Dean Cox – Deck of Dream Team 2013

jan25_coxAUSTName: Dean Cox
Club: West Coast Eagles
Position: RUC/FWD
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $512,400
Bye Round: 12
2012 Average: 99.45
2012 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 95


Why should I pick him?

Dean Cox has been the best AFL Dream Team ruckman we’ve seen over the last few years. His career stats are a thing of beauty… especially since 2005 where he only averaged under 95 once with 4 of those years averaging over 100.

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Average 40.9 58.7 63.5 77.5 95 98.6 100.5 106.7 107.3 84.7 107.5 99.6
Games 17 19 18 22 22 17 19 22 13 22 22 22

Alrighty, so his season by season numbers look great up there. Adding to that – even though he is 31 and has a massive 203cm and 106kg frame – he has been one of the most durable ruckmen going around. He hasn’t missed a game for 3 years and played every game in 6 out of his last 9 seasons. Durability hasn’t proven to be an issue… just yet.

The big selling factor for Dean Cox in 2013 is the he has been named up as a RUC/FWD along with his partner in crime at West Coast, Nic Naitanui. This is based on the role the two of them are playing… and doing so well for the Eagles. NicNat is moving towards being the number one ruckman at West Coast as noted in the AFL Prospectus saying the side has more success at centre clearances when NicNat is there. Being a RUC/FWD means a lot of flexibility when picking Cox. He can be picked for either position and linked up with a fellow Dual Position Player – someone like Liam McBean (Richmond, $102,700) or Sam Rowe (Carlton, $108,700) as a throw away bench position.

Nic Naitanui had groin surgery in the off-season and according to recent news reports, he may miss some early games (Source: West Coast ruckman Nic Naitanui could be sidelined until Round 8 by groin injury), although our friend @FootyRhino spoke to NicNat a couple of days ago saying everything is on track and he’s still “aiming for Round 1”. Either way, it looks like Coxy will be the number one ruckman for the early part of the season and with that, pumping out the scores that we’d expect from the guru. Scott Lycett (FWD, $162,300) has been named up as the potential early season replacement for NicNat.

We all know what he can do and if we can get a season with 10 DT tons in it – including some monsters like the 148 vs NM and 147 vs Geelong – then we would be silly to not have him in our calculations.


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Even though the last three seasons he hasn’t missed a game, his body has taken a bit of a beating over the years and he often plays through injury. When NicNat returns and if Lycett can show a bit early on, maybe we can see some resting and ‘player management’ for Coxy this season?

Cox’s disposal count was down last season. His scoring in a full on team (ie. With NicNat) could slide slightly as… but if last year is anything to go by, it wouldn’t be by much.

To be honest, I’m finding this section hard to write… feel free to discuss some ‘Why shouldn’t I pick him?‘ things in the comments.


Deck of DT Rating.

KING – Dean Cox is still close to being an ace in my eyes… and possibly playing without NicNat for those early rounds (or at least not at 100%), he is a dead set lock as a starter in my team. His DPP eligibility will probably place him as a forward to start with for me (with McBean sitting on the pine as my throwaway R4). While he may not finish the year with an improved average, his value to us in the first couple of months is huge. The new trading rules makes Coxy a great pick to start with and if NicNat comes back and Coxy’s scoring drops, he will be easy to trade thanks to our two trades per week. Now off to get the BBQ going, tape up the tennis ball and smash down a few beers!


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  • Given my structure choice (2 cheap rucks) he will likely be an upgrade target if he is going well with no signs of player management.

    Great player and top bloke :) (one of the few eagles players I like)

  • Damn you Warnie!

    I had the big man in my team (fwd) but recently took him out after looking at his start and who he is playing to kick off the year.

    Fact is, big Cox has to be a lock.

    This pre-season is killing me.

  • Absolute lock for me.

  • They said he was too old last year!
    They said NicNat would curb his dt significance.
    The big fella will be in the top 2 rucks again.

  • Nice one Warnie. The big Cox is sitting happily in my forward line and may DPP back to the rucks.

  • Great work Warnie.
    Last year I had a chance to upgrade Giles and the choice was Cox or Goldstink – I chose the latter and won’t be making the same mistake again!

  • We’s a certain starter for me. THe only question is if he’ll line up in the fwd line or as a ruck.

    I think the main ruck position is a bit more of a bit of a gamble this year (alongside Luey), with left field options like Bellchambers or even Pyke (yeah I said it) alongside unspectacular guys with a decent upside (ie Goldy, HMac, Mummy).

    It seems like Cox is the only truly safe option, especially if NicNat is out of the side for a few weeks at the start of the season. If one of the other rucks has a blinder start to the season, Cox can still easily fit in as a permanent forward (and is likely to still finish in the top 10 fwds if he plays out the whole season).

  • Dead set LOCK for me in 2013

  • Nice one Warnie .. big Cox locked for me, forward line backup for my rucks

    Probably not the place to ask but is anyone having trouble getting on to Fanfooty i havent been able to get on for days now ?

  • Was a lock in the forwards for me (using Sam Rowe as a cheap rookie option in the rucks) to allow a swap with my two front line ruckmen (at this stage Burger and Jacobs) for byes or injuries. I still have him in my forwards, but now with the new trade rules, I’m having a rethink. I could go another mid/fwd option for around the same price (or slightly less) that might break the ton average, and simply burn one of my excess trades if/when I need to swap a ruckman out of the side.

    On the other hand, not many forwards are going to average in the mid-90s and Cox has that set and forget security to him.


  • Niiice Warnie. Still, not 100% locked just yet.
    Even though we have 2 x trades every week i still dont want to burn them.

    Does anyone know how Rowe from carlton is going? is he actually looking like playing at all?
    Really not sure on my R4 position. Any ideas?


  • West Coast planned at the start of the year on resting Cox throughout the season. These plans changed due to Kennedy’s injury and Nic Nat missing games through injury towards the end of the year. When they eventually had a game to rest Cox he refused. (Coz he’s a freaking champion)
    They may try this plan again if they have the luxury later in the year.
    Whether or not he lets them rest him is another matter ;)

  • Is “taping up the tennis ball” a quirky Tassie hobby you do while drinking
    or a euphemism.

  • Being an eagles fan I had the advantage last year. A lot of people were avoiding him expecting a break down, meanwhile I avoided ruck troubles all season! However this season I feel there will be a change of the guard, your predicted average of 95 will be very close. I don’t think he will be the top scoring ruckmen this year and there will be others in the forward line beating him as well. Sandilands is my WA pick this year, reckon he can top 3 figures…

  • I’ve always said I’ll pick Coxy until he gives me a reason not to. Hasn’t done me wrong yet!

  • I grabbed Cox months ago, purely for scoring reasons.

  • Locked at F1. With the DPP flexibility… Great way to bring in a fwd rook on the bubble if my ruck choice doesn’t work out.

    Nice write up Warnie

  • Why are people choosing McBean as R4? He’s 203cm, but only 83kg. He is a stick. Sam Rowe from Carlton is a much more likely DPP prospect to get games.

  • Warnie, Roy and Calvin will you be doing any preseason episodes soon by any chance? they were really helpful last year.