Chook’s Rooks – Round 13

I thought I’d keep it to just the one or two sentences this week, seeing as it’s Old School DT Week, and that’s how I used to roll way back in 2007, when, writing as Merv Gray, I would spruik “rookies” like Tom Hawkins and Aaron Edwards in a hundred words or less. Even by 2010, when we were faced with critical decisions such as whether to pick up then first-year players Tom Rockliff and James Podsiadly, I kept it to a short story.

Seriously, though, looking back through my rookie writings over the past six years, there’ve been some massive changes, but one of the constants is how redundant this post becomes at about this point of the season. A combination of downgrade targets drying up (I’ve got just a single one-gamer and only three in the two-game bracket this week) and coaches wanting/needing to conserve trades, having completed their teams ahead of the run towards finals, means there’s not a lot of interest in the rookie crop from here on in.

Lucky, then, that we’ve got blokes like Dayne Zorko knocking up premo-like scores to give me something to natter about.

Three-or-more gamers

In honour of Old School DT Week, I popped back to see how the kids of 2011 fared in round 13 to find that ridiculously huge scores were all the rage, with Hawthorn mid Shane Savage top of the pile with a 163-point game that ranked as the year’s best by a rookie-priced player. While Zorko’s 120-point performance last week won’t rank as the highest of 2012 – his 140 the previous round has that distinction to date – it added a whole heap of weight to the argument that he’s is capable of holding down an F7 position in most respectable Dream Teamers’ teams. I’m still not completely convinced, but it sure makes news like losing Scott Pendlebury for yet another week easier to swallow when you’ve got a back-up like that waiting in the wings.

While a few decent scores beforehand had forecast that Zorko might be of some help through the dreadful MBRs, a more surprising source of points during that three-week period was Western Bulldogs forward Tory Dickson, who added an 86 last week to his round-12 90. This after starting the season with a 37, 25 and four consecutive DNPs.

Wedged between Zorko’s round-best 120 and Dickson’s 86 were GWS trio Taylor Adams (93), Dylan Shiel (89) and Adam Treloar (89). It was a welcome return to form for Treloar after his round-12 21 made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, but, like teammates Devon Smith and Jon Giles, he still lost cash and will take a breakeven bigger than his average into round 14. A second consecutive low score puts Collingwood defender Marty Clarke in the same position – leaking cash and strapped with a big BE. That’s not a concern if you’ve got them locked in as season-long cinnamon (doughnut cover), but if you were thinking of selling some time soon, now would be your best bet. Clarke didn’t have the humiliation of producing the round’s lowest rookie score, of course, with promising Adelaide defender Sam Shaw doing his best substitute’s impression for a half before crawling to 21 points.

Two gamers

The pick of the two gamers is clearly upgraded North Melbourne mid Sam Gibson, even if the mature-aged recruit was squeezed into the green vest in round 12. The MBRs forced coaches’ hands a little with Gibson, with many bringing him in after just one or even zero games at the top level. If you’re not among the 30,000 who’ve jumped on the $85k Kangaroo already, then join us… it’s going to be a good ride. Outside of Gibson, the other rookie-priced players on the verge of their first price rise are GWS pair Jon Patton ($179,700, forward) and Mark Whiley ($104,200, defender). By all means “ooh” at the size of Patton already and “aah” at his powerful over-head marking, but don’t feel compelled to put him in your Dream Team. You’ve got to have something better to do with all that cash?

One gamers

Western Bulldogs ruckman Tom Campbell ($85,800) did very little wrong in his AFL debut, grabbing 70 points in an assured display for a youngster. It’s more the nature of his inclusion, filling in for first-choice ruckman Will Minson while he served his one-game suspension, and the competition for places in the Bulldogs’ ruck division (yes, even after they shipped off Ben Hudson last year) that makes Campbell a risky proposition. Still, some will regard the cash to be made from downgrading Orren Stephenson too tempting to ignore. In fact, that exact trade is proving the most popular one this week.

Hopefully you got your Warne Dawg on and milked enough cows over the MBRs to finance all your upgrades from here on in, because the downgrades look few and far between, shaggers.


  • Sam kerrige had a good game in tha 2s last week. How is tippet? Any chance of kerrige getting another game this year?

