Topical Tuesday: Dual Position Players

Over the next few Tuesday’s we are going to post topics to hear your thoughts. So let’s get the ball rolling…

Who will be turned into a DUAL POSITION option next year?

Bryce Gibbs is big chance to be named as a Mid/Back next year with the amount of time he has spent in the defensive half as is Tom Rockliff (mid/fwd) who spent a huge amount of time inside the forward 50 for the Lions.

Who do you think will lose their DPP and be changed into a single position player?

Deledio is nearly a certainty to lose his DDP status along with several guys who were named as Mid/Fwds this year. Dayne Beams, Treloar and Dangerfield head the field of many who will most likely be named in a single position in 2013. So give us your thoughts.

Who will be turned into a DPP option next year, and who do you think will lose their DPP and be changed into a single position player?

Your thoughts?

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  • Should gain DP

    Gibbs: Mid/Fwd
    Reilly: Back
    Grigg: Back
    Rockilff: Mid/Fwd
    Cox: Ruck/Fwd
    lower Mid/Back

    Should loss DP

    Dangerfield Mid only
    Beams Mid only
    O’keefe Mid only
    Treloar Mid only
    Carrazo Mid only

    quick list

  • Surely NicNat would receive DPP given the amount of time he spends out of the ruck… 50% i think the AA selectors said? Absolute joke he was the no.1 AA ruck!

    • Mate, he was named in the ruck in the AA squad and as a West Coast supporter I would have to say that Cox spends more time up forward than him because they are trying to develop NicNat

      • Yes he was named in the ruck, but the selectors defended not picking Jacobs by saying that Naitanui only spends about half his time in the ruck – and when he is actually there he outperformed Jacobs.

      • Agree absolute joke he was named ruck in AA Team at least 3 should have been named ahead of him as first ruck. Cox Jacobs Maric

        • I agree, Its wrong… We all know NicNat has the potential to improve his game, especially away from home .. Where does that leave the AA selectors in years to come? Is the position NicNats by default now?

  • LRT fwd and Pyke DPP would seem to be the biggest two changes coming to DT land.

    Both changes just reinforces why they are both better than Buddy.

  • Relton Roberts to DEF/MID/RUC/FWD !!!

  • FanFooty generally seems conservative in it’s changing of player’s positions/DPP’s thus far. So 3 players that it hasn’t listed as DPP but I still harbour some hope for and will probably make my team if they get it are Rockliff (M/F), Hartlett (M/D), and Hodge (who knows? he seemed to play everywhere EXCEPT the midfield, where he is listed). Does anyone have some insight into the chances of these guys gaining DPP?

    • I vaguely recall a statement by Champion data or Virtual sports at the start of this year saying DPP status can be afforded or withheld based on the integrity of the game. This was similar to whether or not and how big price reductions would be for players that didnt play.

      • Could these principles perhaps prevent Hodge from receiving DPP? It could be argued that he didn’t get a whole lot of midfield time because he was being eased back into footy after an extended injury lay-off and if fit would still be primarily a mid.

  • Maybe there should be a AOTP spot.

  • Anyone else think Danny Stanley will get DEF/FWD status?

  • Paddy Ryder has to get Ruck/Fwd as I suspect a lot of ruck men will

  • One thing is for sure, that only about half the players that should gain dp status will do so if that, and we will be left disappointed. Happens every year

  • Bernie Vince Mid/FWD

  • Imo Rocky will remain a MID only, sorry guys ;)

  • I’ve heard VP are looking to reduce the amount of dual position premium players in order to make teams more unique – Could really shake up the DT world…

    • they should make more mid pricers dp and less premos that would make teams different but pretty sure they justby what champion data sets the positions at

    • I tend to agree that this will happen. This year most good sides looked like they had two midfields, a ruck division and a backline. I suspect moves afoot to encourage selection of the key position forward

  • When will the status of players position be published?

    • Assistant Coach people – Mid December
      Everybody else – Feb 1st or scabbing of people who have in on this website

  • Matt De Boer any chance as MID/FWD?

  • HereIam86

    I reckon Dayne Zorko will lose DPP next year he will only be fwd seeing he play all the time in the foward line this year.

  • HereIam86

    Rocky will go mid/fwd he has spent alot of this year playing in the foward line.

  • Positional status is determined about where a player takes possession of the footy, NOT where they spend time on the field. Sounds similar, but big difference.

  • Robinson, Martin, Sidebottam, Chapman possibly all that remain of the big names from this year

  • Any chance Fyfe will be MID/FWD? He’s listed as pure MID on the fanplanner which isnt a god sign :(

  • I recon rioli could be changed to mid/fwd, cos he did play quitr a bit when required and same witj swanny, mid/fwd dpp status next year I think.

    • I agree with you on Rioli but strongly disagree about Swanny. We all said Ablett should be DPP because he was Gold Coast leading goal kicker and etc etc but he didn’t get it so I highly doubt the Swanny will get it

      • He did kick 25 goals this year, and some games played up forward for a lot of the game like in the semi against west coast

      • Maverick86

        Would it be fair to say that players who spend a fair bit of gametime forward as part of the midfield rotation for their club will remain as DT mids only, whereas those players who spend some time stationed as a forward specifically (for example, a half game not rotated) would likely be DPP?

        • Massively… that’s how I would see it. CD don’t throw these positions out there willy-nilly. You’d see from the history of what they’ve done, there haven’t been too many ‘gifts’ over the years.

  • Masten to Mid/Fwd

  • Hamish Hartlett would have to be available as a DEF next season, he’s a lock for me should that be the case.

  • if cox can be named AA fwd pocket then he should certainly be fwd/ruck

  • How bout Tippett back to RUCK/FORW?