Jack Grimes – Deck of Dream Team 2013

jan24_grimesName: Jack Grimes
: Melbourne
Position: Defender
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $474,000
Bye Round: 12 (Shared with Geelong, North Melbourne, St Kilda, Sydney & West Coast)
2012 Average: 92
2012 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 93

Why should I pick him?

Because we all need defenders and last year, Jack Grimes was one of the best. He averaged 92, which ranked him as the 3rd best defender from those who played 20 games or more. After a slow start to the season that saw Jack average 65 in his first 3 games he came home strong due to seeing more midfield time. In his last 8 games for the year, Grimes averaged a very solid 105 with 5 scores of 100 or more.

Another reason to pick Jack is because Melbourne suck. They need quality players around the ball and Grimes is certainly one of these.

But he gets injured all the time? Yeah maybe so (I’ll go on about that below) but I have a question for you. How many defenders who averaged 85+ last year played all 22 games? The answer is NONE. Grimes and Heath Scotland played the most with 21 each.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Although Jack is only 23 years old, he has the body of a 70 year old man. Over the last 3 seasons, Jack has only played in 62% of the games available. In fact, this Melbourne captain enters his 6th season with only 53 games against his name. With that said, he only missed 1 game last year in Rd. 4 after being KO’ed in the previous match.

So is he fit in 2013? Surprise surprise! He hasn’t been 100%. He did say that he was right back on track with his training after a modified training pre-Christmas.

“Personally, it’s really good to be back. I missed a little bit of training before Christmas, so it was good to come back into the full session…” he said. Ummmm

Deck of DT Rating

QUEEN – Ok, so we can go on and on about the injuries and the bad run he has had over his career. With that said, he did play 21 games last year and did average 105 in his last 8 games. We all need good, reliable defenders who float through the midfield and Jack certainly ticks most of these boxes. Will he be able to play 22 games this year? Let me check my crystal ball. I think he might, or come bloody close!

Make sure you are picking the right “Jack Grimes” too. Not the KKK leader you can see on Jerry Springer (VIDEO) or the musician (VIDEO) oh and the character on the Simpsons… nah, that’s Frank Grimes – they must be related though!!

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  • My man Grimesy! Lock for me as he will cerainly push into the midfield more this year

  • Good one Calvin.
    Grimsey not for me at the start of this year. Initially I had him but I’ve gone for Heppel whos a little cheaper and has been named as Def/mid.

  • I really question whether injury prone players pose as much of a threat as previous years now that we have so many trades at our disposal. If they have an injury just use up one of your two trades for the week. No biggie!

    • I agree… and especially dudes like Grimesy, he played 21 last season (missed one through suspension) and hopefully he has put that behind him. He was very unlucky in his first few years of his AFL career, but I know I’ll be on – just like every other bloody year!

      I think my DT love-fest goes Broughts followed by Grimesy.

      • Lol, still not sold on Brought’s. Stunk so much last year the ball avoided his stench. Grimes did cut sick at the end of last year though.

  • With the trade system this year, i can’t see the risk in grimey grimerson and his dodgy body. When he burns me ( and ohh he will ). i just go click click BOOM!!!

  • I see no good reason not to take a punt on Grimey now that trades don’t matter anymore. If he dies, you trade him out. Big deal. You have to take some risks, and the biggest downside of a risk like Grimey was the fact you’d have to burn a precious trade, on top of losing points during the game he went down in. That is no longer the case. YOLO

    • I generally agree that we can take a few more injury prone players with the new trade system but I think we still have to choose them wisely.

      Grimes is a perfect target. Played 21 last year so trending the right way and most importantly had one-off injuries previously like broken foot rather than the Higgins type player with soft tissue-itis.

      perfect fit with his upside… I’m on!!

  • Loved the extra vids haha. Space in my salary cap is letting my choose between grimesy or sylvia with +80k cash so Im thinking of going the latter.

  • Considering Grimes but still concerned about his body . Wwould Grimes be better then Birchall?

    • Certainly in my opinion. Birchall is a very solid option, but Grimes has heaps more room for improvement and the potential to average 10 more than Birch.

  • 93 average is lower than I had anticipated. People (including myself) are picking Cotchin due to seeing an improved average given the way he finished the year, so why not expect similar for Grimey? If his preseason gets back on track and he continues getting Midfield time in addition to setting up play from defence, an average in the high 90’s is very realistic. A definite contender for a spot in my starting side, will only miss out if more injuries strike or I find an awesome way to use the extra cash by having Hanley/Hartlett/Broughton instead.

    • Most midfielders after a true breakout season take a couple more years to become ‘elite’ scorers… Not many go bang bang and suddenly average 115-120, I reckon Cotch will average about the same.

  • Very, very risky and giving him a GO. I understand about his body but picking him in my squad this season.

  • theres alot of damaged goods in this yrs deck..i hadnt realised he played 21 last yr,so thats good…or is it ,does it show just how inujury prone he is

    he can flat out score when he plays theres no doubting that..but like everyone i have some players i find very hard to put in after being burnt..unlike some others in the deck grimes is one of those players …..has to be considered i spoz..but he scares me alot

  • Taking a huge risk on Grimesy and biting the bullet. Will be a lock. Hope he spend more time in the midfield and doesn’t get injured :)

  • Melbourne will get better this year Calvin Neeldy was smart with getting rid of players like Jared Rivers and Brent Moloney as good as they were we needed some more matured players to come to the club like Shannon Byrnes and Chris Dawes Melbourne will be looking at at least 11th spot on the ladder.