DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 21


  • first :)

  • Nice show Warnie ,although it had a lack of Irish pirate! ;)

    Do you think Stevie J will cop the CJT? Planning on trading him in.

    • Hmm… I don’t think so. That is the tough thing about his new midfield role, not knowing who players will go to. Possibly Selwood would be a more realistic option for CJT.

  • Got one trade left for an upgrade……

    Which upgrade is better

    Spurr > Waters


    Giles > Maric/Jacobs

  • Hey Warnie- remember me. I was tossing up whether i traded Bugg to Scotland for my elimination final. Well I didnt- thought the 3 trades were worth the risk- but would have got rolled if Fyfe didnt roll his ankle being a tool in his hotel room. He traded Swan to Fyfe in a move i didnt see coming (didnt think he had trades).

    So for me i reset and go again this week. So my question is- do I now get rid of Bugg this week to Scotland (seeing as Bugg has been dropeed) or do you think Bugg is way better back up then Sam Shaw or Ellis. Im wondering if even though Bugg is dropped whether I should keep him and upgrade Ellis to Scotland instead? I would also have to do a downgrade so doing Treloar to Couch to keep DPP.

    Money wise it would mean I need Devon Smith to increase in value 12K so i can upgrade him to Swan next week. Is this a lock seeing as his BE is 33- what would he need to score to increase by this much? If he doesnt increase by enough I would need to upgrade Martin/Zorko or Gibson to Swan and dont want to do that.

    Just in case you see something better for me to do that I dont- here is my team:
    Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

    3 Trades, $97,100

    B: Lids, Carrots, God, Birchall, Suckers, M.Johnson, Bugg (Ellis, S.Shaw)
    M: Ablett, Pendles, Boyd, Scotty T, Rocky, Gibson (Treloar, M.Williams)
    R: Cox, Giles (Big O, Redden)
    F: Beams, Franklin, Stevie J, Danger, Sideass, Robbo, Zorko (Martin, D.Smith)

    • I think that Shaw/Ellis are just as good as Bugg as bench players – hopefully you don’t need to use them, but the risk is worth it. All a good plan from here. Nice work. Hopefully it works out!

      Good luck!

  • Hey Warnie, in case you don’t see my tweet, which two of Fyfe, Martin and Zorko should I play onfield?

    • Fyfe and Zorko… I think. This is one of the toughest questions going around!

      What do others think?

      • Yeah that’s where I was heading. Playing my mate who has Zorko onfield already as a differential to my Martin. I’d be annoyed if Martin finally scores big for the first time this year!

      • Another thing I was thinking is that Danger could struggle again with the Raines tag. A big call??

      • In fact, I should perhaps start Gibson over Martin. Gibbo has the 8th highest 3R mean in the comp! What do you think?

  • Cheers Warnie.

    BTW- what the hell is going on with Suckling? Bit sore or what? Sub last week and named on an extended bench. Is he any danger of missing? Surely he is in Hawks top 10-15 let alone top 22.

    If Clarkson drops him, I will lose my shit.

    • Surely his ‘rest’ was his subbing… I don’t know. See what happens when Sunday teams are finalised, but he is NO chance of a sub next week.

  • Warnie,

    Who should i play on the field……

    Gibson (col), Martin, Fyfe….

    got 4 trades wondering whether to get rid of gibson and bring in rok….

    only problem i will burn 2 trades for swan next week and then only 1 trade left for finals….

    thinking of playing martin and fyfe… gibson on the bench and keep 2 trades for semi and GF

    Any help would help


    • Burn a trade this week – go for it. However, I think Gibson won’t score much less than ROK (if at all). 4 trades is a great position to be in!

  • Thanks warnie,

    I lost the GF last year with only one trade as the hawks rested a lot of players….. trying to take 2 trades into the GF if i make it but the guy i am playing the game is going to be close…. i was just worried that collingwood would not gibson get the ball and a low score as a result

    Thanks for your help

  • Traded in Fyfe last week and as a result I’m here again this week. Just upgraded Dickson to Stevie J. 2 trades and $23K left… on the basis our teams are pretty like for like this week, but I’m debating whether to lose Swan for Watson/Cotchin or hold… I know that if I win this week, my opponent next week has him… thoughts feelings ideas?

    B: Lids, Carrazzo, Goddard, Birchall, Dempsey, Lake, Morris (Smedts, S.Shaw)

    M: Ablett, Pendles, Murphy, Fyfe, Hayes, Gibson (Swan, Goodes)

    R: Cox, Jacobs (O, Giles)

    F: Beams, Franklin, Stevie J, Danger, Sides, Martin, Zorko (Robbo, A Hall)

  • Martin, Chapman, Goodes and Robbo. Which one goes on the bench? leaning towards robbo

  • What would you do?

    Robo/Martin > Beams

    Johnson > Scotland

    Ahhhhhh Headaches!