Dream Team Extra: Round 2

DTExtraWelcome to the first instalment of DT Extra for season 2013! Hopefully by now most of you will have shaken off the after-effects of an incredibly carnageous opening round and have either knee-jerked your squad to death through the week or are holding firm for the coming weekend’s games.


Opening Round FMDTs

The months of thorough research and meticulous planning saw us trudge through partial lockouts over the last two weekends to kick of the new season. Personally, a massive split round is not ideal to get the footy underway and I hope it doesn’t become a regular feature. On top of that, it seemed that all of our hard work unravelled in Round 1 with masses of underperforming guns resulting in plenty of scores in the 1800s and 1900s. While it wasn’t a great start, I don’t think anyone is complaining about the 2 use-them-or-lose-them trades we have available to us each week as we begin to make fixits this week. Hindsight, eh?



Everyone loves a ‘gate’ at the end of any name or incident that currently courts controversy. Last weekend saw Beamergate hit plenty of coaches hard with his late withdrawal. Likely sitting high in M2 or M3 for his coaches who were banking on The Piglet to bust out a typical 120+ to steady the split round, Dayne missed with a mystery quad injury. Details are sketchy but there’s confirmation of up to another two weeks on the sidelines. The best advice at this stage is to move him on to another elite MID with one of your 2 weekly trades.


The Berger’s Are Better…

A major inclusion for the coming round is likely to be big Berger, who had a promising 110 in his NEAFL hitout last weekend. @FantasyFreako reckons he’ll be eased back in with plenty of time up forward and it’s hard to argue otherwise as Brisbane will take a cautious approach and nurse their gun ruckman back into top-flight action. He’ll be a very good pickup once he’s got a couple of games under his belt and is on the bubble, so keep a close eye on his first two matches to see how he’s travelling.


Anyways, that’s the rub for this week. Got any breaking news, juicy gossip or wild rumours? Need to rant or rave? Stick it in the comments and let’s get some healthy chatter going ahead of team lists tonight. See ya next Thursday for another bout of media trawling and good luck this weekend!

Any questions, suggestions, general chit-chat or requests for next week’s #DTExtra?
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  • Great article mate! Reckon I will wait a couple of rounds to see how Berger goes, don’t wanna jump on the train too early!

    • it is a tough choice. who arte you going with meanwhile?

      • ive got mcevoy and sauce, if berger starts to come good i’ll flick off mcevoy and go for the berger and sauce combo

      • I have Jacobs and Kreuzer, pretty happy with them

    • Only problem is if Longer goes out to let Leuenberger in. If that happens then I have to make some trade or other.

    • i agree 110 in his NEAFL last week might mean anything who would of though Brisbane wer going to get belted by the dogs and for example zorok score poorly

  • Nice article, TeeTee! Went with Cox/Maric combo so hoping Berger doesn’t go too well, haha! How did your mob travel on the weekend, mate?

    • Sorry for the late response… Been a busy day!

      Happy that I managed to creep over 2k. Hopefully our guns fire this round and scores are up across the board!

  • Ruck dilemma.. Got Longer but 12,000 in the bank.. and need to downgrade Whitfield. So just go with Berger or another plan?

  • IF IF IF Blicavs plays a few more games he should be a sideways trade to Burger or at worse $50K top up (at least that’s what I am hoping for. Spent abit more money on McBean to rotate Cox through the Ruck

    • I have it on good authority that Blicavs is going to play many more games and will spend some time in FWD cos of his running ability ;-) (thks fawkner)

  • Cheers for the article mate twas a good little read….

    Considering moving Scooter Selwood on…if only he had the chance to roam free but can see that aint gonna happen (shoulda known pre rnd 1)….plenty of choices to consider….Mundy, Murphy, J Selwood but really keen on Andrew Swallow….was 50/50 whether he was in my squad prior to lockout and although i missed his 141 rnd 1 I do reckon he is going to have a very good season… 110+ average…..thoughts dter’s…

    Also my thought to have a little different captain choice this week of Gibbs is causing me stress….would it be sacrilige to put the C beside Gibbsy this week over Ablett??

    • Could payoff if he plays anything like he did last week

    • Ive got Swallow in my team (don’t mean to brag lol) but mostly because he’s a tackling machine!
      Even if the hard tag is given to swallow, you know that he’s gonna tackle like a crazy mo’fo to get you those sweet sweet DT points. So the best thing is that he will rack up points if the roos are losing, but smash it even more if they are winning due to their quick ‘give it to everyone within a 2 metre radius’ game plan I see alot of!!

