Nix DreamTrader – Round 17

Here is update of Nix DreamTrader after round 17.  Download from link at end of post.  The name for this version is anger management.

The DreamTrader tab is the same as last round, except with updated data.  I’ve input some of the most popular trades for this week.  The reason the Trader is reluctant to trade Giles is because he is significantly undervalued based on his current average.  However, if you override his average to something more realistic for the future you will get better results.

Additional Features.

There are also additional features this round.  A new tab called TheMagnetBoard allows you to input your whole team and see how it looks against various benchmarks.  Then you can shuffle your team around, trade in new players and see if it looks any better.

The major benchmarks look at the spread of your money and what level of points you are getting in return.  The benchmarks are:

benchmarks for Nix DreamTrader

My proposition is that no matter how much money you have, if you allocate your money based on these benchmarks you will get close to the highest realistic average score, possible with your money.

You can also compare your team to other teams.  There are several teams included already:

  • Bird Flippers – the new overall leader,
  • Three teams picked at random – destRoy, Warne Dawgs and Calvinator,
  •  NixPix – my own team, so you can see whether I know what I am doing and whether you should follow my advice (unfortunately no !).

There is a chart showing all the teams against the benchmark efficient capital frontier line – i.e. the highest average score you should be able to get with a set amount of money.  Efficient capital frontier – I had to write that again, it sounds so boss.

Anyway, try it and see what you think.  You might do better in one or two positions, but I doubt you will get a better mix.  If anyone  does find a better team structure I would like to hear about it.

Bonus Extras

This round there are more bonus charts available to users downloading anger management – this time showing which teams score the most DT 100s and which teams concede the most DT 1oos on average.

Also a table showing which teams features in games with the highest DT difference, and the highest combined DT score.  Might be useful in setting your team for the finals.

That’s it.  Remember to read the instructions tab.  Happy to  respond to questions or suggestions here or on twitter @NixTrader.  Here linky, linky …

Nix DreamTraderR17p 

The file is an MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet, so it will try to open in MS Excel 2007 or similar.
I am happy to try to export it in other forms if posters want to suggest something feasible. However, the formulas are quite technical, so I am not optimistic it will transfer to other platforms easily.




  • This tool is a guide only, you are responsible for your own use of the ‘T’ button.
  • This is a virtual MagnetBoard only.  If you do not like what you see or how your team is performing do not punch the screen.







  • This doesnt relate to the dreamteam trader.

    This is to everyone that works and does the articles at DT.
    I am just putting an idea out there but it would be pretty cool if you guys could make like an official DT TALK app. Would be pretty cool cos i hate opening the internet on my phone and then coming to the site and it takes a couple of minutes and i constantly check a lot.
    But it would be pretty cool if you guys could do it.

    • First of all, thanks Nix for putting in what must be a mountain of work into this each week.

      Secondly in response to Jerome, look at the top right hand corner of the screen. There has been a DT Talk App available for a couple of months now. C’mon man.

  • Nice work Nix

  • Just WOW!

  • Very good. Must have taken you a while to do this. Good stuff