    • What are you guys doing up this hour looking at DT stuff?
      You should be watching porn.


      I’m multi-tasking :)

    • Kerridge isn’t a tall forward mate so won’t come in for Tippet. Likely see Jenkins back – unless they give someone like Lewis Jonston a debut. I reckon Tippo will be right but.

      • Wouldn’t mind Johnson debuting, big wraps on him when he was drafted and has been given very little opportunities to prove it so far

        • Tippo’s looking the goods to play , will train on friday with the last concussion test to clear
          80% chance of playing.

  • Always love your articles Chook, cheers for that again O’ fowl one.

    I’m still holding Couch.

    Would like to see Docherty soon, and maybe even Baguley (poor JS you would think though)

    Aylett and Tim Gold from GWS could be as good as Docherty or better for DPP if they get a game, cant see Luke Brown getting in either.

    Tom Mitchell seems to be a no go this year, unless Sydney get a few injuries he won’t break in.

    Still have Clifton to come and Miles to come in the MIDS so still looking OK on the horizon.

    • Good stuff Chook, cheers. @OXnFOX At what point do you trade Couch out? If he hasn’t played by round 17 it’s going to look a tad embarrasing. Imagine carrying him from round 1 to 23 for 0 games played = epic fail :P

  • Rumour has it that Couch is going to…

  • RLGriffin “What a shit name! Underbelly: Badness!? What were the other options? Underbelly: Criminals & Meanies or Underbelly: Not Nice People?”

    ROFL!!!! :D

    Underbelly: Badness (season 2)…the rudeness!

    • It called ‘badness’ because that was Anthony Perish’s nick name. Anthony Perish being the criminal the series is based on…

    • hopefully its better than bikie wars, took over a month to tell a storey they could have told in a mini-drama/ double episode.

  • Short and concise Chook, well written.

    After the Spurr saga, I am very wary of jumping on the Gibson bandwagon. I would be more comfortable going Orren>Campbell for the cash as we are not going to see a lot of Orren anyway.

    • Mmm I’ve got Gibson but looking for my last downgrade

    • The word from North is that now he’s elevated he’ll play most games. Far more important than the scores is the JS. Sitting on the pine giving 60s will be perfect, just like Ellis

  • Click on the first link for a bit of a laugh at how DT Talk got started. Each post gets one or two comments if I’m lucky, and it’s usually from myself, Warnie or another mate! Ha!

    You gotta search through until you find a piece by Roy’s good mate Troy, though. Was the best bit by a far margin.

    • That’s classic! It’s sometimes hard to remember how something so big started from such humble roots.

  • Great article chook.

    Bit off topic, but who do you think will score better this year out of kreuzer and Giles?

  • Great stuff Chook!

    I am hearing the name Lucas Cook as a possible replacement for Mitch Clark. Anyone got any information in regards to this?

    • yep looking likely they’ll bring him in fro Clarke. He’s been solid but not spectacular in the 2’s this year.

  • Good Stuff Chook.
    Dayne Zorko. Enough said…

  • Love the flashback chook
    Ahhhh Scotty West what a ball magnet he was, averaged 30-40 possies a game
    Luckily for me I now have a finished side, although I still have giles I’m gonna ride that out for as long as possible, 6 trades left

  • Nice article Chook. definitely had a chuckle at the flashbacks…gold!

  • Piers Flanagan ( Gold Coast ) Must get a run in the first’s this year… He had a best on few weeks back in the reserves!! Thoughts?

  • Anyone else noticed our good buddy Sam Shaw has a bandaid this week? Knee TBC

    • I don’t think many people actually realise that Sam Shaw hyperextended his knee and would have been subbed altogether if tippett wasn’t already injured.

  • Hey guys, 5 trades left, $198k in bank, any room for improvement?

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Johnson, Lake, Heppell, Carrazzo (Ellis, Darley)

    MID: Boyd, Thompson, Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow (Zorko, Gibson)

    RUCK: Roughead, Giles (Redden, Campbell)

    FWD: Sidebottom, Franklin, Chapman, Beams, Robinson, Martin, Lewis (Sexton, Crozier)

  • Miles & Morabito can’t be far off of being named

    Search AFL DT PLUS on YouTube
    and give us a rate or feedback in the comments section.
    Cheers and hope you enjoy it!