  • kev with the ninja stare…..

    thats the look a sub 85 player recieves…. ice cold.

  • Im still playing berger as a 2nd ruck. Anything above 60 is good imo.

    • +1 and I’m keeping Blicavs as E in case of late withdrawal

      • I would not be so sure about putting the E on Blicavs. at least if you don’t use the emergency you get 0, Cavs could do worse… ;)

        • Haha, harsh… 37 for a first game ruckmen ain’t too bad. Better than the zero from Currie and Daw, lol

          • I watched the Geelong vs Hawthorn game. I thought The Blitz did ok considering he has only played less than ten games since he played under 14s. He can only get better.

          • And there are no other rookie ruckman.

          • The three possible rookie ruckman are Rowe (Carlton) Daw and Currie (North Melbourne). They are very thin on the ground, unless a major injury occurs early on in the season. I am still upset that Daniher isn’t ruckman/forward like it said in the AFL draft notes.

  • Altho I am tempted by a Danger -> Moloney, Blicavs -> Kreuzer. High stakes risky trade.

  • Went Beams>Watson and took the opportunity to go Lucas>Moloney. Plan to bring Berger in when he’s on the bubble, for Longer

    • I’m hoping to do the same re Berger and Longer; problem is, if Berger is named Longer might lose his spot so you might have to grab Berger earlier than planned and hope for the best.

      • I think the problem is if they both play… you won’t want either running around in your squad getting half points

  • Hey guys should I play Stevenson or Russell on the ground? Russell coming up against his old club…not sure what that’ll mean

    • I’d be going Stevenson. There is a reason Carlton got rid of him

    • Plus, Port are playing GWS at home which, even though they stank it up and lost to them last year, you’d think they’d beat handsomely.

  • My 2 trades were going to be Beams > Watson & Smith > Leburger, but it may be wise to wait on the RUC swap as you say.

    I might go Lucas > Wines instead now? What do you think?

    • Definitely get on Wines… If not this week, by next week. If Berger plays, could be worth getting him in. If he isn’t selected, problem solved :P

  • Most likely he will play for a few weeks more at least. West is in, Vardy, H Mac a still short of full training. Simpson is still miles off after back surgery and Josh Walker so that leaves Blicavs pretty much.

    He played like an AFL beginner on Monday and played a modest part well. I can’t see hem getting up to Leuenberger’s price though. Anyway, I reckon he is actually a 198cm wing player in the making so watch out after a season mostly in the VFL.

  • beams to m.barlow
    m.daw to l.berger?


  • Everyone is so quick to jump on Leunberger.

    I think the article gives great advice, see how he goes over a couple games.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see everyone jump on Leunberger then a heap jump off him if he only gets 50-60

    Because he is cheap I think it’s fine to get Leunberger now, but as long as you don’t expect premium scores straight way

    • It’s not so much jumping onto Leuenberger as much as dealing with a donut if he replaces Longer. I have Longer at R2 and Blicavs at R3. If the Lions switch ruckmen then that’s a problem.

  • Hmm now fantasy articles on the AFL site since Dr Dreamteam’s embarrassing performance with 11 donuts in his squad.

    I guess he is waiting till he fixes his side so he can boast about how good he is

  • *no fantasy articles

  • i’ve got redden and ive got enough money for ablett, so should i get rid of redden

  • daw,crouch,rowe,leuy(longer out) named to play this w/end

  • Teams in.. woohoo

  • Good article tee tee. havent got the bacon burger, but will watch his imminent return with great interest. Don’t really need to trade this week, so its all good (mostly)

  • Def: Gibbs Hartlett Goodes Heppel Pittard Vlastuin (Stevenson, Frost)
    Mid: Ablett, Swan, Cotchin, Wines, Moloney, Kennedy, Fyfe, O’Meara (crouch, Kommer)
    Ruck Cox Longer (berger when hes back) [Blicavs, daw]
    Fwd: Franklin Bartel rockliff robinson karnezis maccafer (Neade, dwyer)

    What you guys reckon?
    Robinson > J.Kennedy or M.Wright??

    What else?

  • Really hoping I get jealous of the folks that stick with Whitfield (didn’t squeeze him into my side). Can’t wait to watch as all the dopes that are trading him out after one tough game rage once he ramps up the production.