dttalkliveWe are back with DT TALK LIVE for 2013! In our first episode for the new season we look at the week just gone and hear all about Roy’s terrible luck that sees him ranked the worst he has ever been. We award the Golden Stubby to Ollie Wines who made a fantastic debut for Port Adelaide… and more importantly, our Dream Teams! Ashlee Adams (follow her on Twitter) let’s us know how she went… despite missing lockout – hint: she scored more than Roy! The teams were dropped tonight so we chat about the DT relevant ins and outs. Twitter time sees a few questions answered from some DT Talk tweeps and we announce our #DTPUNCOMP thanks to our great friends at WorkwearHub.com.au.

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  • Thanks Warnie

  • Kane Lucas > Andrew Embley. Didn’t realise he was so cheap….is this a no brainer trade?

    • Yeah – it’s a good call… I would feel better with Embley in my team rather than Lucas! Hopefully Embley avoids the vest from here.

  • Warnie, Will Blicavs or Daw play?

  • best episode.

  • Next week im Thinking Scotty Thompson out For David Mundy
    Thoughts Warnie

  • I had a bit of a disaster
    Failures: Ryder 45, Scott Thompson 75, Duffield 67, Whitfield 47, Bolton 51

    • thats nothing.

      i got 1983 with Greene (37), Watts (20), Embley (41) and Bellchambers (50-odd)- thats a disaster!

      Trying to decide who to trade out of all of them. Leaning towards greene and embley. Keep watts for one more round, see how he goes, jump to JJK or monfries if he fails again. Bellchambers is a gun and will improve.

      • Embley got that score playing as the sub, in a little over a quarter of footy. At that price hes top value.

    • Give Thompson another week or so, 75 is bad but not awful and you don’t want to be the one that dropped him when he gets a big score.

  • Looking for a downgrade for Deledio, Will need to be a very underpriced premo as i need to free money up for a possible upgrade of Karnezis if he doesnt start scoring well. I am thinking Dal santo, Montagna or Griffin. Thoughts?

    • i think i am in the same position as you..
      im thininking montagna/barlow/watson?? other opinions?

  • What to do with the Lecras, Longer and Beams trio?

    • Lecras out for Josh Kennedy
      Longer out for Luenberger
      Beams for Watson/cotchin/sam Mitchell

  • Love the pig! Oink oink!

  • Warnie, Should i Take out Whitfield for Ollie Wines or hold Whitfield

    • as covered in this weeks episode of DT Talk hold onto whitfield because he played the regining premiers and got 7 until half time, then got himself into the game. roy reckons hes score against sydney (hardest team to score against) is worth an 80. Hold.

  • About to watch the replay of tonights show,
    but wanted to know peoples thoughts on my selection issues this week.
    I have Beams and Longer that need to go.
    Should i go

    1 Ablett and Burger.


    2 Jelwood and Krueser.

    pros and cons??

    • Ablett and Berger

      • Yeah, 1st one hands down. Berger will score roughly the same as kreuzer. Not as high ceiling but more consistent
        Ablett will score maybe 20 points more than Jelwood – Kreuzer maybe 5-10 tops more than Kreuzer

  • kane mitchell or viney on field???????

  • Hey Roy,

    Just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t another train coming the other way.

    All the best

  • Heath, Stevenson,Terlich.
    Which one should I have on my field?!

  • trade either varcoe or karnezis for josh kennedy

    • why? JKennedy scored 115 Rnd 1 last year then scored 46 the next game. I reckon all 3 will average around 70. If you’re after some early cash.. Rnd1 score will only come into effect for one week. check how all 3 goes this week before making a decision… I’d be leaning towards Varcoe for kennedy if you have to.

  • Barlow or ebert for danger???

    • No one, keep Danger for another round – remember his 51 only counts for 1 price change

  • Hmmmm…. Love the ashlee adams cameo, keep em coming boys.

  • Greene straight up swap for Barlow or bank some money and trade for Mundy?

  • Hey guys awesome episode, gave me lots to think about….

    Very keen to burn a trade and get that new rookie Ashlee Adams into my squad asap…looks fit and the tatts are a give away that she will score well…..searched through dreamteam for an hour but couldnt find her…What position does she play??? I suppose praying she had dpp status would be too much to hope for…..

  • Who is the best defender from 320000 or less?

    Please help

  • DAngerfield to Mitchell or Watson

  • Guys, So I have ,
    Stevenson, Pittard and Terlich. Who to play who to have as emergency?? Im thinking play Stevenson and Pittard as Emergency
    Kommer or Crouch as Emergency? I reckon Crouch????

  • macaffer,neade or macaffer on the field?

  • Gotta say it, How F*&*in good is Ashlee Adams!!!

  • Hey i need some help with who to play on the feild.

    2 spots- o’mera or wines or whitfield


    1 spot – neade or macaffer ?