DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 16


  • DT’s alright with Meeeeee!

    • Been off line all week. Seriously if work keeps up this way I’ll friken quit and DT will be something I’ll put on the dole job application list.

      • Like I mentioned guys I’d like a bit of advice on my team.

        I have 8 trades left and 86k.

        I’ve really wanted Baguely (BAC/MID DPP) and Couch (Talked up) for the most of the season, now is my first chance at both but do have a few gaps to fill due to all the bloody outs.
        Seems like Birchall should be my most logical target.

        Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

        Deledio, Suckling, Scotland, Carrazzo, Darley, Spurr, Goddard, Waters, Bugg

        Boyd, Swannie, GAJ, Jelwood, Pendlebury, D. Zorko, S. Gibson, Sexton

        Cox, Redden, Giles, T. Campbell

        Sidebottom, Beams, M, Robinson. Stevie J, A. Treloar, T. Adams, Pfeiffer, Buddy, D. Martin

        • You need 2 backs by the looks so maybe downgrade Spurr to Baguely if you want him and upgrade Bugg..With the cash you’ll have it looks like H.Shaw,M.Johnson or Heppell would be your options

          • Forget that..If you want the link from backs/mids then you’ll need to trade a mid and Sexton is the one there..Trade Sexton for Baguley(and swap with Goddard for the week)Then Bugg for Carrazzo(because you’ll still be $5k short of Birchall)or Waters to Birchall if you really want him.

            The first option will leave you with about $5k but you have gained a extra premo.
            The second option will leave you with about $190k but no extra premos since Waters to Birchall is sideways.

            Hope that helps and good luck.

          • Trade 5fer or T Addams?

          • T Adams – Baguley
            Bugg – Birchall

            Leaves me with $126,100 and one donut. Not going to get out of copping 1 no matter what.

            I could drop Waters but I don’t think he is that bad (not that I have done any research yet).

          • I take that back. The last trade I mentioned gets me Birchall and no donuts.

            Still left with Sexton, Spurr and 5fer though.

          • Cheers esuba for showing so much interest decent feedback.

      • you’ll need them 2 in your forward line this week but wont you?

        • trade 1 of them next week for couch if you want him 2.

          • you can get out of a doughnut if you do the Sexton>Baguley trade

            Goddard will then sit on your mids bench this week while Baguley plays in backs
            Then Bugg> for 1 of the 3 of Heppell,MJ or H.Shaw and you should have should have

            BACKS.Deledio,Carrazzo,Scotland,Suckling,Darley,Baguley and 1 of ^them^ 3 No emg
            CENTRES.Boyd,Swan,GAJ,Pendles,Jelwood,Zorko (with Gibson emg)
            RUCKS.Cox,Giles(with Redden emg)
            FORWARDS.Beams,Sidebottom,Stevie J,Robbo,Treloar,5fa,Adams(no emg)

          • No worries with 8 trades you have many options and much to think about
            good luck

  • Great show lads. :)

    Like you lot I’m worried after Maxy’s call, Swanny better bloody play! Going Gazza capt, gut feeling he’s gonna explode this week against the tigers, Boyd (vc)…wanna go Swanny, but too many if’s but’s and maybe’s this week for my liking. Keep up the great work guys.

    Cheers to Chook for his huge contribution to DT TALK.

  • dude warnie. I Love Milllencolin!!!!!! :)

  • worth doing bugg to yarran? or who can i downgrade bugg to?