AFL Dream Team 2012: Season Review

Here is you chance to discuss your 2012 AFL Dream Team season. Copy and past the following into the comments and chat about the season that was.

Team Name:
Final Ranking:
League Results:
DT Brownlow Medalist:
DT Rising Star:
Best Round 1 Starter:
Worst Round 1 Starter:
Best Trade:
Worst Trade:
What have you learnt this year:

Were you in a DT TALK League? If so, please let us know who was the winner of the premiership and who was the overall ranked coach in the league (with their ranking).

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us have a successful year at DT Talk. We will be very active in the off-season before we start our hardcore pre-season work for 2013. Stick with us!


  • Team Name: The Beatables
    Final Ranking: 6320
    League Results: WBBBB
    DT Brownlow Medallist: Beams for consistency and not missing a game
    DT rising star: Zorko, but Greene under the AFL rule
    Best Round 1 Starter: Swan
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Tie between Golby and Guthrie
    Best Trade: Kennedy to Beams in Rd 7
    Worst Trade: Been a few, but SCOTLAND TO BROUGHTON WHEN SCOTLAND WAS “OUT FOR A MONTH” takes the cake
    What you have learnt this year: Don’t trade underperforming premiums

  • Team Name: Patinkin TITanS
    Final Ranking: 7626
    League Results: LW
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Ablett (had him from start) or Swan (Didn’t have him long but he made an impact)
    DT Rising Star: Gibson/Zorko
    Best Round 1 Starter: Deledio/Ablett
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Leuenberger
    Best Trade: Clay Smith to Gibson, Devon Smith to Beams
    Worst Trade: Horsley to Crozier, Fyfe to Whitecross, Clarke to Adcock,
    What have you learnt this year: There’s no point holding on to a trade for the grand final if you have no idea what to do with it when you get there.

  • Team Name: Nicks Nightmares
    Final Ranking: 15K :(
    League Results: 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th and 16th :(:(:(
    DT Brownlow Medalist: The Pig, Dane Swan.
    DT Rising Star: 1. Zorko 2. Gibson 3. Coniglio/Shiel
    Best Round 1 Starter: Dane Swan and Adam Kennedy
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Morris and Ellis
    Best Trade: Treloar – Beams. Never looked back.
    Worst Trade: Scotland – Broughton when Scotland was gone for “a month”
    What have you learnt this year: Take the byes as they come. Don’t plan. Listen to people who say “jump on this mature age rookie” i.e. James Magner and James McDonald. Pick players with confident JS!! i.e Paine, Spurr, Darley, Bower and Howard. Don’t listen to club doctors, (especially Dr. Peter Larkins) and most importantly, LISTEN TO ADVICE ON THIS SITE!!!

    Thanks everyone for making this an enjoyable season and looking forward to next year.

    BRING ON 2013!!

    P.S. I see you have already started the countdown for 2013…..

    Nooie out.

  • Team Name: Dreamteam Dork
    Final Ranking: 5649
    League Results:WWLLW
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan
    DT Rising Star: Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Sidebottom
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Rockliff
    Best Trade: Goodes to Beams
    Worst Trade: H. Shaw to Hurn
    What have you learnt this year:
    Don’t do stupid trades at the start of the year.

  • Team Name: Norfolk and Chance
    Final Ranking: 1656
    League Results: LLWL
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Dayne Beams
    DT Rising Star: Seeing that Zorko, Gibson and Dickson are all too old for a rising star, gotta say my main man Trelaor.. sorry I had to trade you out Rnd 22. You were my favorite player RIP
    Best Round 1 Starter: Deledio
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Van Berlo/Broughton
    Best Trade: Heath Shaw -> Big Bad Beau
    Worst Trade: Goodes -> Fyfe -> Zaharakis -> Chapman (All got injured within two/three weeks of echother)
    What have you learnt this year: That its time for an old time coach to start looking at new and exciting up and comers.. I turned down some seriously exciting prospects in favor of older players who have been fantasy relevant over the last three years of my coaching.. eg. Dangerfield, Cotchin, etc.

