Can you pick the All-Australian Team

With AFL Dream Team 2012 over, the thrill of picking our team and making some coaching decisions is gone… unless you’re one of the addicted few who are already planning their 2013 team. If you want to have a bit of fun this arvo and select a team, how about doing your best to pick the All-Australian team before it is announced tonight with a little game attached to it.

The concept is pretty simple, pick your team and get points for correct answers.

Like the AA team of 2011 we pick 18 on field players (3 players, 6 lines of positions), 4 bench players (no sub)  a captain, vice captain and coach.

Once the team is announced, the teams will be scored on a points value system as follows:

  • Right player, right position – 2 points (note key position players need to be picked in the correct position(CHF, CHB, FF, FB) any positions on pockets or flanks can be alternated between right and left) – subs also count.
  • Right player, wrong position – 1 point (can include wrong line)
  • Coach  – 2 points
  • Captain – 5 points
  • VC  – 3 points

The team with the most points wins!


Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide), Sam Jacobs (Adelaide), Brent Reilly (Adelaide), Scott Thompson (Adelaide), Taylor Walker (Adelaide), Eddie Betts (Carlton), Dayne Beams (Collingwood), Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood), Dane Swan (Collingwood), Jobe Watson (Essendon), Luke McPharlin (Fremantle), Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle), Corey Enright (Geelong), Tom Hawkins (Geelong), Tom Lonergan (Geelong), Joel Selwood (Geelong), Harry Taylor (Geelong), Gary Ablett (Gold Coast), Grant Birchall (Hawthorn), Lance Franklin (Hawthorn), Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn), Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn), Drew Petrie (North Melbourne), Andrew Swallow (North Melbourne), Trent Cotchin (Richmond), Brett Deledio (Richmond), Ivan Maric (Richmond), Jack Riewoldt (Richmond), Sean Dempster (St Kilda), Lenny Hayes (St Kilda), Stephen Milne (St Kilda), Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda), Kieren Jack (Sydney), Lewis Jetta (Sydney), Josh Kennedy (Sydney), Ted Richards (Sydney), Dean Cox (West Coast), Darren Glass (West Coast), Nic Naitanui (West Coast), Beau Waters (West Coast).


  • B: Enright/Glass/Birchall

    HB: Deledio/Richards/Waters

    C: Cotchin/Watson/Pendlebury

    HF: Beams/Franklin/Dangerfield

    F: Milne/Hawkins/Rioli

    FOL: Cox/Ablett/Kennedy

    INT: Maric/McPharlain/J.Riewoldt/Selwood

    Captain: Ablett
    Vice-Captain: Watson
    Coach: Longmire

  • B: Dempster Glass Lonergan
    HB: Reilly Richards Deledio
    C: Hayes Watson Cotchin
    HF: J.Riewoldt Hawkins Dangerfield
    FF: Walker Franklin Pavlich
    R: Jacobs Beams Ablett

    Interchange: Cox, Jack, Petrie, Waters

    VC: Watson
    C: Ablett

    Coach: Sanderson

  • Riewoldt out Hawkins In

  • B: Brent Rielly Ted Richards Sean Dempster
    HB: Beau Waters Luke McPharlin Grant Birchall
    C: Trent Cotchin Jobe Watson Joel Selwood
    HF: Patrick Dangerfield Lance Franklin Josh Kennedy
    F: Lewis Jetta Tom Hawkins Dayne Beams
    R: Nic Naitanui Sam Mitchell Gary Ablett
    INT: Lenny Hayes Dane Swan Scott Thompson Brett Deledio

    Captain: Watson
    Vice: Ablett

    Coach Sanderson

    Disregard my eariler selections.

  • B: Dempster Glass Waters
    HB: Deledio McPharlin Richards
    C: Pendlebury Watson Cotchin
    HF Dangerfield Franklin Hawkins
    F Milne J Reiwoldt Beams
    R Cox Ablett Kennedy
    I/C Jacobs, Thompson, Birchall, Enright

  • All Australian Team

    B: Waters Glass Richards

    HB: Delidio Mcpharlin Birchall

    C: Beams Watson Pendlebury

    HF:Dangerfield Franklin Cotchin

    F: Milne Hawkins Pavlich

    R: Cox Ablett Swan

    I/C: Naitanui Thompson Kennedy Mitchell

    Coach: B.Sanderson

    Captain: Watson

    V/C: Ablett

  • FB: Waters, Glass, Dempster
    HB: Delidio, T.Richards, Birchall
    C: J.Kennedy, Watson, Selwood
    HF: Dangerfield, Hawkins, Franklin
    F: Milne, J.Riewoldt, Beams
    R: Cox, Ablett, Cotchin
    I/C: Jacobs, Swan, Betts, S.Thompson

    Pretty happy with that, recon Betts will get in, pretty dissapointed I couldn’t fit Swallow, Mitchell, Maric or Nic Nat.
    There is just so much talent this year!!! It is so hard to pick a team from those 40 people!!

    • Whoops, forgot to add the following:

      Coach: Sanderson
      Captain: Watson
      Vice-Captain: Ablett.

  • Fucking joke.

  • FB: Dempster, Mcpharlin, Glass (C)
    HB: Waters, Richards, Birchall
    C: Cotchin, Watson, Beams
    HF: Dangerfield, Franklin, Rioli
    FF: Milne, Hawkins, Cox
    R: Naitanui, Thompson, Ablett (VC)
    B: Deledio, Kennedy, Pendlebury, Swan

  • Selectors have no idea what they’re doing

    On another note, tell me why no one considered Taylor walker. He Averaged the second most amount of goals in the comp

  • Got 25 pts by my count. Not too many wrong but most in the wrong positions. Coach is premiership coach apparently, which should make voting void for that.

  • 27 for me

  • What a joke the all australian.

    When Tom Hawkins the biggest hack/crap player gets full forward and Nic Nat gets ruck when he could barely hold the position you know the panel has no idea.

    Ivan maric should of got ruck and pavlich full forward.