Mark Blicavs now a MID/RUC

blicavsdtIn an unprecedented announcement, Geelong’s Mark Blicavs is now a MID/RUC in AFL Dream Team (and other fantasy games).

Blicavs has been rucking for the Cats while their best options (Hamish McIntosh, Trent West and Nathan Vardy) are injured.

While he may not give us big numbers, he may be the only rookie priced ruckman playing in round one. At $108,500, I’m locking him on my ruck bench.



  • The first mid/ruc in the history of DT. Lock him in

  • Lock

  • anyone game to start him? I’m thinking about it.

  • after this weeks score against the pies im thinking about it but i’ll just bench him in the end

  • how long is hmac, west and vardy out for?

  • Will he be a better option that Daw and/or Currie?

    Currently have Cox and Leunberger with Currie and Daw on the bench.

    Also considering Pederson and having a full DPP ruck

    • You will have to wait for round 1 to know for sure but at the moment it doesnt look like Daw will get a regular spot so probably swap him out… Also Berger is injured for at least the first few rounds may be worth considering Smith or someone else in the range

      • Currie won’t play games if Goldy holds up too

      • You posted this at 3:36pm. It seems apparent you haven’t done your homework, nor watched the video posted on this site at 7:00am

      • Yeah agreed with Pitbulls. Berger is expected to be fit for round 1 (coming from Rocky in the last preseason dt talk episode). If not, worst case will be round 2, and blicavs is ideal to slot in for 1 round.

  • What the ETA on the other 3 being fit?

    • If anything, it presents even more of a dilemma… not sure if I should stick with Longer, revert back to Berger or consider a Z Smith…

  • his haircut must be the worst though

  • What annoys me here is i currently have Cox in the forward line (also have Rowe on pine) yet if i bring in Blicavs into R3 i have no way of getting Cox/Rowe to cover in the ruck…

    Why can’t i just swap a mid/fwd player (Zorko/Rocky/Bartel) for Blicav and move Cox from Fwd line to Ruck – it involves 3 moves so therefore i don’t think it can be done. e.g.

    Rocky – mid to fwd
    Blicav – ruc to mid
    Cox – fwd to ruc

    Someone tell me I’m being stupid and those subs can be done?

  • Blicavs v Rowe?

  • DT TALK Heppell – 952414

    League aiming for top 100 this year!!