    • I know you lads are young but I’m sorry, that was really amateur.
      You were just rambling on about this, that and everything.
      I watched the first 3 minutes but did you really have to talk about Mitch Duncan, Chris Tarrant etc.

      Maybe plan what you’re going to say before you start the video and it might flow a bit better?
      SHORT, SHARP AND SHINY! I only watched the first few minutes as I said but 1 hour? Really?! No one is going to watch two 13 year old kids talk about rubbish for 1 hour! You really think that people with busy lives are going to sit down for an hour to listen to you guys?

      Sorry that this review is so harsh but you wanted feedback and this is as honest as I can be…

      (and probably don’t spam on this site either…)

      • Cheers for the advice! Will pass it on to our sons for their next episode.

    • Good on you for having a crack.. but my advice would be make it a first and last

    • you guys need to have a plan, and as chuck said 1 hour is way to long

      • Good on ya lads for having a crack, but as peeps have said above 1 hour is way to long, and have a game plan before starting.

        • Cheers for all the advice. Agree with all comments! Have made a new one focussing on much more important issues and kept it at just 20 – 25 mins. Will post link soon, keep advice coming, we are very grateful. Cheers and good luck for the weekend and rest of year.

          • I didn’t watch much but there’s actually a bit of potential there. On the plus side they seem to watch a bit of footy and read up on stats and what other people say. They also do have stage/camera presence, they just need to use it a bit differently. My advice in regards to this would be that they are trying to ‘imitate’ dt talk in a way eg: drinking softdrink out of can – drinking beer, and trying to be relate and present like Calvin, Warnie and Roy do.

            So play it a bit closer to themselves, and come up with a small 6 minute segment each week to address a target audience of people closer to their own age. This will be the tough part of spending time figuring out segments and humor that will do that, but they do have potential and camera presence so its just the content of their segment.

            So play it closer to themselves, 6 minute segment with material to target kids their own age, and try to avoid ‘imitating’ the DT talk boys.

            Well done on taking the risk to put yourself out there boys and keep working on it.

    Sorry for long intro

  • 3 weeks ago I thought Carrots might be a POD but it seems that train will be fully loaded on departure.
    Im now thinking To trade Clarke to Suckling. He is pretty consistent with a high ceiling.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    My Backs are: Lids, God, Scotland, Waters, Birchall, Lake, Clarke. (Morris, Darley)

    • im also thinking suckling… or even burgoyne….

      sam fisher could be a good POD… he seems to come good towards end of seasons…

  • In regards to Calvins tweet. Is it Scott or Adam Selwood who is going to be out? Because there is a big difference in regards to GAJ as captain choice.

  • i had a dream last night, that because mitch clark is out for the season, tom couch took his place in the team.

    most of the things i see in my dreams come true so look out for this one boys!

  • any lions fans on here can tell me why i picked jack crisp and is he injured??

  • Chook, why don’t you leave your column till Friday to put out. That way when there are a few suprise inclusion rookies (even if they are on the extended bench, like Duryea was a couple of weeks ago), it will give you something to discuss and you can fill us in on their form in the twos etc.

    Campbell is another good example. Wasn’t picked up on till the teams were announced on Thursday.

    Just saying… you are the one struggling for things to talk about after all.

    You missed Dell’Olio by the way.

    Sorry to derail this post from the “oooh ooooh, please tell me how good my team is and how I can make it better” kids and actually discuss rookies.

    As you were…

  • what peeps thoughts on Maric.. do you think he is coming up for a price drop?

    • BE 107, Projected 114..

      Not any time soon unless he puts in a shocker or 2….

  • Gents – Alex Sexton will play his last game this week for the season. He is going in for Hip surgery which will end his season.

    Source: his aunty.

  • DEF: Delidio, Goddard, Waters, Birchell, Hargrave, Darley, Sam Shaw, (Townsend, Spurr)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Boyd, Thompson, Beams, (Gibson, Sexton)

    RUCK: Cox, Giles, (Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, Martin, Cloke, Zorko, (Pfierrier, Black)

    9 trades left and $256,900 in the bank.