    Horrible season.. Bring on 2013

  • Team Name: The M-16s
    Final Ranking: 3391
    League Results: 1 flag, one lost GF, one lost prelim, one out in straight sets and one eliminated 1st week finals.
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Oink Oink
    DT Rising Star: Zorko closely followed by Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Swan
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Cloke
    Best Trade: Porps>Zorko
    Worst Trade: One of Pav>Sidebottom and Hayes>Rockliff
    What have you learnt this year: I’d like to say ‘don’t sideways trade premos unless they are LTI’ but I seem to never truly learn this lesson…

  • I note that Jurrah has quit Melbourne and wants to join an SA club, I hear Snowtown are on the lookout for someone who can slice through tough defenders.

  • Team Name: Demon Lightningg
    Final Ranking: 25219
    League Results: 3 Minor league wins.
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan
    DT Rising Star: Toby Greene even though I did not get him
    Best Round 1 Starter: Beau Waters
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Greg Broughton
    Best Trade: Bugg-Carrazzo
    Worst Trade: Cameron-Kennedy
    What have you learnt this year: Always update your team on the teams-I had Kerridge, Rowe and Wilkes in my team.

  • Team Name: Currys Cannons
    Final Ranking: 4014
    League Results: 3 Premierships out of 5
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan
    DT Rising Star: Dayne Zorko
    Best Round 1 Starter: Matthew Boyd
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Grant Birchall
    Best Trade: Taylor Adams – Dayne Beams
    Worst Trade: Smedts to Hurley for bench cover
    What have you learnt this year: Dont use your trades too early! Lucky it didnt cost me too badly!

  • Team Name: Kings Of Zaneos
    Final Ranking: 48,436
    League Results: 4th
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swan
    DT Rising Star: Sam Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Sam Gibson (dispite starting mid year)
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Goldstein
    Best Trade: Nahas to DangerField
    Worst Trade: Swan to Stanton
    What have you learnt this year: DONT OVER USE TRADES

  • Team Name: Jase’s Hawks

    Final Ranking: 7467

    League Results: Runner Up :(

    DT Brownlow Medalist: Gary Ablett, Dane Beams tie

    DT Rising Star: Brandon Ellis, not the best scorer but played every game but 1.

    Best Round 1 Starter: Beau Waters

    Worst Round 1 Starter: Christian Howard, Pfifer.

    Best Trade: Jack Grimes, Ryan O’Keefe

    Worst Trade: Josh Drummond, Chris Yarran

    What have you learnt this year: Pick with your brain not your heart. Also learnt im the best at Bendigo Senior :D

  • Team Name:Chappy’s Champs
    Final Ranking:487
    League Results:WWLWL
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Dane Swine, i mean Swan :p
    DT Rising Star: Greene or zorko
    Best Round 1 Starter:Boyd
    Worst Round 1 Starter:Curtly Hampton, Dusty Martin or gregory bloody broughton
    Best Trade:Porps to Beams round 9
    Worst Trade:Scotland to birchall round 11 only because HE ONLY MISSED ONE WEEK and then i couldn’t get him back in and had to carry broughton on my bench for the rest of the year.
    What have you learnt this year:Dont listen to any form of doctor be that club medico peter larkins or dr dream team

    I was in two DT TALK leagues DT TALK SHUEY (league rank 158) in which i was the highest ranked player and lost the gf (cheers dusty) and DT TALK tragics (league rank 144) in which I one the premiership however Scumbags was the highest ranked player (300 overall)

    Cheers for the years hard work Warnie, Roy and Calvin! Was a blast and would love to be involved in a league with you guys next year!
    Take Care,
    <3 Chappy

  • Cheers to Robdog for making the DT TALK under 17’s league, apart from the Retord Rabbits we did ok

  • Team Name: Statismathgicians
    Final Ranking: 1,376
    League Results: WINNER of DT TALK PENDLEBURY !!!
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Jobe Watson
    DT Rising Star: Adam Treloar
    Best Round 1 Starter: Ivan Maric
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Josh Hill
    Best Trade: Broughton to Waters after Round 3
    Worst Trade: Crameri to Fyfe after Round 3
    What have you learnt this year: Not to make last minute changes when trading

  • Team Name:killerkiel
    Final Ranking:686
    League Results:L and W the lower league gf
    DT Brownlow Medalist:Swan
    DT Rising Star:Zorko
    Best Round 1 Starter:Danger
    Worst Round 1 Starter:Broughton
    Best Trade:Danger
    Worst Trade:Broughton,Lake,Rockliff
    What have you learnt this year:Not much.

