DT Talk 2013 Preseason Episode 3

It’s the final countdown… the last week before lockout! We bring you a bumper edition of DT TALK with our final pre-season episode shot at the Star Bar in Launceston. This week we chat to Jack Riewoldt about the Tigers (and their fantasy game “The Superboot“), call up Tom Rockliff for some inside word and hear from some rookies (Ollie Wines, Dean Terlich and Lachie Whitfield). All this and heaps of hot tips from Roy, Calvin and Warnie.





  • Awesome episode guys….covered everything that needed covering cheers

  • Great job lads.. decisions, decisions.. decisions. I used to be indecisive, now I’m not so sure..

  • You guys just keep going from strength to strength- A great video

    Looking forward to the season. Goodluck to all

  • Wines, Terlich and Whitfield all locks. Rucks is a big concern because I will need to lock in Cox and Jacobs Friday night if I want to go premos but like you guys say going the Berger frees up so much cash and my FWD line gets Robbo or another Premo. Will be interested in seeing the cheat sheet.

  • Anyone else worried that Swan, Pendles, Stanton, Ablett, Danger, Goddard, Gibbs & Heppell all have the Rd 13 bye. (I have all but Pendles but want him in ASAP)

  • I’m not too worried about the byes. I would rather focus on the rest of the season . When I tried to plan around it I got setup for failure when problematic byes came so I would not worry.

  • Hey Guys.
    Lats year there was a DT Talk group you could join and the winner at the end of the season won an Ipad. Is there a DT Talk Group this year and how do I join?

  • Hey guys

    I uploaded my DT video about players that should be locked in for round one, please go and watch it, leave a comment and a thumbs up and I’ll try to make more videos


  • Does anyone know if Currie 100% will be playing round 1?

    • Can’t wait to see this years cheat sheet. Although it won’t influence me like last year. Thanks to you guys I went without Goddard all year!!!!

    • No one knows yet, not even North.

  • When and where is the cheat sheet?

    • 9pm AEST tonight it comes out, I’d presume there would be another post were you can buy it

  • I wonder how many viewers checked their own phone when Roy’s phone went off in that ep? Haha

  • Best Year 5yr Ave Best Yr Ave
    2000 Nick Riewoldt 2009 99.43 106.52
    2001 Luke Hodge 2010 96.35 103.14
    2002 Brendon Goddard 2010 89.95 113.43
    2003 Adam Cooney 2008 92.41 92.41
    2004 Brett Deledio 2012 96.09 110.36
    2005 Marc Murphy 2011 99.76 111.45
    2006 Bryce Gibbs 2011 106.95 106.95
    2007 Matthew Kreuzer 2012 78.35 78.35
    2008 Jack Watts 2012 ???? 70.00
    2009 Tom Scully 2010 79.10
    2010 David Swallow 2011 76.29

    Could this be Jacks Watts year???

  • No 1 Draft Picks
    My formatting didn’t quite work.

  • Love the work boys but…. WHERE IS MY STUBBIE HOLDER?!?

  • Great chat with Rockliff, but wow – picking the right Brisbane players is almost going to be key.
    I was looking at my player shortlist and there is a glut of Brisbane players:
    They’re clearly not all going to improve significantly!

  • Zorko & Rockliff locks in the fwd line for me.

    Now that I’ve got my own money league sorted, I have 4 free league spots to join. Anybody want me to join their league, post the code.

  • Guys, feel free to join this Free Facebook league with serious prize money for top 3 – Clink on link to enter – http://dreamteam.afl.com.au/group?cic=230119

  • What’s unfortunate about the Berger unknown is that two of my prospective replacements for him will be locked out- Cox and Griff.

  • Hi guys,
    I’m undecided between 3 mid-priced Midfielders;
    Moloney VS Luke Ball VS Embley.
    We all know these guys can perform, one of them being a Norm Smith medallist no less! Which one is gonna be the best option?

  • You’d have to go Moloney. Ball’s still under an injury cloud and last time I heard won’t be right for round 1 and I believe Embley injured his hamstring(?).
    Either way Moloney shows a great deal of potential at a new club and has had a great deal of responsibility trying to fill the void as the inside mid. considering Black is out injured.