    Thoughts on trades to complete my team??

    • Slap a couple of premo defenders in there. Carrazzo next week, and H. Shaw, Suckling or someone of that ilk.

      • yeh thats wat ive been thinking just hoping i have enough cash for 2 premos.

        Some other options ive been thinking is:

        What should i do with Giles?? should i downgrade Stephenson to Campbell and than get maric in for Giles this week or…???

        Do i downgrade Pfierrier for cash in a week or 2..???

        Do i try and get another premo mid?? or is my mid complete..?


        • The Giles trade makes sense as he is slowing down, and 9 trades is still a pretty decent amount (compared to most I’ve read on here) so I’d strongly consider that.

          You’ve got a great midfield, just questionable JS on your Mid/Fwd bench. You have a few DPP’s which will make it much easier to cover any injuries or if you’re hit by the general. I’d probably look to get a more reliable cover for your MID/FWD’s. Doesn’t have to be someone who will score huge as they’ll only be used to cover emergencies, but somebody who will have good JS and help you avoid donuts. The one I’ve got my eye on is Morabito in a couple of weeks once he’s fit and firing. He’s definately in Freo’s best 22, which shouldn’t be hard to break into at the moment.

          • yeh well said.

            Have 9 trades left and $256,900 in the bank.

            so this week im thinking:
            Stephenson out Campbell in
            Giles out Maric in

            than nxt week:
            Hargrave/Darley or any other suggestion. trade in Carrazzo
            and try and get another premium deff in Scotland/Suckling/Hepple or any other suggestions?

            Do i downgrade Pieffier to Morabito later??

          • I’d wait and see who is named before making that call, your back line might be thin & need upgrading this week to avoid a donut or 2.

            Hargrave didn’t play last week, Townsend is injured, Sam Shaw is a test (I think), Spurr hasn’t played in a while and was 3rd emergency last week. Darley still has some $$ to make, so keep him for at least a few more weeks

          • Giles scores for the year: 77, 104, 65, 101, 89, 59, 107, 76, 92, 65, 48

            He has slowed down then rebounded before.

            48 is his lowest score, but still something to keep in mind

    1. Sub zorko in fwd
    trade hawkins
    bring j p kennedy (swans) into mid

    2. trade hawkins for robinson/dangerfield (preferably robbo)

    3. hold trades

    9 trades left

    124,200 in bank

    def: deledio, scotland, waters, goddard, suckling, m clarke (wilkes, Lodge)
    mid: ablett, boyd, pendles, j selwood, priddis, zorko,( Brad Hill, K stevens)
    ruc: cox giles (stephenson, pattison)
    fwd: franklin, sidebottom, pavlich, martin, porplyzia, hawkins, t adams (Patton, J Paine)

  • Man….such slim pickings!

    So many rooks ready to explode and no way to off load. Swan is so cheap too!


  • Sam Gibson or throw caution to the wind with Couch?

    Now is the time.

    • Gibson easy, he has played, Couch hasn’t

      Couch didn’t play on the weekend so it could put him even further back

  • Hay guys ,
    what do you think of these trades:

    This week: Giles to D. Hille


    Next Week: Hargrave to Carrazzo

    What are your thoughts o David Hille he only costs $380,300, he has only played 3 games in which he scored: 93, 18, 92. The 18 was when he was injured in the 1st quarter and was subbed out.

    After completing these trades my team would be complete with 5 trades left.

    B: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Birchall, Heppel, Enright, Carrazzo (Darley, Shaw)

    C: Boyd, Ablett, Swan, Rockliff, Mitchell, JSelwood (Williams, Gibson)

    R: Cox, Hille (Stephenson, Campbell)

    F: Sidebottom, Franklin, Chapman, Beams, Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko (Treloar, Tomlinson)

    Please leave your thoughts and opinions…

  • I know I’m breaking a golden rule but I need to trade in either Murray Newman (WCE – $98,700) or Tom Couch (MEL – $85,800).

    Newman is selected to play this week but I’ve heard Couch is a gun and IF he plays will hopefully be very good.

    I hope someone here has at least heard of Newman and can maybe make me feel better about downgrading to him.

    This move allows me to get Beams in this week and Carrazzo in next week, completing my team!