‘Par’ – Round 15

This is based on the scores from the teams who are ranked in the top 5k overall and averaged out. We thought this gives the best indication of the ‘better’ teams so we can all gage our weekly efforts based on theirs. We think this number is about right… therfore ‘par’ for each round and will be posted here in DT TALK shortly after each round (thanks to Virtual Sports). There’s no point averaging the top 25k or everyone in the competition as some of these guys would probably forget to do their teams. So the top 5k average is the mark.

If you don’t think this is a fair indication, then ppffthhh. Take it for what it is.

For those who play that other silly game The SuperCoach ‘PAR’ was 2304pts

Get onto the Assistant Coach and SuperGold for more of these amazing facts


  • Finally made it above the par this week with my 2263. Been so close lately. Went from 6370 to 4607 in the rankings

  • 2080 :(

  • Excellent. It’s like shooting a 6, realising it wasn’t a long par 4, but a short par 5! A bogey is good with me, think I fell 10 to 20 points short.

  • Got my highest score for the year in this round 2315 :s one of these weeks i might pick a good captain. getting hot at the right time of year though

  • Wellingham just got 3 weeks.

    OK, so I don’t have Sharrod Wellingham in my dreamteam – nor do I think he is that instrumental to Collingwood’s tilt at another runners-up this year. In short, I am not biased.

    However – watching the incident in real time proves there is nothing about it that warrants suspension. It’s here, in real-time, in case you haven’t seen it.


    Both players, Simpson and Shellingham, are going for the ball. They either have to fiercely attack it, or stand back and get accused of dogging it. It’s get the ball, or don’t. Less than a second to decide. You want it, or not?

    It’s courageous of Simpson, and yes it’s dangerous if you don’t know what’s coming. But you can’t blame the other bloke for doing the same, can you?

    Slow motion has a lot to answer for. As Carlton Draught have proven in their telly ad, everything in slow motion looks worse than it is – that chip coming out of that dude’s mouth looks like a missile.

    However there was nothing malicious, premeditated or even unsportsmanlike like about Shellingham’s hit, and he shouldn’t have been suspended.

    Hair On!


    • Hairyman,
      I think you have gotten your assessment of this one a bit wrong.
      I was watching it live and said “He’s f**ked”, watched it in replays and said “He’s f**ked” and have since watched it in slow-mo and guess what i said……..”He’s f**ked”!!!

      Wellingham doesn’t even put his arm up as though he is attempting to spoil…….he isn’t even near to watching the ball as it gets to Simpson and he’s make his mind up to “run thru” Simpson well before the balls arrived.
      To be honest I think he’s lucky to just get 3………look at what other have done recently to get the same.
      BUT more importantly i think he’s very lucky that he didn’t really hurt Simpson.

      • Broke his jaw…

      • Compared to Taylor Walkers tackle on Morris, how on earth could this constitute 5 weeks?
        (original penalty was 5, he got 3 weeks due to good record + early plea).

        Wello is clearly going for the chest grab and notices Simpo in the last moments after he has already leaped. He definitely deserved 3 weeks as the base penalty, as the outcome of the bump was indeed rather forceful and high, regardless of intent. But 5 weeks is just ludicrous…

        Back on topic, just shy of par this week no thanks to Hargravers, Stevie J & Darley all drop-outs.

        • yep-looking at simpson too make sure he hurts simpson is really going for the chest grab, especially with the arms tucked in.

        • The Butcher

          Not that long ago that was play on,,

      • you def got it wrong Hairy… and I dont care for for either team involved. Fact is at no time does he ever attempt to even pretend to play the ball. Now the interesting thing is that his action ruled Simpson out for the rest of the game (and then some) but his penalty will be served against other teams which means nothing to the team he infringed against.

        AFL at the top level is the only game that I can think of where you can’t get sent off. If the AFL hierarchy can use video to check whether someone got their fingernail on the ball, then why dont they use video to look at incidents where players are injured and if need be send the villain off for the rest of the game. Only a matter of time before a Franklin or someone gets taken out in a GF…worst that can happen atm is a 50m and time off next year.

        • “Fact is at no time does he ever attempt to even pretend to play the ball.”

          That’s crap.

          Wellingham is completely going for the ball. He covers a lot of territory very quickly – he does it 20 times a game – he can read the play very well and has great closing speed. He gave himself a proper chance of marking it, and beat Shaw to it who is pretty handy over 20 metres as well.

          You need to actually watch the replay in real time rather than sit there with the slow-mo button on. Slow-mo is to blame.

          For example: In real-time I could meet you, shake your hand, have a chat, and you think I’m a great bloke.

          In a later slow mo video replay you might catch me checking out your girlfriend’s tits for a split second, inadvertently, because every man does it.

          Does that make me a bad person? No, it doesn’t. After all, you didn’t even notice.

