Lockout Chat: Round 12

After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 12? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.

LATE CHANGES: http://www.afl.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/208/newsid/138596/default.aspx


  • HereIam86


  • Thank you Calvin! <3 Boyd

    shame Zorko didn't make the top 5 though :P

  • That feeling you get when u lose track and don’t even know where ur captains points are coming from

  • Boooooydddddiiieeeee. Putting hand up for Golden Stubby nomination and a fluke win against my Elim Opponent …..yehaaa!!

  • 1830 with captain boyd,dickson and redden playing. could crack the cheeky 2000 if boyd keeps nailing it

  • What’s Par now that Hargrave is out?
    I think about 1750-1800.

  • Bye bye Eliminator for another year. I’ll win it one day.

  • Dammit, Primus just said they were going to put some time into Boyd now. Maybe he went out a bit too hard in the first half!

    • Yup Cornes on him now.

      I just hope he doesn’t score more than Ablett :)

  • Matthew Broadbent anyone? Three round average of 118, looks set for more than that again tonight.

  • Did Redden pull a few cones at 1/4 time or something? Stopped dead

  • Comon give Clay Smith a run

  • Best score ATM in all of my leagues is 2120. ( not me )

    Hows that rating?

  • pretty much won my eliminator
    thankyou hargrave!

  • Just scraped through.. looks like about 1950. ps hargrave sucks arse..

  • WHAT’S PAR?????

  • Yes Lake! Single handedly won my vs match!

  • well i scored a dismall 1612 with 5 unsweetened donuts. welcome back next week watson, stanton, broughton, waters,chapman, sidebum and trading in beams.
    can only get better.

  • 1824 with an awesome bonus Hargrave donut.

    Lost a league match by 3 points, on countback – scores were tied at fulltime.

    Jarrad Redden was on 38 for a long time and I am sure I saw him win several hitouts during that stage of the match – I expected his score to go up, not down 3. Such is life.

    Won another league match by 5 and I needed the win in that league more – so I have decided to be happy about it all.

    Looking forward to getting Swan. Pendles, Broughton, Grimes, Sidebottom, and Cloke back, and adding Beams and M.Johnson to the squad – even if they will be covering Lids, God, GAJ, Hayes, Maric, Buddy and Martin.

    Running total for the bye rounds: 3350. Expected donuts for Round 13: 0 (if Pendles gets up)