  • Team Name: Buckin’ Buckenara
    Final Ranking: 5337
    League Results: WWWLW (the loss sustained in a prelim. To side ranked 260th)
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan, who else
    DT Rising Star:Gibson and Zorko tied
    Best Round 1 Starter: Dangerfield
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Cloke without doubt
    Best Trade: McDonald to Gibson and Callinan to Greene
    Worst Trade: Greene to Stanton ($614k)
    What have you learnt this year:
    if you miss out on a gun rookie ala Greene then sacrifice a trade to jump on the bandwagon. if a premo. Goes down with injury hold wherever possible, I held birchall, shaw, swan, ablett, pendles Franklin, in hindsight probably shouldn’t have held pendles or Franklin but put me in stronger position to win 4 gf’s.
    Can’t wait for 2013.

  • anyone who wants to earn some coin.. 250 up front and 500 if you win my woeful league… next year. need you to have finished in the top 1000 this year to give me some confidence me. need a year off.

  • Team Name: We’re All Cox
    Final Ranking: 170
    League Results:W,W,L,B,W
    DT Brownlow Medalist: SWAN
    DT Rising Star: TOBY GREENE
    Best Round 1 Starter:SWAN
    Worst Round 1 Starter:MARTIN
    Best Trade:COTCHIN
    What have you learnt this year: DONT USE TRADES JUST CAUSE YOU HAVE THEM !!!

  • Team Name: Chunk Dirty
    Final Ranking: 52K
    League Results: LLLL
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Gary Ablett, Dayne Beams tied
    DT Rising Star: Dayne Zorko, Greene
    Best Round 1 Starter: Rookie- Magner, Bugg. Senior- ablett, buddy, fyfe, pendles, mitchell
    Worst Round 1 Starter: shaw, shiel
    Best Trade: greene, zorko, giles, ellis
    Worst Trade: watson -> stanton. (OMFG) and pfeffier (without a doubt shite)
    What have you learnt this year: Save trades. be especially watchful of good rookies (cos i got couch instead of gibson. cost me the season). put my emergencies on good bench players (my god, i did not know what emergencies did. i could’ve scored 2400+ for the past 7 rounds) and yeah.

  • what about the dt talk group top 10?

  • Team Name: Far Cup Champions
    Final Ranking: 5,830
    League Results: WLLLLW
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan
    DT Rising Star: Sam Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Magner
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Lynch (Adel)
    Best Trade: Rnd-18 OUT Robinson ($445,700) IN Fyfe ($412,300)
    Worst Trade: Rnd-3 OUT Dickson ($98,700) IN Kennedy ($104,200
    What have you learnt this year: Never start without Swan and don’t
    try and plan for the byes by opting for someone you normally wouldn’t pick.

  • Team Name: Redbacks
    Final Ranking: 2659
    League Results: WWWL
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan
    DT Rising Star: Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Dangefiield
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Howard
    Best Trade: JMac to Beams
    Worst Trade: Goodes back in after his 140
    What have you learnt this year: You need luck to win finals as trades can’t save you from late outs.

    DTTALK Gibson: I lost to T-Truth 2215 – 2228. League rank 688

  • Team Name: U Mad Bro?
    Final Ranking: 53,331
    League Results: WWLW
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Cotchin
    DT Rising Star: Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Dangerfield
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Patton
    Best Trade: Goodes OUT – Swan IN
    Worst Trade: Roobison IN – Beams OUT
    What have you learnt this year: Theres always next year.

  • Cam

    Final Ranking: 6,010
    League Results: Runner up in one league and made semi/prelim in all other 4
    DT Brownlow Medalist: D.Swan
    DT Rising Star: Adam Treloar (mostly for the fact that Sam Gibson is a mature ager and Treloar came in to cover weeks without buddy and performed exceptionally well!)
    Best Round 1 Starter: Brett Deledio – For playing every game and lifting his ave over 110.
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Tom Rockliff. I had a couple of rookies who struggled to get games but you get that every year. But to pay top dollar for a premo who promised so much towards the end of 2011 to then drop way off towards the end of 2012 is not good enough. Ended up benching him in the GF for Gibson which proved to be the right choice. That alone says enough. Sorry Roy but Rocky might be on the never again list.
    Best Trade: Magner – Jobe Watson
    Worst Trade: Waters – Suckling (only to get Waters back after he came back earlier). Waste of a trade.
    What have you learnt this year: Don’t hold onto premo’s who are going to have a long stint on the sidelines (Buddy) as they aren’t guaranteed to come back and score at their best again.

