DT TALK Live 2012: Round 22


  • M. Johnson or Smedts on ground?

    Using last trade! Griffin > (any ruck except for cox)

    • wait need to redo the question, need to play 2/3 from bugg, smedts and johnson – who do i play?

      and also who do i trade j. griffin out for? (any ruck)

      • Im personally not sure about the first choice but the 2nd best ruckman based solely on average is Maric. However, I think Roughhead or Hale will perform the best as they have been in great form.

      • Play Bugg and Johnson. Get in Roughead or Jacobs as they have the highest projections for the last two rounds.

  • looking like a close finals game for me… what do you think?

    priddis -> swan
    priddis & mitch/treloar -> ROK & Boomer?

    3 trades left

    • Option 1 to Swan for me, especially if you capitalize and make Swan captain this week. Calvo has predicted him to go very big!

    • I actually like option 2… especially with Boomer having GWS in Round 23.

      • Boomer should go big in Round 23, but without a big game this week, he may not make it in.
        Also, Boomer vs FREO this week who have limited opponents DT scores.

  • 1. Which 2 should I play out of:
    Thompson (v MEL @MCG) ave 90 in his last 4
    Pendles (v WCE @Paterson’s) ave 100 in his last 4
    Gibson (v FRE @Etihad) ave 120 in his last 4

    2. Which one should I trade in:
    Dangerfield (MEL, GCS)
    Stevie J (WB, SYD)

    • 1. Pendles (as he plays his best games vs WCE) & Gibson (outstanding form lately)

      2. Stevie J. Dangerfield has the possibility of being rested and also Calvin expect a BIG GAME from Stevie J this week. Also, Stevie J should play Round 23 as well as Geelong need the 4 points in a tough game, and with Selwood out for Geelong, Stevie J should be racking up more possessions.

    • 1) – Pendles and Gibson.
      2) – Stevie J.

  • Who to play on the field please.
    Gibson or Thompson
    Zorko or Treloar

  • Trading Jelwood and Robbo out…

    Which combo?

    1. Thompson + Stevie J

    2. Murphy + Fyfe

    3. Watson + Treloar (bench Robbo)

    Base your decision on this week.

    • As Calvin said, Stevie J is expected to go massive this week so I definitely recommend him. However, instead of Thompson, I would select another premo midfielder. Message back amount left after you bring in Stevie J for options.

      • Can only afford a MID 432k or under if I get SJ.

        • Maybe Callan Ward (averages 98) as Shags has just stated he will be included. Fyfe and Murphy are also great options too if unsure.

    • Option 2 for me.

  • Warne Dawwwggg,

    Mitchell or Gibson? Leaning towards Gibson given Mitchell has scored 0 x 100s on sydney in his whole career, but slightly worried about Freo’s shutdown tactics.


  • Hi. What forward would you recommend for this week for under $445,000.
    I already have Stevie J and am leaning towards Goodes at the moment.

    All opinions appreciated :)

  • Hey Boys,

    A couple of questions

    1) Is it worth trading Gibson to Cotchin? Or should I just start Gibson?

    2) Whcih 2 should i have on the field out of Zorko, Martin and Goodes (oppenent will most likey have to play Martin and Goodes and i am slightly behind him in projected score)

    Cheers for your help.

    • 1.) Cotchin is expected to go quite big this week, while Gibson is vs FRE who usually keep opponents to low DT scores. Therefore, yes bring in Cotchin!

      2.) If you are slightly behind him in projected score, playing the same players against him would not do you so well. I would start Goodes (returning to form and had 137 last week) and Zorko (vs PORT)

    • Yep, worth going to Cotchin – kid is a jet.

      Bench Martin for Zorko.

      • Thanks Gents, Really appreciate the help.

        Now just to work out if i trust Calvin’s judgement on Stevie J…

  • Good stuff guys.

    Just a small criticism, I thought the inclusion of Callan Ward might have been dt relevent.vent.

    • Are you one of the 8000 with him? Sorry! Haha. He hasn’t been awful, but if people are rolling with him in their midfield, they weren’t aiming too high with their trades.

      But in all seriousness… we just wanted to push through teams quickly.

      • Lol, nah wouldnt go near him myself. Strangely my main opponent has him, and I nearly missed his inclusion, so I guess him being named is only really relevent for me lol, and not the rest of the dt universe ;-)Nah woul

  • Is Warnie doing a Treadrea? Or maybe that should be a Carly Rae Jepson…

  • I have one trade left….

    1. Do I trade Jelwood to Murphy and play Martin on field with Robinson on bench (gibson on bench)
    2. Trade Robinson to Lewis and play Gibson for Selwood (martin on bench)
    3. Save trades for potential grand final and play Gibson+Martin

    do u think stevie j will get rested this week?

  • Should I get marc murphy or pendles, cheers

  • Horsley > Andreoli (for the dpp link)
    Murdoch > Stevie J
    last 2 trades. got cover like dsmith and martin.
    Yes or no?

  • Who to trade out for Scotland?

    1. Suckling –
    may get vested or even miss

    2. Heppell – playing the Tiges and named in fwd

  • Whoops stupid iPhone

    Or 3. Lake – averaging the lowest but playing the Cats so should see plenty of ball


  • does the liam picken come into the steve johnson situation? He went to selwood earlier this season – who is now out.

  • Who would have thought…

    I have to play two of Stanton, Rockliff and Gibson…I’m leaning towards benching Stanton as I can’t ignore Gibson’s run of 100’s and Rockliff vs Port this week.


  • play Martin or Gibson on field?

  • Help! Who should i trade out for swan? Barlow or Thomson?

    Current midfield:
    Ablett, Watson, Boyd, Thomson, Barlow, Pendles (Gibson, Sexton)

  • 1. Going Swan as captain over ABlett. My opponet in the PF is going Ablett, safe bet or change?
    2. Who to sit on the pine out of Sam Shaw, Baguley and Bugg? I was thinking Shaw or Bages…?
    3. Trading Mitch Robbo for Okeefe or Buddy? best option?