Roy and Calvin appear on Lions TV with Polks


Thanks heaps to Jarrod, Kate and Polks for the opportunity to do this! We had a ball. Hopefully Polks moves up the ladder soon!


  • What are those sunglasses hiding boys?

    • Looks like they are covering their eyes

      • No shit Darius!

        Big night on the piss makes the sun 10 times brighter…haha

        • given those sunnies, anyone would think you spent all arvo at the pineapple hotel, then had crownies in the gabba members dining room, then a few beers at the game watching swany’s 140, before heading back to the pineapple for a couple rums,………..

  • Good advice boys!!!!

  • Big Night Boys, the ole sun bit bright hey

  • Boys, whats Jacob Brennan’s JS like? He’s one of the few decent Defence options out there and with injuries left right and centre for WCE, could this kid keep his spot for a while?

    • Schofield and Selwood will return soon, I guess they’ll replace Butler and Schofield

  • Was awesome to meet you after the game boys. Dream Teams alright with me!
    Oh YEAH!!

  • Good DT News: Sam Darley and Matthew Buntine in best players for GWS Reserves

    Source :

    • Hmmm is it good news?, worried who will be out if theyre named

    • Good to see Clifton back also, another decent mid downgrade option when he returns :)

  • Roy is teh sex

  • Here’s the article. Some classic quotes too….

    I also got some very helpful Dream Team tips from the DT Talk boys who visited the Gabba over the weekend.

    DT Talk is a cult online show that the keenest Dream Teamers follow intensely, and the guys who host it are freaks. By that, I mean they seem to have intimate knowledge of which players are the best to recruit. It’s no surprise that they always finish among the leading point-getters at the end of each season.

    Both guys are actually teachers in their ‘other’ lives, and one of their students is current placed 9th overall in Australia for total AFL Dream Team points.

    No doubt I’ll be putting some of their helpful hints into practice over the coming weeks.


    I’ve been taking other people’s tips this week, so I can only suggest you check out Dream Team Talk for yourselves to hear from the real experts – Calvin and Roy.

    They have an almost disturbing love for Tom Rockliff as well, almost to the point where I think they flew all the way to Brisbane last week just to meet him in person!

    • Is there another video of you guys talking to Rocky?

      I hope you had a chat to him about his last two games and hopefully you told him his main focus for the rest of the season is to score 120+ every week.

    • You read it here first. Warnie isn’t a real expert.

      Poor Warnie.

  • Ahhh it all makes sense, only teachers would have enough spare time to study all those stats.. ;-)

    • Unless you’re a Head of Department, all my Old Man does all night every night is mark or write f**king Maths exams.

  • Great to see boys loved it!! Next challenge is to get some DT questions on the bloody naplan tests!
    I tutor primary maths and dreamteam is a great learning tool, (when the mum’s approve)!

  • loved the swanny and raines bit

  • still think gazza to staton 3 weeks ago was good call…………for now