    Thanks to the DT Talk boys for another great season! Will be back and bigger than ever in 2013. Looking forward to starting the pre-season with Warnie and Calvin in London!

  • Team Name: The Mungoheads
    Final Ranking: 15017
    League Results:WW
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan. Who else !
    DT Rising Star: Adam Treloar
    Best Round 1 Starter: Dangerfield
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Broughton
    Best Trade: Broughton to Deledio. I don’t know why I didn’t start with him. Madness, I tell you !
    Worst Trade: Nothing to serious. Both were due to dodgy club doctors. Ablett to swan rd6, Waters to Suckling rd16. Got a lot of LTI’s wrong but held on to them (except Fyfe, Goodes) and got away with it. Looking back, I traded OK !
    What have you learnt this year:1. HOLD TRADES ! If you want to trade due to form, wait a week. You never know with injuries. You’ll wish you never hit that button when you’re short come semi time. 2.Quality is always worth it (Beams !!) 3. Check teams draws for each half of the year.

    Third year. Had an absolute ball !!!!!

  • Final Ranking: 3500ish
    League Results: Runner up in both
    DT Brownlow Medalist – Deledio
    DT Rising Start – Zorko
    Best Round 1 Starter – Giles
    Worst ROund 1 Starter – Rockliff
    Best Trade – Rockliff to Boyd, got me into GF in my main league
    Worst Trade – Franklin to Goodes (although it meant I could get Swan in, it wasn’t worth it in the long run as Goodes ended up on the pine for Treloar in the finals and Swan had to be given the arse when he got suspended.
    What I have learn this year: my midfield will look a whole lot different next year, with the likes of Cotchin, Dangerfield and JPK likely to get a berth over the likes of Boyd, Thompson and Murphy.
    Also Greg Broughton is garbage.

  • Team Name: Duckys Goldens
    Final Ranking: 337
    League Results: WL (Both Gf’s)
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan
    DT Rising Star: Greene
    Best Round 1 Starter: Sidebottom
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Goodes
    Best Trade: Kennedy -> Beams
    Worst Trade: Pendlebury -> Stanton
    What have you learnt this year: Don’t pick Stanton, don’t sideways trade for 2 week injuries, trading hard early still works…

  • Team Name: Whatagreateam
    Final Ranking:2319
    League Results: Premiers
    DT Brownlow Medalist:Swanny
    DT Rising Star: Gibson
    Best Round 1 Starter: Dangerfield
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Gibbs
    Best Trade: rd 13 Zaharakis ($421,900) to ROK ($425,200). ROK improved his average from 81 to 96
    Worst Trade: My last trade lost me 12 points in rd 23 Gibbs ($480,900) to Thompson ($411,500)
    What have you learnt this year: Don’t assume players (eg, Pfeiffer) promoted from the rookie list prior to the season will play rd 1. Starting with pfeiffer meant I missed out on starting with Devon Smith

  • Team Name: . (a dot, yeah i dont know what i was thinking)
    Final Ranking: 2709
    League Results: 3 x GF wins, 2 x 1st elimination final losses
    DT Brownlow Medalist: Swan (is there really any other option?)
    DT Rising Star: Taylor Adams (to be a bit different)
    Best Round 1 Starter: Toby Greene (had him from the start- 99 in Rd 1)
    Worst Round 1 Starter: Heath Shaw (56 in Rd 1)
    Best Trade: Getting Beams in Rd 6
    Worst Trade: Getting Travis Cloke later in the season
    What have you learnt this year: 1) Swan is a demi-God; and 2) dont trade a fat cash cow- wait til its obese.

    • Oh and also, I was involved in the league DT TALK WA 6 (League Rank: 822 of 26076), which proved to be a great contest. Congrats to Chupacabras who beat MargaretRiverReds in the GF to take out the cup.