Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 1 (Part 2)


Yep here I am. The grrrrreatest captain picking pirate in the world with the best picks for you in this weeks games. I found the order of my top 5 challenging this week but after hours of study… I’ve nailed it. Check it out! Arggg

Ground Breakers

This week we have some guys playing at grounds that they smashed in 2012. Take Trent Cotchin for example. He plays Carlton on Thursday night, a team he had 118 and 120 on in 2012. But add to that the fact that he is playing at the MCG, a ground where he cracked the 110+ mark an impressive 69% of the time last year. Josh Pee Kennedy has an easy week against the Giants and should kill them at ANZ Stadium where he averaged 121 there in 2012 with a huge 153 in his last run there. He had 117 and 94 on them last year with just 27d and should be pretty good again you’d think. Joel Selwood averages 120 in his last 3 runs on the MCG and loves the big games against the Hawks. Over his career against them he has averaged an impressive 111 on them which makes them his favourite team to play with 5×100+ scores on them in his last 6 games. Gun player… but only roughie at best this week though.


Angry Swan…

But Keep Calm & Lock

Yep… he’s mad. He’s upset and Dane Swan is ready to shut everyone up with a huge DT score for us. So much negative media has been directed towards our beloved Swan and he’ll pump out a huge 130+ this week to shut them right up. Now let’s talk business, he didn’t play the Kangaroos in 2012 but killed them with scores of 148 and 162 prior to that. In those games (2011) had a total of 79d and 3 goals. He only played at Etihad twice last year for scores of 117 and 134. When the Pies met the Roos last year, they never looked to tag. Pendles only managed 97 (24d) but it was Dayne Beams who cashed in the most to top score for the game with 129pts (38d, 2g). Beams has scored 129 and 137 in his last 2 runs at Etihad and along with Swan (and Pendles), he should be massive in the opening round.

Shhhh… They Might be Quiet

Every time I talk about gun players being quiet it can always bite me in the arse. Usually I’m right, but I bloody hear about it if I’m wrong. You need to remember, this is something I do with evidence. Not usually a hunch or a stab in the dark. Take Brett Deledio for example. He plays Carlton where he hasn’t scored over 100 on them in his last 8 games. So he is due to do it… but I’ve been right the last few times when he has played the Blues where I have said, stay clear. Evidence says, he’s a chance to stink again. As might… Buddy Franklin (people are getting mad already ha ha). He only had 74pts on Geelong last year with a highest score of just 91 in his last 4 encounters against them. I’ve been right the last 4 times he has played the Cats with their gun defence where I have said ‘stay clear of Bud’… I’m happy to be proven wrong, but ha ha it very rarely happens.


So there you go. As always, I will always follow my own tips in the order that I select them. I am a proud owner of the great Dane Swan and will be locking him in for something special this week. If I ever change my top 5 (which I occasionally do due to selections/weather…) I always announce it on Twitter so follow me for the latest and best info going around @CalvinDT

Good luck and all the best in the opening round!

Who will be your Captain for Round 1?

  • Dane Swan (62%, 2,003 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (2%, 65 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (19%, 605 Votes)
  • Trent Cotchin (3%, 105 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (3%, 95 Votes)
  • Josh Kennedy (7%, 229 Votes)
  • Someone else (3%, 83 Votes)
  • I'll be taking my VC (2%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,234

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  • Gaz locked for me but thinking Kennedy but i will never doubt the GAZ

  • Swanny for 150+ against the Roos by the looks of it. If my VC gets 135+ though, tomorrow night, I’ll take that.

    • Hahaha, so if your VC gets you 134 you’d turn it down? No way.. take 115-120+

      • I know a few people who decided not to take Barlow’s 126. I think the looplock number, for me is 135. Swanny will beat 120.

        • +1
          I had Barlow as VC and I’m still locking in Swan. If Swan does poorly, then I’ll still be the same as everyone else. If I take Barlow and he does poorly I’m infront by a max of 20. If I take Barlow and Swan pumps out 140+ I miss out on 14 points I should’ve had.

          Keep calm and lock Swan (as C)

    • Had Gibbs as VC. Am I just being greedy to select Swan when Gibbs has already given me 133 in the bag?

  • I’ll be Staying Calm and Locking Swan.

  • The pill pig for me!
    Need a smashing captains score to calm
    down from last week! On ya Cal!

  • Hmmm with swan and ablett In my team with pendles options galore. Swan all the way though

  • Im sticking with Swan, it hurt me too much last year when I tried to be unique.

    Seeing Beams only with 2% selection would tempt me a LOT though If I had him

  • Gotta be Swanny.. My VC only got 82 so Swanny this week and probably every other week of the year

  • Finished 5412th last season without owning Swan the whole year… First picked this year, and of course, locked with the big C :)

  • Really want Beams now… Cheers Cal ;) Off to re-structure again

    • I had Beams locked in from the start, the kids a machine. And as the say, you can’t tag everyone!

  • im going with Jason blake, in his past 5 games against gold coast over there he is averaging a solid 131.. seriously

  • hmmmmm.


  • Thought in going Delidio to Cotchin just because he is higher in the list?

  • First time ever that I’ll have all of the top 5 in my team. Woo!

  • If swan knocks out a 75 i quit

    • he fell below 100 once last year and that was when he was subbed out with an injury…the chances of that happening are 1 in a million

  • the mighty swan is a lock for me! can’t not have him in your team and expect to do well

  • is it worth having Swan and Ablett and Moloney or hv JPK, Pendlebury and another 500-530k player?

  • Thoughts on max bailey???

  • swanny all the way

  • I’m one of the ones stupid enough not to be starting Swan…between Beams and Kennedy for me (have Stanton’s 115 as a VC score)….article may have swung me to Beamer.

  • swan all the way no doubt about it. after reading this i might put cotch vc over pendulbury!

  • Cotchin or JPK?

  • 65 people voted Beams as their Capt – I wonder who they put the VC on?