          Shellingham protecting himself in mid air is a bit like me checking out your girlfriend’s tits. He has no choice – it’s instinctual. It’s half a blink and he is moving as fast as hell. He had to either win the ball, or decide to stand back much, much earlier and let Heater win it, which isn’t his way. (Nor Heater’s way unfortunately lately).

          Watch it again.

          Hair on!


          • Hairy,
            You must be watching something a bit different to Nathan Buckley……he said not that long after the game that Wellingham would be having a holiday. Very rare for a coach to say that.
            Must have been something in those live footage, because Bucks wouldn’t have been watching slow-mos so soon after the game.
            By the way, having watched a few Pies games recently I’m not convinced with the reckless side of it. He has been a suspension waiting to happen recently, with a lot of swinging arms instead of tackles. More surprised it wasn’t one of them that got him games to be honest.

          • Sorry Dude or is it deluded dude haha Whatever you have it all Wrong mate…

          • great closing speed…and doesnt have his eyes on the ball for the last 5 paces! real time, slo mo..look at it however you like..he knew well before he got to that contest that he was going to run through Simpson. Hair on??? Hair in eyes on this one champ….

    • Reverse courage is what it is.

    • I agree with you in some aspects Mr. Hairy. I don’t think anyone (except for Beau, love him) goes for the shoulder bump to cause pain these days. Sharrod’s bump like many was a defensive action, if I was running towards another guy and on line for a mid air collision, I would also break the impact with my shoulder.

      If you take the slow motion out of it, there is no time for anyone ot realise that they may be hurting someone else. In that 0.4 seconds you’re protecting yourself!

      • Got what he deserved. should have got 4 weeks.
        Eyes on the ball…guts.
        Eyes on the man …gutless.

    • Lucky to get away with 3 weeks IMO. No eyes on the ball high impact high contact and reckless. Either go for the ball or not. dont get half way realise your going to get hurt going in the contest, bitch out, drop the shoulder and polax the guy with real eyes for the ball. Classic Collingwood scum. Should be 4 weeks to put him on par with Simpson.

      PS. Ruining Simpsons 158 consecutive game streak

    • he got him in the head,he got 3 weeks ,end of story

  • Pretty accurate .. ranked well inside the top 1000, scored 2165 ( 2 zeros). Dropped only 2 places :)

  • Scored 2233 this week..Ranking went from 9234 to 7205…

  • Pooped out 1906, was raped by no Waters, SJ and the end of Hargrave’s career, which would have put me on par.

  • Is the par the mean, median or mode of the top 5000 scores?

    • I would assume it’s mean. Median would probably be more appropriate though.
      I’m quite hungry

    • I was hoping the standard deviation would be calculated as well

  • Happy with my 2268 without Goddard and Martin. Put me 781 overall so happy to be in the top 1,000 finally.

    6 trades left and really tempted to bring Goodes in for Hall but don’t know if I should save the trade. Any thoughts? If I do I will have Hayes (mids) and Martin/Zorko (fwds) on the bench as cover, and my team would be complete except for Giles the only weak link in the ruck with Cox.

    Is 5 trades enough from now until finals?

  • Hall is highly unlikely to play again this year (McKenna and he don’t see eye to eye) but he won’t lose money either Tempting to bring in Goodes I know but is he going to score more than Zorko? lot of points sitting on the bench. top 1000 with 5 trades is pretty good I imagine…Not an easy call…good luck…personally I think your better off getting rid of Giles for Roughy or Maric

    • Thanks mate, and great name by the way (loved Matera). Yeah good call on Zorko but I probably wouldn’t have him on the pine. I would probably start Zorko ahead of Martin up front and sub Hall into the mids to trade him to Goodes. Yeah tough call and I have enough cash to upgrade Redden to another decent ruck instead so I can keep Giles as back up.

      Maybe worth waiting with Pendles, Watson and Murphy all expected to drop in the future but I liked Goodes because of the security of the DPP link.

      Man DT does my head in! Thanks again for the advice.

  • Hey id likesome thoughts on my team – Kinda down shitcreak Trade wise.

    2 Trades Left with $39200 Left in the Kitty.

    Back :Deledio, Suckling,Scotland, Broughton,Newman,Mohr,Shaw (Bench=Goddard,Darley)

    Mid:Boyd,Ablett,S Selwood,Carrazzo, HOrsley,Wingard(Bench=Shiel,Crisp)

    Ruc:Cox,Giles (Stephenson, Redden)



    • start planning for next year :P

    • What he said ^^^
      Im interested to know how you managed to use 20 trades and still have a team as bad as that?
      I think the team I started the year with would be better off then your team.
      Sorry mate

  • When Marc murphy comes back wont carazzo’s scores decline

    • Nup, look at Carrazzo’s scores from the start of the year. Carrazzo is a run with player who goes head to head. Carrots got plenty of the ball when he tagged pendles in round 3.

  • Glad to see I finally got above par. 2214 with a donut from Waters.

  • nice.got 2298 and went from 9504 to 6538