DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 9



  • Yet again you boys have delivered a work of art. Can’t wait to kick back with a couple of cold frothy boags and enjoys the lols that will ensue.

    keep up the good work Calvin you mad scurvy pirate. Roy cool and composed as usual, and warnie just keep doing what you are doing (don’t know what that is lol).

    Once again thanks for the episode boys look forward to watching it and then sitting looking at my DT for a few hours trying to piece together the puzzle that lies withing.

    Thanks in advance


  • Tommy Walsh with a “Y”

  • Is the double trade of Porpoise and S Shaw to Zorko and Birchall as obvious as it looks?

    It would mean I would play D Smith and Birchall rather than Porpoise and Morris.


  • Back yourself in with the Ablett trade Warnie. The boys gave it to you massively when you picked up Swanny, but look what happened.

    Don’t doubt brussel sprout.

  • Fantastic show (as usual).

    I am currently in two minds about a particular trade… do i get rid of A Kennedy, or A Hall? (doing a downgrade to Zorko). Trading Kennedy leaves me with more money, but if i do that, i’m left with Hall on the bench not giving me any bench coverage…


  • Top show! Calvin, I expressed my rage with DUDson in a similar fashion. Go with your gut Warnie, I think it’s a greater risk to have Swan out for four weeks (especially during R11) than burning a trade to get a guy in you want in anyway.

  • DEFENDERS: Deledio, goddard, birchell, hargrave, bugg, Lee spurr, townsend, smedts, sam darely.

    MIDS: swan, boyd, thompson, murphy, Stantonl, Devon smith, macdonald, Horsely.

    RUCKS: cox, giles, stepheson, redden.

    FORWARDS: sidebottom, robinson, franklin, dangerfield, D Martin, cloke, J cameron, A hall, D pfieffier.

    rd 11: 12 players :/
    rd 12: 7 players
    rd 13: 11 players :/

    17 trades left
    $42,200 in salary atm



    Option 1:
    OUTS: muprhy and swan
    INS: zorko and a premium

    Option 2:
    OUTS: jmac and murphy
    INS: zorko and a premium

    Option 3:
    OUTS: hall or pfieffier and murphy
    INS: zorko and premium

    Option 4:
    dont get zorko
    focus on strengthening my defence and fixing my midfield by trading murphy

    OR: anything other suggestions…